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Scoring System Please Read

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Scoring System Please Read

Postby rjg8 » Tue Feb 05, 2013 10:23 pm

I've always been entertained in the roto vs h2h argument. Each side has its pros and cons. But now I'm at a point where our league cannot agree on a scoring system. It's our third year in our 3 player keeper league w/ minor league just added this year. I have what I think is a master plan almost combining roto and h2h. We create a h2h points league with the scoring settings S,D,T,HR,RBI,SB,R,RBI, for batting and W,SV,K,ER,H,BB for pitching. But all settings will only be worth 1 point, except for ER,H,BB, which will be -1. Please give me your opinion on this scoring system and help me improve it if needed (I was thinking about adding L and Outs Recored for pitching).

Yes i am new to these forums and play on ESPN
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Re: Scoring System Please Read

Postby RotoValue » Sat Feb 16, 2013 6:27 pm

All categories having the same point value may be simple, but it's quite distorted from real baseball value.

I saw another thread that looked like it had good weightings for different categories here:

It's more complex, but it better reflects actual baseball value, especially for offense.

HR should be worth more than S, D, and T, and ER should matter more than K or BB.

Another comment: for pitching you have as many positive as negative categories, and you're proposing two more (outs and L). Negative categories are poor, because they encourage people to leave injured players in the lineup rather than risk starting some rather weak free agent. In small doses they can work, but when the incentive to bench to avoid negative stats is bigger than the incentive to play, you have a problem. And here your equal weighting magnifies the problem, because there are more H than K, more ER than W, and more BB than SV, so even great pitchers would be net negative!

You should adjust weights so that they're closer to baseball reality. I do like outs (or IP, which is just outs / 3) as a category in a cumulative format, and indeed just adding that would help tremendously even if you didn't weight: outs would be by far the biggest thing, a positive, more than H. You'd see more K than ER. Okay, more BB than W, but more SV than BB for closers.
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