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Of the new baseball video games

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Of the new baseball video games

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 05, 2004 2:49 pm

Which ones have:
-realistic pitch counts/pitcher fatigue (so starters arent winded after 40 pitches)
-CPU pitchers that walk batters (none of the games I've played have realistic walk totals)
-Accurate Base Stealing

And what is your favorite game thats out? I need to buy one.

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Postby Baseball4LIFE88 » Mon Apr 05, 2004 2:50 pm

I choose MVP 2004. I have it and its good but I heeard ASB 2005 is gonna be good too....its up to you.
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Postby LBJackal » Mon Apr 05, 2004 3:39 pm

Pitcher fatigue in MVP is done very well. You have to warm your guys up before they come in (longer for pitchers with more stamina) and if you leave them in the pen too long they start getting tired. And the good thing about pitchers getting tired, is their velocity isn't down much, if at all, but it's hard to keep the pitches accurate. ie: the window of time you have to stop the meter within the green accuracy zone is much shorter. But if you're really good at it ( :-] ) you can pitch very effectively even if you're pitcher is fatigued. But if you miss with the accuracy, and the pitch ends up in the hitters hot zone, you better be hoping the ball doesn't fly over the fence.

As for walks, I used to swing at everything, but when you do that the computer knows not to throw you strikes, so you learn to hold off until a good pitch comes in. And when you're facing the computer, they rarely swing at balls out of the zone unless you have somebody with a good slider who can put one just off the corner of the plate. A fastball just off the plate near a hitter's hot zone also gets them to chase more often. But if they do make contact, they have a better chance of getting a hit - obviously, because that's why it's their hot zone.

For SB's, I think they've done a good job as well. You can take a little bit of a leadoff, which isn't too risky if the pitcher tries to pick you off. But if you take 2 steps extra for a leadoff, be prepared to send your guy back if the pitcher motions to first, or else you might be picked off. Fast guys like Tom Goodwin are rarely caught stealing second base if they have a big lead. For guys like Beltran and Baldelli, they succeed at about a 70-80% rate, depending on how often you run, and if you're smart about picking your spots. And as for the computer stealing, I've only had one attempt against me because I hardly ever let guys get on base. And when I do I make sure to keep them in check with a throw or two to first. But Sanchez stole second off me once.

That's all I ahe to say about that :-°

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Postby ajgnydc722 » Mon Apr 05, 2004 3:50 pm

ASB has never had good gameplay or outstanding graphics. ASB usually has the deepest franchise mode but not the actual gameplay to back it up. MVP this year is the complete package.
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