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[Idea] Two-half baseball fantasy season for roto leagues

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[Idea] Two-half baseball fantasy season for roto leagues

Postby msing » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:34 am

I had a far out idea just about when I was to doze off 4AM in the morning:
The option for two-half fantasy seasons within the regular baseball season. Say for roto and H2H points leagues only.

Divide the concurrent fantasy season into two parts.
One that starts with the regular season, and ends at the all-star break. Everything is normal, draft and all.
The second half starts after the all-star break and ends at the regular season.

Before the second half starts, teams redraft all rounds, while keeping the same values on the roto board or points accumulated from H2H. (The draft could be an autopick for the most convenience). For a standard team with 23 players, an option is given of having 3 keepers, but to keep, they must forfeit the draft round of that original player. (This allows casual players to test out the keeper system without having to make a 2 year commitment)

Rewards are handed out to managers who did well at end of the first half, the end of the second half, and overall season.

1. Most of the fun of fantasy baseball is concentrated near the draft. Having another draft night would be twice the fun/anxiety/fantasy buzz.
2. There's a "second" chance for managers who made terrible decisions the first half. They have an incentive to still keep playing.
3. If people do bail out, commishes can re-stock their league much easier with the promise of the second half draft. ** Not a second half- fresh start. **
4. The advantage gained by the best managers are still held with their points/values accumulated. The challenge for them is to maintain their lead _with a new team_. So those who win the overall season were genuinely tested.
5. Baseball has a long season. It encompasses 2 full basketball regular seasons, or about 10 NFL regular seasons. If there's any possibility of a two-half fantasy season, then baseball is the only sport that makes it feasible with it's 162 games.
6. This is fantasy. Ex-players float around the idea of two halves of baseball, two seasons essentially. This is their idea on how to get attendance up for teams who are below .500 in the second half / months of July-August. These plans however don't pan out because after teams win a post-season berth, they cruise control. This isn't the real baseball season, this is fantasy. Online, there's not such a weight on post-season berths or etc.
7. I can't imagine this to be incredibly challenging to implement on code -- no crossed database lookups or etc. Essentially allowing a re-draft midway into the season without the leader boards being reset and legitimizing it with awards/flair.

I don't ask that this be a standard for public leagues ofc, but an option for custom leagues.

So what do you guys think? Is my idea off-center? What's wrong with it? Is this feasible?
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