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Looking to join AL Only Auction $200+

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Looking to join AL Only Auction $200+

Postby jkufs » Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:14 pm

My dad is blind and 75 and the league we used to be in no longer exists. It is his last vice and we would love to join a similar AL only league, $200, $260, $300 or whatever. Please do not scam us, we are baseball and rotisserie lovers but just regular people. I am a teacher and have a two year old and one on the way and don't want to get bilked out of that kind of money.
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Re: Looking to join AL Only Auction $200+

Postby Holein1 » Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:24 pm

i Just poster a auction league above under "not your typical league" Only issue is it is AL/NL.
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Re: Looking to join AL Only Auction $200+

Postby sbbombers » Mon Feb 04, 2013 3:59 pm

I have a league:

To assemble a lineup of either 19 American League baseball players (10 team league) or 21 American League baseball players (9 team league) whose cumulative statistics, compiled and measured by the methods described in these rules, exceed those of all other teams in the league.

A team’s active roster consists of the following players:
1 left fielder
1 center fielder
1 right fielder
1 outfielder (either left, center or right)
1 catcher
1 second baseman
1 shortstop
1 first baseman
1 third baseman
1 designated hitter
1 utility infielder, defined as any non-pitcher (10 team league)
2 utility infielders (9 team team league)

6 starting pitchers (10 team league)
7 starting pitchers (9 team league)
2 relief pitchers

Total rosters also include up to 2 reserve players (must be 1 hitter and 1 pitcher)

Performance stats of a player shall be assigned to a team only when he is on the active roster of that team and on the active roster of a major league team in the American Legue. Notwithstanding the last sentence, the statistics for players traded to the National League will continue to accumulate for the duration of the season provided he remains on the owner's roster.

Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories and given points for their respective ranking (10 points for 1st place, 9 points for 2nd place, etc. for a 10 team league)

The team with the most overall points at the end of the major league regular season will be deemed the No Whiners Allowed league victor.

In the case of ties in an individual category, the tied teams will share the ranking points of the positions in the standings.

In the case of ties in total points, the team that finishes ahead in more categories will be deemed the victor. If both teams remain tied after this comparison, the tie will stand.

At each year’s draft, all owners will fill their entire roster; there will be no players carried over from one year to the next.

The CBS on-line auctioneer will award the player to the team that is the high bidder. The team acquires the player for that amount and enters his position in the on-line roster. Players eligible at more than one position may be shifted during the course of the draft. The process is repeated, with successive team owners introducing players to be bid on, until every team has a completed roster of 21 players (10 team league) or 23 players (9 team league), by requisite position.

No team may make a bid for a player that it cannot afford. No team may bid or select a player who qualifies only at a position (or positions) that the team has already filled. This is handled automatically by the on-line auctioneer.

Most all players are eligible to be drafted or purchased at auction, including:
- Players on the 40-man roster or in the minor league system within the league being drafted
- Players who have been demoted, cut or designated for assignment
- Players who start the season on a major league team’s disabled list.
- Players in foreign or independent leagues

The only exception: Players on the 40-man roster of a team from the National League cannot be drafted.

Major League free agents may be drafted, however, if they sign with a team in the National League, they must be released immediately.

At any time prior to the weekly transaction deadline, a team may release or DL a player from its active roster, and replace that player from his disabled list, free agent pool, reserve list or via trade.

A player placed on the major league disabled list, according to the CBS website, is eligible to be placed on his Roto team’s disabled list. There is no limit to the number of players that may be on a team’s disabled list.

When a player on the DL is activated to his team’s major league roster, that player must be activated to his Roto team's active roster by the first transaction deadline following his activation.

If an activated major league player is not activated to his Roto team's roster by this time, he will automatically be released to the free agent pool.

All DL activations are bound by the roster requirements for the active lists. Players must be released, traded or reserved to make room for the DL-activated player.

Beginning with the first transaction period following the conclusion of the draft, through the end of the regular season, free agents in the free agent pool may be signed, without limit, in the following manner:

Each team shall have, for the purpose of acquiring free agents, a supplementary budget of $100. This amount shall be known as the team’s Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB).

Up until the periodic transaction deadline, a team may submit a bid for one or more free agents.

The minimum bid shall be $1; the maximum bid shall be the amount remaining in a team’s FAAB budget.

A free agent goes to the highest bidder. If more than one team submits the same high bid, the player goes to the team that is lowest in the most recently compiled weekly standings.

In any given week, teams may acquire as many free agents on which it was the high bidder until it runs out of roster spots to fill, players to bid upon or available FAAB resources. Teams cannot submit contingency bids that add up to an amount that exceeds the number of units remaining in their FAAB budget.

There is no restriction on the types of players who may be bid on - majors, minors, foreign leagues are all okay - with the exception of players on another Roto team's active roster, or players on the 40-man roster in the National League.

Players not on the DL that are acquired via free agent bid must immediately be added to a team’s active or reserve roster and remain there for at least one period. For each free agent that it signs, a team must at the same time release, trade or disable a player from its active roster. A free agent can be acquired without a corresponding roster move if the owner has reserve space available.

Players on the DL can only be acquired by teams that have two or fewer players currently on the DL (regardless of whether they are active or disabled by the owner). Free agents on the DL can also be acquired without a corresponding roster move provided they remain on the owner's DL.

Teams are free to make trades of any kind so long as the active rosters of the teams involved in the trade reflect the required position distribution upon the completion of the transaction.

Any player may be traded to another team’s active, reserve or disabled roster.

Roster moves made by a team that involve its disabled list, reserve list, free agent pool and/or its active roster may be made simultaneous with a trade in order to meet roster requirements.

Failure to replace an active traded player and bring a team’s roster to its legal limit will result in the nullification of the trade.

Prior to August 1, a team may trade with any other team regardless of standings.

After the first transaction period following July 31, a team must be within five (5) or fewer places of the standings in order to be involved in a trade with another team. Standings for this purpose are the standings from the day prior to confirmation of the trade by all involved parties.

If three of the owners in the league feel that a particular trade is imbalanced, they may submit their concerns to the league commissioner during the 1 day voting period. The trading partners would then have to demonstrate exactly how they arrived at this being a fair deal, in terms of either stats gained or places gained in the standings. If they are unable to adequately show that the deal is in both team’s interests, then the league adjudicating authority may exercise its rights to revoke the deal.

Illegal acquisition of players will result in the reversal of the roster move and a fine equal to $5 or 50% of your FAAB, whichever is lower.

If rosters are illegal at the start of a period FOR ANY REASON you will be fined $5 or 50% of your FAAB, whichever is lower, each time.

Any current owner who participated in the immediately preceding year may submit a rule change. This rule change is then voted on by all current owners except the commisoner who also participated in the immediately preceding year. However, the commisioner will vote to break a tie.

Team Fee: $250 per team
Free Agent Signing Fee: Equal to FAAB costs of player (could be $0)
Maximum Fees/Team Possible = $350

In a an effort to keep owners invested in the league throughout the season, there will be a weekly payout of 1% of the final pot awarded to the owner with the most points in the following categories: HR, R, K, SV, W, RBI and SB. In the case of a tie in total points, the team that finishes ahead in more categories will be deemed the victor. If both teams remain tied after this comparison, the tie will stand.

PAYOUT SCHEDULE (Total Pool less CBS fee of $149.99 already paid by Commissioner)
1st Place: 50% of final pot
2nd Place: 25% of final pot

Let me know if you care,

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