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Dynasty League Mini Draft

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Dynasty League Mini Draft

Postby headcase524 » Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:11 am

2nd year 14 team dynasty league on CBS....$100 buy in....6x6 head to head.....40 man rosters including 14 minor leaguers....

Looking for 4-6 owners to take over existing teams. The new owners will take part in a mini draft consisting of players from these rosters to pick their squads instead of just taking over teams. Lots of elite talent and top prospects will be available. Email for more details.
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Re: Dynasty League Mini Draft

Postby headcase524 » Fri Feb 01, 2013 4:32 pm

Here is a link to the available players: ... utput=html

Here are the rules:



The entry fee for the 2012 season and future seasons will be $100 and voted on in subsequent seasons by all of the owners. It is a dynasty league in which you may keep up to all 40 of your players in any given season. All rules are subject to change in successive seasons based on league-wide vote.

League Fees can be paid via paypal to or via Payment method will be determined once the league is full.

League Format is H2H 7x7 Category System.


The league will have 14 owners, each managing their own team. Co-owners will be allowed as long as the Commissioner is notified. The number of teams may be expanded in successive seasons based on majority vote of the league.

Each owner is asked to participate in the draft by nominating their player when their time is up to draft. Each owner is also asked to please promptly respond to any e-mails from league members or the Commissioner concerning league matters such as trades. The owner is to agree to participate in the current season as well as at least TWO successive seasons. If this matter cannot be upheld, the owner must contact the Commissioner and find a replacement team as soon as possible. Owners are NOT to drop star players if out of contention as this is a keeper league and star players are extremely valuable and can be kept or traded. Any sign of collusion will be dealt with harshly and may lead to expulsion from the league.

The initial league draft will be an extended auction draft starting in January/February held offline on a proboards forum: . Although it's an auction draft, it's EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to note, the auction is for DRAFT PURPOSES ONLY Assigning values to each player and escalated salaries would be too much to handle, and besides, auction drafts are so much more fun than snake drafts since each player is fair game, am I right?! Once the draft is over, players will lose any monetary value.
Each team is allotted $260 for 26 major league players consisting of 21 starters: 12 hitters and 9 pitchers, and 5 bench players of any position.
Only players in the major leagues or with major league experience can be nominated in the major league auction. All foreign players and players in the minors are ineligible for auction; minor league players must be drafted in the minor league draft subsequent to the auction. We will start the auction with each team can nominate up to 2 players at a time. Once one of their players is sold, the team may then nominate a new major league player. A player becomes sold once 24 hour time period has lapsed since the last bid has been made. The original nominating team then will receive a reminder to nominate again.

If the draft runs slowly, we can increase the number of players each team nominates.

When bidding with your allotted money and the off-chance you win all of these players and go over your budget, a couple of things will happen. First the players you bid on first will be awarded to you until you have insufficient funds. Secondly, the players you can no longer bid on will be awarded to the next highest bidder. This will be closely monitored though, so if your funds are low ill try to give you a heads up. For instance, if I see you have ten bucks and u make an 11 dollar bid, I'll delete the bid and let you know your situation.

With regards to nominations, I'll start the nominations at 2 pm on Sunday then every ten minutes a team should place their nominations so no one gets thrown out at the same time.

The Minor League Draft will be an auction-style running alongside/subsequent to the Major League Draft with each team allotted $140 budget on the 14 minor league players in Year 1. You may nominate up to 2 players here as well. In subsequent years, the minor league draft will be a draft based on the order of finish in 2012. Players that are eligible to be drafted in the minor league draft is any player in the minors or major league players who are not Major League-eligible yet - To be "True Minor League Roster-eligible," a player, as of the end of the previous season, must have, over his career, accumulated no more than one hundred thirty (130) at bats or fifty (50) innings pitched, as the case may be.


Active rosters will consist of 21 players; 12 hitters and 9 pitchers. Hitters include a catcher, a first baseman, a second baseman, a third baseman, a shortstop, three outfielders, MI, CI, and two utility men. You must start between 9 pitchers each week (starter and reliever). Owners must maintain up to 21 active players on their rosters every week.

Rosters will also contain 5 reserve players. The reserves may be any type of player - pitchers or hitters. Rosters will include up to 14 minor leaguers not included on the Active and Reserve Rosters. Because this is a dynasty league, once the season starts, each team may move players back and forth between the minors and majors as long as they agree to the following standards:
Each hitter, as long as they are under 800 ABs, can be switched between the majors and the minors.
Each pitcher under 300 IPs can move up and down all year long until their eligibility is up.
Once the eligibility is up, the respective player can no longer sit on your minor league roster. He must then remain on your 5 player bench or active roster.

Innings Pitched Limit - All teams' pitching staffs must pitch a minimum of 40 Innings Pitched each week. Teams that do not meet this limit will forfeit a win for the week.

Players on the DL can either be placed as a reserve or on Injured status. Rosters will hold 5 spots for injured players. Once a player is placed on the DL, the owner may pick up a replacement player.


Head to Heat 7x7 Category Scoring. The format will be head to head scoring where teams compete against two teams a week in 14 categories, 7 hitting and 7 pitching. Playing two teams per week as opposed to one allows for advantage to the stronger teams who may play one another the same week. The 7 categories were chosen to represent the true value of a fantasy baseball player. The team with the most categories won at the end of the week wins. Ties will occur, and will remain as ties. In the event of a tie in the playoffs, the team with the best regular season record will advance. The next tie-breaker will be H2H Record, followed by Power Ranking. The categories are as follows:

Scoring for Batting Categories
BA - Batting Average
BB - Walks
HR - Home Runs
R - Runs
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Bases
TB - Total Bases

Scoring for Pitching Categories
ERA - Earned Run Average
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher)
QS - Quality Starts
S - Saves
W - Wins
WHIP - Walks + Hits / Inning

Daily lineup changes will be permitted throughout the course of the season based on the format of our rosters. Lineups must be submitted at least 5 minutes before the start of the 1st MLB game of the day. All changes after this time period will not take effect. If a team does not have the appropriate players activated, then they will receive 0 points for that day and will automatically default.


Following the draft, all free agents will be placed on waivers. They will be available on a waiver priority based on FAAB $. Waivers will run twice a week. Weekly moves will be capped at 7 per week. All chosen players on waivers are designated to the team with the highest bid on the player. The FAAB will be $1000 all season with zero bids allowed.

Player drafted in that season's MLB Draft will NOT be allowed to be picked up in free agency once available in the CBS Sportsline Pool. They must be drafted in the subsequent season's draft.

Players not in CBS' database will not be available for pickup.


Trades can be made at any time. FAAB $ and subsequent season minor league draft picks can be traded. The trade deadline will be AUGUST 13, 2012. No trades will be allowed between that date and the end of the fantasy season. Trades will then be allowed once the season is over via the proboards page during the off-season.

All trades will be reviewed and approved by the Commissioner, who will then send out a league-wide message for all teams to object if they feel the need. Owners will have 24 hours to object; Commissioner will have final say and can either veto or allow the trade once the 24-hour window closes. Trades are meant to improve each party involved in the trade, which the Commissioner will take into consideration in the review process. All trades need to be done and finalized through CBS Sportsline or the ProBoards site although trade talk through e-mail or IM is encouraged. The Commissioner will approve all trades UNLESS there is evidence of collusion between the parties or if one party evidences the desire to quit. If collusion occurs, both parties involved will be asked to leave the league.


Since this is a dynasty league, each owner must keep between 10 and 26 Major League Players after each season. They may also keep up to 14 minor league-eligible players.

Drafts in subsequent years will be a snake draft combining the available major league players and the minor league players. Subsequent Years' Draft Picks will be determined by reverse order of finish. Last place finish in 2012 will "earn" the last place team the first pick in the next year's league draft in 2013 and so on. You may draft up to however many players you need on your minor league roster. If you have a full roster, your team will forfeit its draft selection.

The Minor/Major Draft will start in February/March depending on the league's preferences and will commence on the ProBoards Site.


There will be 2 Divisions with the 2 Division Winners receiving an automatic birth to the playoffs. The 4 teams with the next best record will then make the playoffs as wild card teams. The 2 division winners will be given byes in the 1st round.

Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, Division Record, Points Against (Total Categories won in this case), and Head to Head Record. Playoff ties will be resolved in this fashion: Most regular season wins, followed by H2H record.


Prize money in 2012 will be determined as such (based on $100 entry fee - Subject to change):

CBS Entry Fee - $149.95

First Place - $800.00
Second Place - $200.00
Best Record - $150.00
Third Place - $100.00

Rules subject to change.
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