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need help with assigning keepers

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need help with assigning keepers

Postby sinicalypse » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:28 pm

hey guys, i''m in a rather standard 13-team / 6-keeper yahoo 5x5 roto league going into its second season. this is my first time commish-ing a league, so this is my first offseason heading into draft/season #2, so all of this stuff is new to me. basically, out of 13 teams 7 returned and 6 are new players.... so with one guy deciding to "troll" the league last year by cutting the likes of carlos gonzalez, clayton kershaw, and yoenis cespedes in september soon enough to have others pick them up, i decided to "restore the balance" by liquidating all of the non-returning teams and manually setting up a pool of those players for new teams to do a supplemental draft from. therefore, all of the returning teams have the full complement of their rosters to choose keepers from as normal, but the new guys only have the 6 players that will be their keepers heading into the draft.

welp, that's all set up... but with tonight's 11:59pm deadline to get keepers declared by, i'm looking ahead to the next step and i'm utterly lost. you see, having finalized the team list and setting up our draft order, the next step is to assign keepers, or so i'm told. the problem is that right now when i'm at that page i see a list of all of the players ranked by their yahoo o-rank from 1-999 or whatever, and i see the black K icon next to all of the top players names, but it doesn't tell me what team they're on... so like, how do i gleam what players are being kept by what team? i mean, i'll understand if once i've got that information i gotta manually assign each and every one to their respective teams from a giant list (much like i did when assigning the players from the supplemental draft to their new teams) cuz like, man.... i have a newfound respect for quality commissioners who do this year-in and year-out cuz it's a whole lot of headaches compared to merely playing in leagues, which i've done for apx 13 years at this juncture in time and space.

so long story short, after the magical keeper declaration deadline comes and goes at 11:59pm PDT tonight, will there be some sort of a report or list that shows me each team and who they decided to keep? or when i look at "edit rosters" and i see the players listed under their respective teams, will it have that black K by their names.... and then i'm to make notes of who kept what and go from there? i'm getting the gist that technically this is all going to be formally set up by myself, but i always thought i'd get some sort of a report like HEY DUDE, BLARNEY'S BALLSMASHERS WANNA KEEP CLAYTON KERSHAW, MIKE TROUT, ALBERT PUJOLS, and etc etc..... and as of right now i see absolutely nothing other than a list of EVERY player and then the list of teams in their respective draft order. as much as i'd love to say F-ALL and just assign myself trout and migcab and verlander and kimbrel and so on and so forth, i kind of like competing against people so i reckon i've gotta do this right..... the only question then is how do i do it?

any and all help would be greatly appreciated. once i figure out what i'm doing i'll join the WHIR club and pass down my knowledge, or hey, if you have any draft/trade/waiver questions from that subforum i'll be more than happy to help you with your boggle if you'd be so kind as to provide a link to your aforementioned boggle.

so long and thanks for all of the fish! shomer shabbos, everyone! ROLL ON SATURDAYS


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