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Question about a prospective keeper rule change

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Question about a prospective keeper rule change

Postby shiitaco » Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:15 pm

I'd like to see if you guys have any input you could offer on a possible rule change.

The league is Yahoo H2H 6x6 (5x5 + OBP and HLD) with 10 teams. We allow keepers and draft pick trading (deadline July 31).

For keepers, the player is kept in the round that's the average between his previous (2012) pick and his current (2013) ADP. If he was picked as a free agent, he's considered round 25 (pick 250). So, for instance, Jason Kipnis was picked 118th last year and his yahoo ADP is 64 this year. Average is 91, so he can be kept by that manager in round 10. Mike Trout was taken out of free agency midseason, so he's considered 250th last year and 1st ADP this year. That's 125th, he's kept in round 13.

Finally, if a manager has two players that he wants to keep in the same round, he can either keep one in the round above, or if he traded for a second pick in that round he can keep both players. For instance, Cargo and McCutchen are both round 2 keepers owned by the same manager "Manager A". He wants to keep McCutchen definitely, and Cargo if possible, but not in the 1st because this manager has 1st overall pick this year. If, before the trade deadline last year, he had managed to trade for a 2013 2nd round pick, he'd be able to keep both, but now he can't.

The Question
It was suggested to me that we could allow 2013 draft pick trading a few days before keepers are selected and the 2013 draft takes place. Meaning, Manager B, who is picking 6th overall, wants the 1st overall pick. Manager B give Manager A his first rounder (6th overall pick) and his 2nd rounder (15th overall pick) and Manager A gives Manager B his first rounder (1st overall pick) and his 3rd rounder (21st overall pick).

The trade is fair. Both teams are benefiting equally, but in terms of instituting a new rule, the rest of the managers may vote against it out of immediate self-interest.

Would you consider a rule like this? Would you institute it? Are there problems I'm not seeing?
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Question about a prospective keeper rule change

Postby mkultra » Fri Mar 01, 2013 8:58 pm

I don't see any problem. Trading draft picks is fairly common. You should say explicitly what happens when you trade away your pick in a round you want to keep someone- assumedly you'd lose your prior pick as well.

Why are you concerned about people voting against these trades? It's really no different than trading players. If anything, it's more fair and transparent, because the value you're trading is known and unchanging (a pick), and not based in hunches and predictions.
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