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Unique new league $250 entry

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Unique new league $250 entry

Postby reeversma » Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:42 pm

I've been running my main league since 1991 and about half are original members with the rest 5 years plus. I do have one opening in that league this year which is a $350 entry. Rules are the exact same for the new league i'm starting up which is this post. About 4-5 from my other league will be in this new league as well.

If you are interested send me an email: Note: most of the owners are in the 40ish age bracket. If you want a very active league and alot of talk, emails, trades, etc this won't be for you. All good guys but this is purely hobby during spare time.

Here are the rules. All money is paid out except the cbs league commissioner fee. I don't take a penny. I payout the day after season ends.


A. 12 owners

A. League Manager ( $TBD)

A. Entry fee $350 (no extra costs).

A. Online serpentine draft conducted on league website. Sixty second time limit per pick enforced by the site. Draft order will be determined by using an online dice roll. Each owner will go to the site and perform a random role of the dice that will be emailed to the owner and the commissioner. Draft order selection will be lowest to highest dice roll. The website is
B. Head-to-head rotisserie format. Four match ups per week. Team that wins the most categories wins the match up. Weekly match ups run Monday – Sunday.
C. One division. Top four teams make playoffs.
D. 70% of prize money awarded to top 4 regular season finishers. 30% of prize money awarded to the top 4 playoff teams. All money is paid out except the sportline league hosting fee.

• 22 Active players
• 10 Reserve players

• 1 catcher
• 1 first basemen
• 1 second basemen
• 1 short stops
• 1 third basemen
• 5 outfielders
• 1 middle infielder
• 1 corner infielder
• 1 utility
• 9 pitchers

Note: Rosters are illegal and don’t accumulate stats if roster requirements are not met.

A. A player is eligible for any position in which they appeared in 20 or more games the prior season or 5 or more games the current season. will be used to determine player eligibility during the draft and season.

A. Hitting
• BattingAverage
• Home Runs
• RBI’s
• Runs
• Free Bases (BB+IBB+HPB+SB)
• Total Bases
B. Pitching
• Wins
• Saves + Holds
• Quality Starts (at least 6 IP and 3 or fewer earned runs)
• K’s (total team strikeouts)

Note: Your team must accumulate at least 40 innings pitched or started 5 games each period by your active weekly pitchers. If you fail to do so, you cannot win the ERA or WHIP match up. The losing owner should email Jeff any time this occurs. This rule does not apply to All Star week.

A. Each owner will have $200 for the season to bid on free agents using the FAAB process within the league site. The FAAB process is a blind auction, in which only whole dollar amounts can be bid to acquire free agent players. There is a minimum of $1 to bid on a player. Highest bidder wins the player. In the event of a tie, the waiver order will be used to determine which owner wins the player. When an owner is the successful bidder of a free agent player, they move to the end of the waiver order and the winning bid is deducted from the FAAB budget.
B. FAAB will run on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

A. Trade deadline during the season will be all-star Tuesday.
B. Trades will be approved via online voting. The maximum number of objections allowed will be 7. Eight or more objections will void the trade.

A. Top 4 teams make the playoffs. There will be two rounds of playoffs. Round one will be seed #1 versus #4 and seed #2 versus #3. Round two will the two winners versus the two losers. First round begins TBD and the second round will begin TBD. Last week of MLB regular season will not be used.

A. Top four teams during the regular season will share 70% of the prize money.
a. 1st 40%
b. 2nd 30%
c. 3rd 20%
d. 4th 10%
B. Four playoff teams will share 30% of the prize money.
a. 1st 40%
b. 2nd 30%
c. 3rd 20%
d. 4th 10%

Note: The tie breaker on regular season standings will be the following:

If two teams are tied for same standing position:
• Heads Up
• Win percentage against the other potential playoff teams.
• Online dice roll

If two or more teams are tied for same standing position:
• Win percentage against the tied teams
• Heads up (if option one narrowed down to two teams)
• Win percentage against the other potential playoff teams
• Online dice roll

Tie breaker for playoffs will be the higher seed.
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