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NL Only NYC Area Needs 2 Owners/ Rules Attached

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NL Only NYC Area Needs 2 Owners/ Rules Attached

Postby Troppo » Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:13 am

23 yr old league decided to restart. All players available this year. Live Auction/Reserve draft.

1. Object: To assemble a lineup of twenty-five (25) National League baseball players whose cumulative statistics during the regular season, compiled and measured by the methods described in these rules, exceed those of all other teams in the League.

2. Teams: There are twelve (12) teams maximum in a duly constituted MFL League composed of National League players.

3. Active Roster:

a. A team’s active roster consists of the following players: five (5) outfielders, two (2) catchers, one (1) second baseman, one (1) shortstop, one (1) middle infielder (either second baseman or shortstop), one (1) first baseman, one (1) third baseman, one (1) corner man (either first baseman or third baseman), two (2) utility players (hitters), and ten (10) pitchers.
b. Players Eligible for the Active Roster:
i. Players on National League rosters.
ii. Players on National League teams disabled lists.
iii. Minor League players of National League teams.
c. Players NOT Eligible for the Active Roster:
i. Unsigned free agents.

4. Reserve List: Each team is permitted to have a reserve team which may consist of up to ten (10) players qualifying at any position (which would bring the total numbers of players under contract at any time to a maximum of thirty-five (35).

a. Players eligible for the Reserve:
i. Players on National League teams.
ii. Players on National League teams’ disabled lists.
iii. Minor League players of National League teams.
b. Players NOT Eligible for the Reserve:
i. Unsigned free agents.

5. Auction Day: A Major League Player Auction is conducted on the first weekend after Opening Day of the baseball season. Actual date to be set at the Winter Meeting. Each team must acquire twenty-five (25) players at a cost not to exceed $280 in the National League. A team need not spend the maximum.

a. The minimum opening bid for a player is $1.
b. Players eligible at more than one position may be shifted during the course of the auction.
c. No team may make a bid for a player it cannot afford. For example, a team with $3 left and two openings on its roster is limited to a maximum bid of $2 for one player.
d. No team may bid for a player who qualifies only at a position that the team has already filled. For example, an NL team that has acquired two catchers, and whose two utility slots are occupied, may not enter the bidding for any player who qualifies only at catcher.
e. Players who commence the season on a major league team’s disabled list are eligible to be signed during the auction.
f. ALL teams must have a representative (either an owner or a proxy) at the auction on Auction Day.

6. Position Eligibility:

a. For the Auction:

i. A player may be assigned to any position at which he appeared in twenty (20) or more games in the preceding season.
ii. If a player did not appear in twenty (20) games at a single position, he may be signed only at the position at which he appeared most frequently. The twenty (20) games/most games measure is used only to determine the position(s) at which a player may be signed.
iii. Minor Leaguers with no Major League experience will qualify for positions based on the position they played most frequently in the minors.
iv. If owners would like to consider any other player’s position eligibility, it will be considered on an individual basis prior to the Auction.
v. Any player not brought to the attention of the league prior to the Auction Draft will only qualify at positions which meet the requirements of Rules 6(i)-(iii).

b. During the Season:

i. Once the season is under way (but after Auction Day), a player becomes eligible for assignment to any position at which he has appeared at least once.
ii. Minor leaguers with no Major League experience will qualify for positions which the website allows until they qualify at a position as per 6(b)(i).

7. Auction Day – Reserve Draft:

a. A reserve draft will take place immediately following the auction.
b. Teams will pick in the following order: 1st (7th place), 2nd (8th place), 3rd (9th place), 4th (10th place), 5th (11th place), 6th (12th place), 7th (6th place), 8th (5th place), 9th (4th place), 10th (3rd place), 11th (2nd place), 12th (1st place).
c. The Selection order will remain the same for all ten (10) rounds.
d. Each team will select players in selection order until each team has selected ten (10) players.
e. The contract salaries for selections in rounds 1-5 are $10 and contract salaries for all selections in rounds 6-10 are $5.

8. Fees:
a. Basic: $300 to own a team.
b. Stat Service: Fee divided evenly among teams.
c. Contract Buyout: $50 or the remaining value of the contract whichever is higher (see Rule 17).
d. Guaranteed Long Term Contract Signing Bonus: ¼ of the total cost of the contract but not less than $2.50.

9. Player Salaries: The salary of a player is determined by the time and means of his acquisition and does not change unless the player becomes a free agent or is signed to a guaranteed long-term contract (See Rule 17).

a. The salary of a player acquired in the major league draft is his auction price.
b. The salary of a player called up from the free agent pool during the season is $10.
c. Players waived/released from teams whose salaries are greater than $10 for hitters will retain those salaries on the free agent list until the end of the current season.
d. Any player who enters the MFL free agent pool from the American League will have a salary of $25.

10. Prize Money: All fees shall be promptly collected by the League Secretary at the Auction. The principal shall be divided among the first four teams in the final standings as follows:

a. 1st Place: 50%
b. 2nd Place: 25%
c. 3rd Place: 15%
d. 4th Place: 10%

11. Standings:

a. The following criteria are used to determine team performance:
i. Total Power: (home runs = 4, triples = 3, doubles = 2)
ii. Total Runs Batted In
iii. Composite On Base Percentage
iv. Total Runs
v. Total Stolen Bases
vi. Total Wins
vii. Total Saves + ½ Holds
viii. Composite Earned Run Average
ix. Composite Ratio ((Hits +Walks)/Innings Pitched)
x. Total Strike Outs
b. Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories and given points for each place. For example, in a 12 team league, the first-place team in a category receives 12 points, the second-place team 11, and so on down to 1 point for last place. The team with the most total points wins the pennant.
c. Pitchers’ offensive stats are not counted nor are hitters pitching stats.
d. In cases of ties in an individual category, the tied teams are assigned points by totaling points for the rankings at issue and dividing the total by the number of teams tied.
e. In cases of ties in total points, final places in the standings are determined by comparing placement of teams in individual categories. Respective performances are calculated and a point given to each team for bettering the other. Should one team total more points than the other, that team is declared the winner.
f. Should the point totals still be equal, the tie is broken by adding each team’s At Bats plus 3 times Innings Pitched.
g. Minimums: Innings Pitched = 1200 ----- At Bats = 5000
i. If a team does not reach the minimum “Innings Pitched” required by this rule, that team will receive zero (0) points in the ERA and Ratio categories, but will retain their position in those categories.
ii. If a team does not reach the minimum “At Bats” required by this rule, that team will receive zero (0) points in the OBP category, but will retain their position in the category.

12. Stats:

a. The effective date of any transaction for purposes of statistical calculation is the Tuesday before the commencement of play on those days.
b. Transactions recorded on Auction Draft Day, including trades, call-ups to replace disabled players, are effective retroactive to Opening Day. Transactions occurring after Auction Draft Day are effective the Tuesday immediately after the first closing date.
c. Performance stats of a player shall be assigned to a MFL team only when he is on the active 25-man roster of that team.
d. Tie Breaker Game: All official regular season Major League Baseball (MLB) games (including the 163rd tie breaker games) count toward official MFL stats.
e. Stats do not count for players traded to the American League.

13. Trades: From the completion of the auction draft until 10PM August 31, MFL teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit except where stipulated below. No trades are permitted from September 1st through the end of the season, or between the date the protected rosters are submitted and frozen and Auction Day.

a. Trades do not affect the salaries or contract status of players.
b. Each team may add a maximum of $50 of salary to their team through trades.
c. Each team involved in the trade will have the $50 adjusted as follows:
i. If the total salary added to a team is greater than the total salary removed from the team, the difference in salary will be subtracted from the $50.
ii. If the total salary added to a team is less than the total salary removed from the team, the difference in salary will be added to the $50.
d. The League Secretary shall e-mail or post on the website the running totals of the trade allowances.
e. The League Secretary will approve/disapprove trades solely for the reason of ensuring that no team violates the trade requirements of 13(b) through (c).
f. Should any team’s roster exceed the total number of players allowed on their active roster and reserve list and the team in question does not reduce the roster by the proper deadline, the trade will be reversed.

14. Signing Free Agents: Any player eligible for either Active Roster status or Reserve List status (see Rules 3 and 4) that is not currently on any other team roster may be claimed in the weekly transactions. Such players may be signed in the following manner:

a. All claims must be received via the website by Monday 10PM.
b. Free agent claims are awarded in reverse standings (12th -1st) in a round by round process.
c. The standings Monday morning or the latest run stats as per the stat service will determine the order by which players are claimed by teams in reverse standings.
d. For each player claimed from the free agent pool that causes a team to exceed its 35 player maximum, a corresponding player on the team must be dropped.
e. If after claiming a player, a team is unable to fill all 25 active slots with position eligible players, the team roster will drop in the number of players it can carry by the number of empty active positions (for example: if after claims and drops a team cannot fill its 1B position, the team will only be able to carry 34 players until it claims a player who is “position eligible” at 1B).
f. A team must maintain a roster no larger than 35 players.
g. The pool of players available in the free agent pool is exclusively limited to the players available to the league on the stat service’s website. Any player not listed on the stat service’s website is not available.
h. Should a team not reduce its roster to 35 players or under ( as per 14e) by the deadline any moves that put said roster over the maximum numbers of players allowed on the team both active and reserve for that transaction will be reversed.

15. The Option Year and Guaranteed Long-Term Contracts: A player who has been under contract at the same salary during two consecutive seasons and whose service has been uninterrupted must, prior to the freezing of rosters in his third season, be released; signed at the same salary for his option year; or signed to a guaranteed long-term contract. If signed at the same salary for an “option year,” the player will be released back into the free agent pool at the end of that season. If signed to a guaranteed long-term contract, the player’s salary in each year covered by the new contract (which commences with the option year) shall be the sum of his current salary plus $5 for each additional year beyond the option year. In addition, a signing bonus, equal to one quarter the total value of the long-term contract but not less than $2.50, shall also be paid.

a. A team may sign a player to only one long-term contract, at the end of which he becomes a free agent.
b. Option-year and long-term contracts are entirely transferable, both in rights and obligations; the trade of a player in no way affects his contract status.
c. A team may not drop a player under a long term guaranteed contract from his roster to the free agent pool.
d. If, during the course of a long-term contract, a player is traded from the National League to the American League, the contract is rendered null and void. If on the day protected rosters are submitted a player is retired or has signed in Japan, a long term contract is also considered null and void. The team that loses the player’s services shall be under no further financial obligations.
e. A team must honor the terms of a long-term contract, as follows: A player with such a contract may be released back into the free agent pool (that is, not protected on a team’s roster prior to Auction Day), but a team that chooses to do so must pay into the prize pool, above the $280 Auction Draft Day limit, a sum equal to the remaining value of the player’s contract or $50, whichever is greater.

16. Roster Protection: A team may protect no more than 15 of the players on its 25-man roster with the following restrictions:

a. The names of players being retained must be recorded with the League Secretary by 10PM on the date to submit protected rosters set at the Winter Meeting. Specific notice must also be made at that time of any guaranteed long-term contract signings.
b. All teams may protect up to a maximum of fifteen (15) players except for the top four teams from the previous season. The maximums for the top four teams are as follows: 1st = 11, 2nd = 12, 3rd = 13, 4th = 14.
c. The cumulative salaries of players protected prior to Auction Draft Day are deducted from a team’s $280 expenditure limit, and the balance is available for acquisition of the remaining players needed to complete the team’s 25-man roster. The team’s cumulative salaries of the protected players shall not be of a sum which prohibits the team from drafting a 25 man roster on Auction Draft Day.
d. All players protected must be placed on the teams Active Roster for the Auction and all contracts count towards the $280 Auction Day Cap.
e. The League Secretary should promptly notify all teams in the League of each team’s protected roster, including player salaries, contract status, and amount available to spend on Auction Draft Day.

17. Governance: The MFL is governed by a Committee of the Whole consisting of all team owners. The Committee of the Whole may designate as many League officials as from time to time it deems appropriate, although only two – the League Secretary and the League Treasurer – ever do any work.

a. Rule Change Guidelines:
i. To enact a MFL rule change, one of the two following methods shall be employed:
1. On the day of the Winter Meeting a simple majority of teams present vote for a rule change. A team must have a representative at the meeting to vote on a rule change.
2. On any other day of the year a unanimous vote is required to effect a rule change.
ii. Exception to Rule 19(a)(i): If on any day other than the Winter Meeting and by a unanimous vote, the league may agree to a simple majority vote that would effect a rule change for the following season.
b. League Secretary:
i. Every two (2) years, beginning in 2000AD, a hidden ballot vote will determine the League Secretary. This vote takes place at the Winter Meeting. Next vote 2010.
ii. The stat service fee shall be waived for the League Secretary.
c. Payment Policy: All fees are to be paid on Auction Day.

18. Salary Cap:

a. Auction Draft Day Salary Cap: = $280
b. Trading Cap Additional Salary Max: = $50
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Re: NL Only NYC Area Needs 2 Owners/ Rules Attached

Postby Troppo » Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:43 am

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Re: NL Only NYC Area Needs 1 Owners/ Rules Attached

Postby Troppo » Mon Feb 25, 2013 6:45 am

Need One more owner. Got one
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