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Commish of a deep league and I have some questions...

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Commish of a deep league and I have some questions...

Postby beisbol4ever94928 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:21 am

Hope some people can give me some input.

Using Yahoo.

I am commish of a deep league. 30 teams total. Two leagues of three divisions each. How do I set up playoffs?

Does yahoo offer a format to coincide with MLBs new format? So, three division winners and two wild cards where the two wild cards play in the first round, winner moves on?

Does yahoo allow to do a live draft online?

Can I manually set the draft order? The league is office versus office (we have a friendly rivalry). So, its like Office A is one league and Office B is another league, and the "world series" will pit the best of each against each other, declaring which office is the winner.

Is there a max bench allowed?

Because this is office against office, a concern is trades. one side may frequently think trades are unfair, especially within the same league. are there any free judging sites that will be impartial and determine for us?

Any suggestions are welcome. This is the first deep league ive attempted, so all help is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Re: Commish of a deep league and I have some questions...

Postby converge241 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 11:30 am

Yes for live online draft, and yes you can set the order

The rosters are capped at 30 on yahoo. How you divide that between bench and starting is up to you.

They should be able to support that divisional setup you speak of but I highly doubt they will mirror the play in setup, it is certainly possible I guess but its not available right now/last year.

You can use the cafe to review trades, or if you're an ESPN Insider the have The Answer Guys that can review a trade. I am sure there are other avenues too those are just the best off the top of my head. Yahoo also used to have an independent trade review system for plus /premium leagues but I am unsure if it still exists.

There is a Yahoo employee who posts here who may be able to give more specific Yahoo info (Genie?).

My only "tips" is when dealing with such a big league, KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid. Not that you're stupid but try to make as little quirks or piles of rules as possible because with that many people you want it as basic as possible. Good luck
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Re: Commish of a deep league and I have some questions...

Postby Fantasy Sports Genie » Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:12 pm

Thanks to converge241 for giving me a heads up here...

I'm currently in a conference, so I can't answer in depth, but some highlights:

- We offer some configurability in playoffs. You can choose various formats that dictate how many teams make the playoffs, and in which week the playoffs take place. To determine initial seeding, you can choose from: division winners are awarded the top seeds, division winners are guaranteed to make the playoffs but seeding is done by record, and playoff seeding is determined solely by record. You can choose to re-seed the playoffs after rounds or not. We don't currently let you fully customize the playoffs; there are some logistical issues with this when the regular season ends one day, and the playoffs have started the next.

- We allow you to have from 1 to 4 divisions. So we couldn't currently support two leagues of 3 divisions each.

- As was mentioned, we cap rosters at 30 players

- We do not currently allow more than 20 teams in a league.

- We definitely support live online draft, standard and auction

- Draft order is fully configurable, down to the individual pick, including slotting keeper players into individual picks. The only rule is that when the dust clears every team must have the same number of picks/players

- While all private leagues have a commish, we support the notion of assistant commissioners. We also provide several options for trade review: the commish decides, the league votes, or (for a price) Yahoo! reviews trades.

I think that covers it. Hope this helps; it sounds like you have a few requirements we don't currently meet, but if you have any other questions about our offering, just ask.
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