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5 spots left H2H Auction Dynasty

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5 spots left H2H Auction Dynasty

Postby poolagoo » Sun Jan 13, 2013 6:37 pm

Email me at for invite and/or questions. We start teh auction as soon as we fill using a 12 hour timer.


1.1. There will be sixteen (16) teams in the league consisting of a mix of American and National league players. Each team will consist of 25 major league players and up to 40 additional minor-league players.

1.2. A team's Major League roster consists of the following players:

-16 Active
* 3 outfielders
* 1 catchers
* 1 first baseman
* 1 second baseman
* 1 shortstop
* 1 third baseman
* 1 utility player (non-pitcher who can be any offensive player)
* 7 pitchers (combination of 4 starters, 2 relievers and 1 Flex)

- 9 Non-Active reserve players (any position)

* 4 DL spots - once the season starts (NO off-season DL)

1.3. Pitching Rule – A SP can be substituted at any time during the scoring week so as the pitcher being replaced or replacement pitcher has NOT yet pitched in that scoring week. In others words, once a pitcher makes his start during that scoring week you cannot sub another pitcher for him, there will be absolutely NO “streaming” of pitchers allowed.

Starting Pitchers are "locked in" or "frozen" once they make a start. Relief pitchers may be moved in and out of the two RP spots throughout the week.

The Flex Pitching spot may be filled with either a) a SP who will be “locked in” as outlined under the regular SP rule,…OR b) RP who can be moved in and out of the spot on a daily basis as explained under the regular RP rule.
The Flex may NOT be a mix of SP/RP.

You cannot have a starting pitcher active in a relief pitchers spot, regardless of position eligibility. Pitchers must play in spot they are actively competing.

A team's Minor League (MiLB) roster consists of the following players:

15 min to 40 max players currently on a MiLB roster or not exceeding the 130 AB/50 IP requirement may be placed on a Minors Roster.

Any player below the 130 AB/50 IP requirement that has been called up to a MLB team may stay on the Minors Roster. Any player above the 130/50 requirement that has been called up by a MLB team must also be promoted onto his roster or traded/dropped since he no longer has Minors Status.

A Minor League Player will obtain a $1 salary upon his "call up"

1.4 DYNASTY: A full 25-man Major League roster and minimum 15- man Minor League roster must be maintained year round. Owners can sign players and release players at any time from the February draft until the last day of the World Series.

At that point rosters will freeze until a date to be announced during our annual winter meetings.

Players will remain on their respective teams until they are dropped, traded or retire.

1.5 SALARY CAP - There will be a salary cap of $260 for the inaugural 2013 auction, Effective season 2 (2014) a $295 cap will be in place. Teams may exceed this figure during the season but must be under the cap prior to following seasons draft.

1.6 ANNUAL SALARY - Retained players salaries will increase $3 year over year.

1.7 Disabled List - The league will use 4 DL spots during the MLB season. Any player listed on your teams DL must be on an actual MLB Disabled List. "Day to Day" players will not be permitted to be on the Disabled List.

There will be NO Off-season Disabled List in the league. All DL'd players must be cleared within one week of the conclusion of the World Series. Any players remaining on a teams DL one week after the World Series will be dropped by the commissioner. DL players salaries will count against Cap.


2.1. MAJOR LEAGUE DRAFT - Each team must acquire 25 major-league players in the initial “slow” auction draft to be held in Jan '13.

The winning bid will reflect the players salary against the $260 cap.

Owners will not be able to participate in the draft if league fees have not been paid.

To be selected in the Major League auction a player must have at least 1 AB or 1/3 IP.

(Example - Jurickson Profar may be selected in the Major League Portion of the draft, while Wil Myers may not be selected until the Minor League draft.)

2.2 MINOR LEAGUE DRAFT - After the initial Major League Draft a 30 round Minor League Draft will follow. This draft will be in snake format for the first year. A minimum of 15 Minor League players must be drafted by each franchise,

To be selected in the Minor League Draft the player must be on a minor league roster or drafted by a major league team. College players & foreign players cannot be selected until they are signed by a major league organization.

2.3 1ST YEAR PLAYER & FOREIGN DRAFT – Each year during February there will be a 1st Year & Foreign Player Draft. During this draft teams may or may not participate if they want. Players drafted during the June Major League Draft and foreign (Cuban, Dominican, Japanese, etc) players who have signed w/ a MLB team will be eligible for this draft.
This will be a Straight Draft from last to first based on the teams records at the end of the previous year's playoffs.
The teams with with 2 worst records will each be given a 50% chance in a lottery for the #1 pick. The losing lottery team will get the #2 pick.

No player drafted by a Major League Team during the June draft will be eligible to be picked up through Waivers until our leagues 1st Year Player Draft in Feb.

Rosters spots will need to be made by dropping players from the Minor League Rosters prior to this draft.

There will be no pick ups of minor leaguers from the drop date until the amateur draft is completed.


Players cut by their franchises will be available in the annual preseason auction held each January. Teams may bid on any players but must remain at or below the $295 cap.


3.1. A player may be assigned to any position at which he appeared in 10 or more games in the preceding season. If a player did not appear in 10 games at a single position, he may be drafted only at the position(s) at which he appeared most frequently.

3.2. Once the season is underway, a player becomes eligible for any position at which he appears at least 5 times.

3.3. Minor league players are only eligible at their main position played in the minors unless they are called up and play a new position 5 times.


4.1 All transactions made throughout the season are free.


Up for discussion, but I was thinking this would be a free league for the first year and we could discuss entry fee afterwards. I will foot the bill, you have the option of offering a $10 donation for site fee, no biggie either way.


6.1. Divisions – The league will be randomly divided in four divisions of four teams each.

6.2. Our schedule will consist of 21 weekly H2H match-ups.

6.3. Teams are ranked from first to last by order of winning percentage in each division

6.4. Tiebreakers –
Regular Season Matchup: Most Offensive Points during weekly match-up.

Playoff Positioning – 1st: H2H 2nd: Divisional Record 3rd: Total Points

Playoff Matchup - 1st: H2H 2nd: Total Points 3rd: Overall record

6.5. Playoffs – The four division winners and the four non-division winning teams with the best W-L record (wild cards) will make the playoffs. Each conference will have 2 wild card teams.

During the playoffs the highest Seed Division Winner will play the lowest ranked Wild Card; the second highest Seed Division Winner will play the second lowest ranked Wild Card; and so on.


7.1. CBS Sportsline will be the statistical fantasy sports service chosen and will constitute the official statistics for our league. Any problems with statistics/player moves etc. must be reported within 7 days. After that, any changes fall under the discretion of the committee.

7.2 The scoring for this league will be "Points" based. Active players will accumulate points throughout the week that will be added to each fantasy team's total points. The total points from active players will determine the victor in each weeks games.

7.3. Performance statistics of a player shall be assigned to a team only when he is on the active roster of that team.

7.4. Standings and Transactions will be tabulated daily on-line and available on the Internet.

7.5. All regular season statistics from Major League Baseball, including any extra games necessary to determine playoff teams, will be included. Statistics from Major League Baseball's playoffs are not included.

7.6 Transaction can be made daily by the owner of each team through the CBS Sportsline website.

Scoring for Batting Cats.

1B - Singles 1 point
2B - Doubles 2 points
3B - Triples 3 points
BB - Walks 1 point
CS - Caught Stealing -1 point
HP - Hit by Pitch 1 point
HR - Home Runs 4 points
KO - Strikeouts -.5 points
R - Runs 1 point
RBI - Runs Batted In 1 point
SB - Stolen Bases 3 points

Scoring for Pitching Cats.

BBI - Walks Issued -.5 points
BS - Blown Saves -2 points
CG - Complete Games 4 points
ER - Earned Runs -1 point
HA - Hits Allowed -.5 points
HD - Holds 2 points
INN - Innings 1.5 points
K - Strikeouts 1 point
L - Losses -4 points
QS - 7 points
W - Win 5 points
S - Save 7 points


8.1. Teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit and without position requirements.

8.2. No trades may take place from 2 weeks prior to the end of the regular season until the day following the World Series.

8.3. There are no limits to the number of trades a team may make during the season.

8.4 Trades of draft picks may be made for a Minor League draft pick.


9.1. Adding of players will be done using the Free Agent Acquisition Budget (FAAB) system. Each team will be allocated $100 of fake money to bid on released players. $0 bids will be permitted.

9.2. Any player may be released at any time by his team.

9.3. When a player is released, he is placed on waivers for 2 days. After the 2-day waiver period has passed, he immediately becomes a free agent and is available to all teams.

9.4. Any player who is on an active major league roster, not owned by another team, and not currently on the waiver list may be acquired as a free agent. Minor league players, players on the disabled list, and players not on a major league roster are also eligible to be acquired as a free agent.

Un-Auctioned Free agents may be kept the following year at a $3 salary.


10.1 The 8 teams that do not qualify for the playoffs with compete in an elimination bracket with the winner receiving the #17 minors pick for the following season.

10.2 We will do a lottery with the bottom 5 teams in regular season standings having certain odds , yet to be determined, for the top 5 picks. Think NBA lottery without the fixed outcome.
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