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New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

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New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby mcampoli » Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:24 pm

Only a few spots left.

TMC Dynasty Challenge (Fantasy Football League)

>> Dynasty All Keeper League (No Contracts, No Divisions), Daily Activations, Weekly scoring periods (Two Teams per Week), Head to Head, 8 x 8 Scoring. Transactions are unlimited and add/drops via a Waiver process. Current and future Draft Picks can be traded.

I. The Draft (84 Rounds)

The first year's draft will be a snake draft and the draft order will be generated randomly. Future drafts will be the reverse of last year's regular season record except for the bottom 6 teams which have a playoff to determine their spot which will be no worse than 6th overall. In round Two of the draft and thereafter, all teams including the bottom six teams will draft based on the reverse order of their regular season record. This is an all keeper league so future drafts generally involve newly signed college and high school players. The draft in the 2nd year and subsequent years thereafter, will be 10 rounds each.

Entry Fee: $100- Each x 20 Teams = $2,000 Purse
(No Divisions -- Teams will "Ranked" #1 thru #20)
Host Site: CBS, Software $149.95

Regular Season Format:
Regular Season Final Standings (Thru Week #19)
>> 19 Weeks -- Top (8) Eight Teams get Cash and Advance to Post Season for Fantasy Championship Series.
1st. $500-
3rd. $225-
4th. $150-
5th. $100-
6th. $ 75-
7th. $ 50-
8th. $ 25-
Total: $1,475-

** Note: "Regular Season" and "Post Season" are Separate with Cash Awards for each season.

Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)
Fantasy Championship Series (8 Teams)
Upper Bracket: (Regular Season Teams who finish 1st through 8th)
>> 6 Weeks (Three Rounds, Two Weeks per Round)
1st. $140- ** League Champion **
2nd. $ 80-
3rd. $ 60-
4th. $ 40-
5th. -0-
6th. -0-
7th. -0-
8th. -0-
Total: $320-

Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)
Consolation Series / (6 Teams) Lower Bracket:
(Regular Season Teams who finish 9th through 14th)
>> 6 Weeks, (Three Rounds) -- (Two Weeks per Round)
** Note: Team #9 and #10 Get a 1st Round "Bye".
9th. $40- (Consolation Series Winner)
10th. $20-
11th. 0
12th. 0
13th. 0
14th. 0
Total: $ 60-

Note: There will be a Playoff for the Bottom Six Teams to determine the 1st through 6th overall Draft Picks for the following year (see below). This applies to the First Round Only.

Post Season Format: (Weeks #20 thru #25)
Draft Pick Lottery Playoff (6 Teams) (Regular Season Teams who finish 15th through 20th)
>> 6 Weeks, (Three Rounds) -- (Two Scoring Periods per Round)
** Note: Team #19 and #20 Get a First Round "Bye".
15th. #1 Draft Pick
16th. #2 Draft Pick
17th. #3 Draft Pick
18th. #4 Draft Pick
19th. #5 Draft Pick
20th. #6 Draft Pick

League Settings:
>> Head-To-Head, **(Play Two Teams Per Week)**
16 Categories (8 x 8)
Hitting Categories:
(8-Pts. Possible)
1-Pt. (BA)--Batting Average
1-Pt. (HR)--Home Runs
1-Pt. (SB)--Stolen Bases
1-Pt. (RBI)--Runs Batted Inn
1-Pt. (OBP)--On Base Percentage
1-Pt. (H+W)--Hits + Walks
1-Pt. (R)--Runs
1-Pt. (TB)--Total Bases

League Settings:
Pitching Categories:
(8-Pts. Possible)
1-Pt. (W)--Wins
1-Pt (K)--Strikeouts
1.Pt. (WHIP)--Walks + Hits/Inning
1-Pt. (ERA)--Earned Run Average
1-Pt. (INN)--Innings
1-Pt. (QS)--Quality Starts
1-Pt. (3S+H)--3 Times Save plus Holds
1-Pt. (GO)--Ground Outs

Regular Season:
In the regular season, there are 19 weeks. There will be 38 head to head league matchups with each team playing two teams each week. In each game, teams will receive one win for each category in which they beat their opponent and one loss for each category in which they lose to their opponent. In the case of a tie in an individual category, it will count as a tie. Rankings are determined by the best Winning Percentage and the Head to Head results.

Post Season:
In the first series of the playoffs, the Playoff Series, Seed #1 plays Seed #8 and Seed #2 plays Seed #7, etc. Each playoff round lasts two weeks and the totals in each category are added cumulatively over the two week period. Like the regular season, teams get a win or a loss based on winning or losing the category. In the second and third round, the teams are seeded based on who is left, and again using the regular season formula described above (better seed players lower seed).
In all Playoff Rounds, Head to Head record will be first Tie Breaker.

** During the regular season Ties will count as a Tie.

>> Seeding for the Playoffs <<
Total Points--For (Regular Season Thru Week #19).
Head to Head Record (Who Beat Who)
Total Points--For (Thru Week #18)

Tiebreakers for Playoffs (Weeks #20 Thru Weeks #25):
Head to Head Record (Who Beat Who)
Playoff Seed (Better Seed Wins)
Total Points--For (Current)


Total Roster (84-Man Total):
(28) -- Starters (16 Hitters, 12 Pitchers)
(16) -- Reserves
(40) -- Minor Leaguers

>> Note: The Injury List is NOT for placing any Injured Players you might have. ** The injured roster spots are for Draft Pick Place Holders only **
If you have any Injured Players they must be included with your other healthy players and listed as Active, Reserve or Minor.

Roster Positions:
** Hitters(16 Total)
(2) -- Catchers
(4) -- Middle Infielders
(4) -- Corner Infielders
(5) -- Outfielders
(1) -- Designated Hitter

** Pitchers (12 Total)
Starting Pitchers, Relief Pitchers (Any Combination) – Can change or rotate any pitcher in and out of the lineup on a daily basis. You're not allowed to add and drop players from the Free Agent player pool on a daily basis, only allowed to moved players daily that you have owned.

The lineup deadline is 5 minutes before the first game of the day. This is a hard deadline, no requests for LATE changes will be honored. If you have a unforseen situation (at work, computer/internet is not working, emergency) and you can't put in your lineup before the games begin, be sure to E-mail a time stamped message BEFORE the deadline and then the Commish can makes the changes to your roster for you.

Daily Moves:
Each team is allowed unlimited moves throughout the week, after the initial rosters are set for the week. Any player picked up from the Player Pool, cannot be cut for a minimum of 5 days, however they are allowed to be traded (only once). This is to prevent rotating of players.

* *Each team must have a minimum of 3 pitching starts per week and a minimum of 25 at bats each week.

Illegal Rosters:

If a team puts a non rookie on his rookie roster and there is no room on the reserve roster for him to be moved to, the offending owner will be emailed to be made aware of the situation. If the problem has not been fixed within 48 hours of being notified, the offending player(s) may be cut by the Commissioner. Repeated problems with the wrong players being placed incorrectly on your roster, might result in further action be taken by the Commissioner (Forfeit a Draft Pick).

Reserve Rosters
Reserve rosters shall consist of up to 16 players. Any player may be kept on the roster as a reserve player.

Minor League Players:
Minor league players may be placed on active roster spots, but they must be minor leaguers of the same position at which they are placed.

Minor League Roster:
40 Minor League Players. Any player on this roster must "qualify" as such and the League definition of a Minor League Player is <500 at bats and <200 innings pitched in the player's career. To be eligible as a Minor League player on your roster, he needs to be playing for a real minor or major league team. A player that is about to be drafted or signed after our League Draft for that year has been completed, cannot be picked up. Those players go to the draft for next year.

III. Eligibility
A player shall qualify at a given position if he played at least 5 games at that position in the major leagues in the current season.

A player shall qualify at a given position if that was his primary position last year in the Minor Leagues (as decided by

If a player is in the majors last year and has 20 games at that position, then he would qualify for that position next year.

If a player has signed a pro contract with a major league team before the draft starts, then he can be drafted for that year or picked up after the draft. Minor League players must be signed with a Pro Team also. If any player signs during or after our League Draft has started, then you must wait until the following year to draft the player or pick up that player. Please don't pick-up these players that sign late.

Any player who is contemplating retirement can be kept as long as you want. It would be unfair to force a team to cut a player like Roger Clemens who kept coming back for years. Players who are retired or are without a pro contract, but had a pro contract in the past are also allowed to be drafted or picked up.

College and Foreign Players
College players and foreign players are not eligible to be drafted unless they have signed a contract with a MLB team by the beginning of the draft. Any players signing their contract after the draft shall go into the following year’s draft.

Excessive Trading of Future Draft Picks.
You are allowed to trade numerous draft picks, but if you do so then the expectation is that you'll be staying in the league for 2-3 more years. It may be deemed necessary by the Commish, to collect a fee or deposit of future funds to be held, in an effort to protect the league. If you leave the league for any reason and several of your future draft picks have been traded away, then some or all of your prize money will most likely be held back and used for future league fees.

VII. Trades and Mid-Season Pickups
You may trade players, or pick up free agents, during the season until the beginning of the playoffs. Once the playoffs have started, teams in the playoffs can no longer make pickups or trades but those teams that not in the playoffs can. As teams are eliminated from the playoffs, they become eligible to make trades and pickups. Once the season is over, all teams can still make trades, but the add/drop feature will be turned off and pickups will not be allowed until the next season begins. Draft choices may be traded at any time except during the playoffs. Players and draft picks may be traded during the off-season.

Draft picks for any year can be traded as long as the picks are listed on your team. If a team trades away a large number of their future draft picks, then the commissioner may need to collect money and apply it to future league fees to make sure the team owner is vested.

If a trade is made that the Commissioner feels is unbearably unfair (either his own opinion or because of multiple complaints) a league wide vote might be needed. IF any owner feels that a trade in which the Commissioner was involved was unfair, it could be put before the Team Owners for a vote.

Add/Drops are determined via a waiver wire process. If the player you want is unlisted in, simply post the pickup (along with the drop if necessary) on the league message board to “everyone” and the pickup will be made for you by the Commish.

"Tanking" is not tolerated and may result in the loss of a draft pick or a draft prospect. If you're purposely not putting in your better players and not taking care of your team, it is considered Tanking. You must put in competitve lineup and make the proper activations, trying to win with a good lineup. Commisioner reserves the right to activate players IF the owner continues to not maintain a competitve lineup. This would only be done in extreme situationas and done strictly for the betterment of the league as a whole. It is important that every team is doing all it can to try and win each week by putting in their better players, so they are as competitive as they can be with what the roster they have.
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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby sommers5 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:08 pm

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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby SouthernKing » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:17 pm

Hi, I am really interested in joining this league, I will PM you, thanks.
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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby sommers5 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 7:21 pm

Send me an email to if you are interested. I already joined the league and am helping the commish recruit. I will let the commish know.

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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby sommers5 » Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:50 pm

1 spot left!
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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby papavayne » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:33 pm

I'm interested pm sent.
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Re: New 8x8 Dynasty - Deep Minors - League Safe $100

Postby mcampoli » Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:29 am

Sorry. I think we are full.
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