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Stir Not My Cold, Black Roto-Heart

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Stir Not My Cold, Black Roto-Heart

Postby HamptonBayardHampton » Sun Jan 13, 2013 12:51 pm

RETRO Roto Is Like Driving a Rare, Hot, And Classic Sports Car

Suppose you’re an experience Mixed Roto League Player,
Who has yet to experience the Fantasy Baseball analogous thrill of firing up and taking for a spin either a 1985 Lamborghini Countach or a 1981 BMW M1….

The 1985 Lamborghini Countach--Some 321 cars were built between 1982 and 1985. “For car junkies of a certain age, the Lamborghini Countach is the river from which all other super cars flow. If you have an ounce of oil in your blood, you've dreamed about this car.
For car junkies of a certain age, the Lamborghini Countach is the river from which all other super cars flow. If you have an ounce of oil in your blood, you've dreamed about this car.
It goes from zero to 100 mph in 10.4 seconds and has a top speed of 185 mph.

In the early 1980s when Fantasy Baseball was born; Mixed Leagues were rare, because they required needed 26 different Roto Team Owners to have the same MLB player pool penetration as the NL and AL only Roto leagues.

Our Retro Roto League solves this problem with double sized active roster slots per Roto team; so only 13 team owners are needed. QUALITY OF TEAM OWNERS TRUMPS QUANTITY.

We bet you don’t remember the BMW Muscle Car made in the early 80s for Rally Racing enthusiasts. The M1 was a limited production car with only 455 built from 1979 to 1981. It is one of the scarcest BMWs on the planet and was designed by Lamborghini.

When the grand old game of Rotisserie League Baseball was rolled out in the early 1980s, the 14 hitters and nine pitchers roster composition made a good deal of sense because most MLB rosters were composed of 15 hitters and 10 pitchers. To provide enough MLB players in the Free Agent Pool, the first Roto league rosters used one less pitcher and one less hitter than in MLB, meaning 14 hitters and 9 pitchers, and that continues in nearly every standard Roto league to this day. The problem for truly deep mixed Roto Leagues today, if you can find one, is that now nearly every MLB team carries 13 hitters, not 15, and 12 pitchers, not 10. However, since we are a uniquely DEEP Mixed AL and NL League we have adapted with the times using the modern equivalent of one less than the typical number of hitters and hurlers currently carried on an MLB team: 12 hitters and 11 pitchers, then double those active slots (Again, Quality of Owners trumps Quantity) and you get the proper player pool penetration of 24 hitters and 22 pitchers, all active.

In our league you feel the ride of the archetype ‘80s NL and AL Only Leagues, but in a mixed league with more than a few modern bells and whistles that enhance the competitive concept of the original Roto ride.

And better yet we have kept the original concepts from the ‘80s yet adapted to the Modern Fantasy Era by embracing new bells and whistles that improve our Retro Roto ride for Fantasy Baseball enthusiasts. Here are a few of them:

A. Our eBay style Twitter bidding makes the twice/weekly non-waiver claim transactions easily accessible from anywhere with a short 15-minute window for bidding each of the 2 nights. The nominations and bids are in real time and transparent via Twitter.

B. We use Relegation and Promotion within a 2-division format in order to make our League more fun for the entire 26-week long season. In 2014, not 2013, we will split into 2 divisions. The upper Division will be the “Heavy Weights” and consist of the top 6 finishers in the proceeding 2013 season. The other division will be the “Light-Heavy Weights” and it will consist of the teams that finish 7th through 13th in 2013. Beginning in the 2015 season and continuing each season thereafter the top 2 finishers in Light-Heavy Weights will be promoted to the Heavy Weights for the following season, while the bottom 2 teams in Heavy Weight Div will be relegated to the Light-Heavy Weights for the subsequent season. There will always be exactly 6 teams in Heavy Weights and 7 in Light-Heavy Weights, but not the same teams from season to season. Ours is a highly competitive League.

C. Blind Vickery FAAB Bidding when claiming players waived by our Roto teams.

D. Teams that continue to apply themselves will be able to find potential Keeper bargains during the August Dog Days Salary Specials.

E. Teams who have fought the good fight and are in a pennant race will not see their efforts derailed by the kind of trade dumping that fans should not tolerate in The Show. We use a limited, yet effective 2nd half Anti-Dumping Rule.

F. Play them, trade them, or risk losing them on the waiver wire. Make all healthy players active. No bench, 46 active roster slots. You can’t hide players so that no Roto team can capture their production.

G. The Categories are deliberately set up in opposition to one another, making for more tactical decisions. In the Next Great you need both IP and Ks which you must balance against ERA and WHIP. You need BA, yet you need PA too. These are not easy decisions when so many categories are so tight at the end of the season due to the leveling effect of cumulative stats from double active rosters.

H. In the double rosters we use a Swing Man, instead of a 4th catcher, who can alternate between another hitter and a hurler, as tactics demand and the Free Agent and Waiver Pools provide.

I. This is a League that makes tactics and roster construction equally as important as projecting player values. You really are a GM who can make a difference. This is not a daily or weekly setting of starting line-ups league.

J. In the post-PED injury endemic era, even though all other non-trade moves are limited to two days per week, activating your own Roto team’s reserved player by 9 p.m. any night is effective with the next day’s games.

K. Player contracts are for 2 seasons, PLUS Topper Rights for a third, so you could keep a player you have man-love for his entire career, if and only if you are willing to include his Topper Rights in your limited Freeze Roster and pay one dollar more than the rest of the league on the subsequent Auction Day.

L. On Auction Day to offer an angle on angle strategy for those clairvoyants inclined to indulge their mystical talents: Anyone alive is NOW available for purchase, should you choose to spend part of your $520 salary cap in that manner. For instance, you can buy a kid in the minors or in college or Japan or even the Korean League. You can later keep him on your Freeze Roster, but if he is not on an MLB roster on the following Auction Day, then he is automatically dropped back into the Auction Free Agent Pool.

M. $20+ DL = REDEMPTION: If a player is bought for at least $20 in the current season’s Auction AND subsequent to Auction Day is placed on a major league Disabled List his Next Great team may release him before he is activated by his MLB team and redeem a portion of his current salary as an in-season FAAB Bonus.

N. Our single on-line Off-season Trading party on the eve of our Freeze Roster Deadline promotes off-season trading.

O. We have bragging rights, not a cash prize, yet out of our 6 out of our 13 teams legitimately can brag about winning.

P. We remain a zero sum game, as there are no double players, hidden player benches, and because of our player pool penetration usually when an MLB starting pitcher gives up a home run, one of our teams improves and one declines as a result of that single event.

Q. 6 x 6 Scoring Categories: Hitting - Plate Appearances, Runs Scored, Batting Average, Home Runs, Runs Batted In, and Stolen Bases; Pitching - Innings Pitched, Strike Outs, Wins, Saves, Earned Run Average, and WHIP (walks + hits allowed per 9 innings pitched).

R. Active Roster Slots: 3 x Catchers, 1 x Swing Man (can alternate between any hitter or pitcher), 6 x outfielders, 2 x 1B, 2 x 2B, 2 x 3B, 2 x shortstop, 2 x middle infield, 2 x corner base, and 2 x utility + 22 x pitchers.

S. FAAB participation bonuses can be earned in the first half of our season and paid in the 2nd half.

T. Teams in the Second Division earn a weekly FAAB Bonus.

U. Roto Rule 5 Three Round Draft via Twitter on eve of first World Series game.

And lastly just a few more League Basics that may be of interest to you:

• This is a brand new START-UP League in 2013.
• On-Line Auction each season on the first Sunday after pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.
• Dynasty league—limited Keepers from season to season.
• Auction Day Only Salary Ceiling of $520 per Roto team.
• 9 to 9:15 Wednesday and Sunday Nights Transactions via eBay style FAAB Tweet Bids.
• Sunday, February 17th On-Line Auction.
• Sunday, April 7th First Transactions.

Test Drive our Retro League in 2013.

1985 Lamborghini Countach [url]url][/url]

1981 BMW M1

Make enquires here by email:

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Stir Not, My Cold, Black, Roto-Heart: a Retro Roto League
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