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Looking 4 Scoring Systems (Different, Fun, Innovative)

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Looking 4 Scoring Systems (Different, Fun, Innovative)

Postby Zeptune » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:26 pm

Wanted to get others opinions/ideas/success stories/failures of different types of scoring systems.

To give you a frame of reference...

We are moving our league from an Strat-O-Matic/APBA draft style league (year in arrears) to a CBS H2H Points keeper league. What we love about the draft style leagues is that stats such as a players Runs, RBI's, Wins, Saves (which are also driven by your teammates performance) have virtually no affect on our results; therefore we are not interested in using such stats.

We are looking to create a scoring system that mimics stats that are mostly driven by a what a player is trying to do on the field; with both hitting and defense (though we have limited the defense scoring, just want defense to recognize that a SS that hits .280 20HR is better than a OF who hits .280 20HR). Concerning pitching - We tried to capture the fact that if a pitcher is a ground ball pitcher he is a slightly better pitcher. Concerning relievers it's about inherited runners scoring (great relievers shut the door when it counts, just not the 9th inning).

Below is our attempt to create a scoring system based on our values. We have been able to get both hitters and pitchers to a similar value.

Let us know your thoughts/concerns/likes/dislikes/opportunities to make better, etc... Thanks... Zep

Scoring for Batting Categories Name Settings
1B Singles 1 point
2B Doubles 2 points
3B Triples 3 points
BB Walks (Batters) 1 point
CS Caught Stealing -1 point
GDP Ground Into Double Plays -0.5 points
HP Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR Home Runs 4 points
KO Strikeouts (Batter) -1 point
OFAST OF Assists 1 point
PBC Passed Balls by Catcher -0.5 points
RF Range Factor 1 point
SB Stolen Bases 1 point

Special Scoring for Catchers Name Settings
RF Range Factor 0.50 points

Special Scoring for First Basemen Name Settings
RF Range Factor 0.33 points

Scoring for Pitching Categories Name Settings
AO Air Outs 0.5 points
AOO All Other Outs 0.5 points
B Balks -0.5 points
BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
ER Earned Runs -1 point
GO Ground Outs 1 point
HA Hits Allowed -1 point
HB Hit Batsmen -1 point
HRA Home Runs Allowed -4 points
IRS Inherited Runners Scored 0 points
K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 2 points
PKO Pick Offs 0.5 points
WP Wild Pitches -0.5 points

Special Scoring for Relief Pitchers Name Settings
IRS Inherited Runners Scored -1 point
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Re: Looking 4 Scoring Systems (Different, Fun, Innovative)

Postby RotoValue » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:17 pm

You might want to read this thread:

That person has worked out a scoring system that (certainly for offense) does a rather good job of reflecting real value of events in baseball.

I like the idea - and please don't take my comments as overly negative. It's a game, and the goal is to have fun, so whatever scoring system the owners all buy into should work well.

But in terms of trying to better reflect actual baseball, your initial proposal gives too much weight to extra base hits and walks relative to singles.

I'd say CS and pickoff should have the same value (the game impact is the same), and that value is definitely more than a balk. A balk and SB should be about the same (technically, a balk should cost a little more than a SB helps, since it advances all runners rather than just one, but they're rare enough not to worry too much about it).

I'd also say a GDP should have the same cost as CS/pickoff: they all both record an extra out and take a runner off base.

You don't list any penalty for making an out (other than GDP or K) - you may want that in there, too. A popup hurts just as much as a strikeout.

I assume the inherited runner scoring was a typo - rather than 0 it should be some negative number.

Finally, I don't think GB pitchers are actually necessarily better than other pitchers. Yes, they have a better chance at getting DPs, which is a positive, but that's offset by more advancement on outs compared to strikeout pitchers, and also a higher rate of unearned runs allowed (most errors are on infield grounders, so flyball/strikeout pitchers generally give up fewer unearned runs). I think these basically even out in aggregate.

But that's an opinion - you're certainly welcome to give GB pitchers a boost, etc.

I am a little confused about what you mean by range factor. The old Bill James number was simply (PO+AST)/G, a rate stat. To have defense be meaningful, you'd probably want some sort of cumulative number. To be simple, I'd go with simply counting assists (to prevent 1B from dominating the category, although you could potentially weight 1B putouts differently).
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Re: Looking 4 Scoring Systems (Different, Fun, Innovative)

Postby pvhawkeye » Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:21 am

Zeptune wrote:1B Singles 1 point
2B Doubles 2 points
3B Triples 3 points
BB Walks (Batters) 1 point
HR Home Runs 4 points

I really like this thread and the idea of creating a league on player performances, diving into the statistics moreso than the standard 5x5 league. My league uses a 6x6 with OPS, K/9, QS etc but it could easily be improved and is more traditional than your proposed system.

I highlighted your singles, doubles.. etc because I just saw a segment about this on that MLB Network show "Clubhouse Confidential". They were analyzing the expected runs scored from each of those events: singles, doubles, triples, homeruns, walks. They were saying the slugging statistic is silly because, in reality, a double is not worth exactly twice as much as a single and a homerun is not worth exactly twice as much as a double (and so on). However, there were people that calculated the expected run values for each of these events! For a stat nerd like me it was actually quite fascinating. I believe you could assign points based on these expected run values for a proper weight in your scoring system:
(From - couldn't find something on MLB Network's site)
Event - Expected Run Value
Walk: 0.30
Single: 0.46
Double: 0.75
Triple: 1.03
Homerun: 1.40
SB: 0.19
CS: -0.44
Out: -0.27 (There's also a specific value for a strikeout lower than this, as there's no opportunity to move baserunners etc)

Please help with mine? I'm implementing something new as well viewtopic.php?f=189&t=454817
And quick trade advice might help haha viewtopic.php?f=26&t=454814

EDIT: You could probably apply most if not all other stats to this expected run utilities (as far as recording outs and so on)
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