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9th Year 16 team Contract Auction League Needs 1

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9th Year 16 team Contract Auction League Needs 1

Postby Cleveland Steamers » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:49 pm

The majority of the owners in the league have been there since year 1 and were found via the Cafe. WIth that said, our owners are from all over the US and Canada but have developed friendships via the intense competition found in this league.

League forum:
$110 entry fee, all used for payouts
CBS hosted
16 teams
H2H scoring
28 man rosters with minor league rosters (10 round minor league draft starts in November on our league forum)
$265 salary cap
***Intense activity in this league. If you aren't into getting texted about trades, various smack talk, etc then this may not be for you. ***We had 104 trades last year IN THE OFFSEASON, before we trasitioned to CBS for the season. You can review these on the forum I posted above
***Any new owner will be helped throughout the off-season and will be allowed to text others on their thoughts on trades, activity, questions, etc. Basically you'll get help to make sure you understand the complexities and are doing things that are in your best interest.

Open Roster:
C -
1B - Ryan Howard $30,1X
2B - Chase Utley $5,2
3B - Trevor Plouffe $5,3
SS - Manny Machado $5,3X
OF - Grady Sizemore $5,2
OF -
OF -
OF -
UT - Zach Cozart $5,1
UT - Jemile Weeks $5,2

P - Eric Bedard $9,2X
P - Kyle Drabek $4,2X
P - Mike Minor $4,1X
P - Garrett Richards $2,1X
P - Joakim Soria $5,3
P - Jered Weaver $13,3X

$163 left fo the of the most in the league.

Minor league system is deep with over 40 guys. Some of the main guys include Billy Hamilton, Delino Deshields Jr, Tommy Joseph, Ryan Wheeler, Tim Wheeler, Jake Marisnick, Dellin Betances, Gerrit Cole, Deolis Guerra, JJ Hoover, and tons of others that have solid potential. Overall, this team has a top 2 or 3 farm system in the league.

Constitution is below :
16 Team H2H Dynasty League
$110 Entry Fee with 100% payout minus cbs fees
The fees for the league may change in the future depending on how the owners in the league may feel about the entry fee.


1st- 44%
2nd- 22%
3rd- 13%
4th- 9%
5th- 6%
6th- 3%
best 2nd half record (to a team not in top 6)- 3% of pot

PITCHING: P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P
9 Bench players of any position

Position Eligibility:
10 games at a position last year/5 games at a pos this year

25 Innings Pitched per week Minimum- will lose ERA/WHIP if not met.

28 man MLB roster ---3 Man MLB DL
unlimited Minor League Roster

AVG, RBI, HR, SB, R, OPS, W, SV, K, WHIP, ERA, Holds

Playoff tiebreaker is 1)BA 2)ERA
Standings tiebreaker is 1)direct comp h2h season record. 2)BA in direct h2h matches

Transactions/Free Agent Limit: 2 adds per weekly sunday-sunday period of pitchers that are considered SP. a pitcher is considered a SP if he has made at least one mlb start during the current season.

MLB roster may not exceed $265 salary cap.

Teams judged by cbs to have an illegal roster (in violation of roster limits or salary cap) will not score points for days they are illegal.

In general, trades made are not up for general owner vote veto. The trade, once accepted will go through. If the trade is deemed ridiculous or collusive, a trade may held up for league discussion. If the trade messes with the integrity of the league, the trade can be reversed, however his will happen only if deemed absolutely necessary.

PLAYOFF RULES and schedule

There will be 6 money playoff births every season. The first and second place teams throughout the regular season will receive first round byes in the playoffs. The playoffs will take 4 weeks.

championship flight

wk 1 1,2 bye
A* 3v6
B* 4v5
wk 2 C* 1v(B winner)
D* 2v(A winner)
E* (A loser)v(B loser) for place 5/6
wk 3/4 (C winner)v(D winner) for place 1/2
(C loser)v(D loser) for place 3/4

playoff flight

wk 1 7,8,9,10,11,12 bye
F* 13v16
G* 14v15
wk 2 H* 7v(G winner)
I* 8v(F winner)
J* 9v12
K* 10v11
L* (F loser)v(G loser) for place 15/16
wk 3 M* (H winner)v(K winner)
N* (I winner)v(J winner)
O* (H loser)v(K loser)
P* (I loser)v(J loser)
wk 4 (M winner)v(N winner) for place 7/8
(M loser)v(N loser) for place 9/10
(O winner)v(P winner) for place 11/12
(O loser)v(P loser) for place 13/14

The final standings after the playoffs will then determine the following year's minor league draft order.


Will go by the waiver system. If you sign a player, you can sign that player to a long term deal if you have any long term contracts available. This MUST be done within 48 hours of picking up that player. After that time, you lose your rights to extend. If you sign a guy and do not announce any long term signing, it is assumed he is for one year. If you take a player off of free agency who is a minor league player, you may sign him to a longer deal but that player MUST be kept on your MLB roster and cannot be put in your minor league system. You cant directly waiver claim a player dropped by your franchise. All FA/Waivers pickups come with a $5 salary if signed to a contract. Players selected in the real world current years june milb draft are legal to be added once they appear in cbs, but are not eligible to be signed/extended beyond a 1yr deal.


Once a minor league player has had 130+ABs, 50IPs you must bring him up or drop that player. Once those totals have been met, that player may never again be in a farm system at any time. if you are found to have a player that has passed these limits by more than 24 hours, then his contract shall be automatically activated and you are responsible for that salary/contract.

If for any reason you bring a player up to your MLB team, that player must remain on your MLB team or be dropped/traded/etc. Players can not be sent back into your milb system.

You may not add players to your milb system throughout the season. If a minor league player has been activated on an owner's team and then dropped, you can pick that player up off free agency but his salary will revert to the free agent $5 and a contract of 1 year which you can then extend if you have the contracts. You may drop a player in your milb system at any time at no salary cap cost (if he is under 130/50).


These include players already on your team. For example, if you currently have 5 guys on your team with 4 year contracts, you will not be able to extend any player obtained through auction, FA, or trade to a 4 year deal.

1 player @ 5 years
4 players @ 4 years
5 players @ 3 years
Unlimited @ 2 years
Unlimited @ 1 year

players from your milb system can always be called up regardless of number of contracts on the books. however, once a minor leaguer is called up, his contract is active, and counts against your total number of max contracts. likewise, any player can be acquired through trade (but not extended through trade), regardless of how many contracts you have on the books. likewise, once that player is then on your team, his contract counts against your total number of allowed contracts.


If you make a trade, you can sign a player to a longer term contract than that player was previously given. This may ONLY be an option if you have long term contracts to give. For example, I trade for Joe Blow whose salary is $10 and is signed to a 1 year deal. I have a 3 year contract remaining. I can then extend his contract to 3 years and am now liable for his contract for all three years. You cannot however trade for a guy with a 5 year deal and decide to take that deal down to 2 years.

You can only extend a player's contract one time per player for the life of the contract. If you extend a player's contract, he cannot be extended again and must go to auction after the extended deal concludes.

cash maximum of paying 50% of a traded player can change hands in a deal. all cash changing hands must thus go directly toward a specific players salary, and that player must be a part of the trade.

no trading of draft picks more than 1 year in the future. the entire of next year's picks are free to be dealt once the current year's draft begins.


If you sign a player to a contract you must take on part of his salary if you drop the player. Players signed for just 1 year may be dropped without penalty. A contracted player will take the following percentages when dropped:
1st year – 60%
2nd year – 35%
3rd Year – 20%
4th Year – 10%

For example, if I sign A.Pujols for $50 for 5 years, I am responsible for at least a portion or that contract if he remains on my team or if I drop him. If I drop him his salary eat break down would look like this:

This year: $30
Next year: $17.50 which would round down to $17
3rd year: $10
4th year: $5

ALL cap penalties will round DOWN, except less than $1, which always rounds up to $1.

Another example:
I have a $10 Tom Seaver who I signed to a four year deal in the 2006 auction. I had him all through 2006 and start with him on my roster in 2007. Seaver sucks so I decide to drop him and his now 3 year contract. I will then have to pay $6 of his salary in '07, $3 in '08, and $2 in '09. It makes no difference that he is in the second year of his contract. When a guy is signed for over 1 year, you always eat 60% of his contract when dropped (the amount is rounded down but at least $1).

If a player under a long term contract's career ends- ie announces his retirement, DEFINITE career ending injury, dies, etc... that player must be held onto (or face the usual cutting fees for long term contracts) until the next opening day. at that point the player may be dropped free of charge. rostered players that leave mlb for a foreign league (have a signed contract elsewhere) can be dropped with the same no penalty as players that retire as above. however, the no dropping in the offseason (between end of season and the auction) still applies, just like it applies to retired guys.


If you have a position player go on the DL, you may sign a free agent for free to take that players spot without taking on that players salary (must post this as a $zero pickup within 48 hours of the pick up). any FA added player will be changed to $5, unless zeroing is specifically requested. When the DL'ed player is activated in real life you must take the player off the DL and make the necessary moves to get your roster to 28 players. At that time, the free agent pickup's salary will revert to ($5,1) if you choose to keep him. Minor leaguers may be used in roster place of a guy that goes on the dl. however, as they have contracts already, minor leaguers cannot be zeroed. and minor leaguers when called up for any reason cannot be sent back down, even if called up to fill a dl created roster spot. players can not be placeholders for themselves, ie if a $0 guy is placed on a DL spot, his salary will revert permanently to $5.


Please check your milb placeholders as often as you can to make sure you have the real players who are now in the system. If a team picks up a player off the FA and that player is in someones elses milb as a placeholder, they must drop that player immediately and player will be automatically returned to the milb of the original team.


trading is allowed in the offseason. dropping of players is not allowed until after the auction. all salaries/contracts will roll down as of 1 week after the final day of the season, at that point players on 1 yr deals will become FA. There will be a week after the last day of the season in which players can be dropped before contracts roll down and rosters freeze for the offseason. trades are not allowed during this window, as it is considered after the trade deadline and before the start of the offseason. no adding of FA players is allowed during this extra week, only dropping. note that this gives the trade deadline added importance, as it is the last chance to deal/extend players on 1yr deals. new contracts (your yearly new set of deals to assign) will also be available starting one week after the last day of the season when contracts roll down, so if you make trades in the offseason you will have plenty of contracts to extend people with.

all offseason info/details happen at:

as has been the case in the past there will be a deadline for any changes for incorrect information for the offseason to be made. the exact date will be to be determined each year, as it will be approximately 30 days after all offseason info is entered into cbs. as prior, everyone will be given plenty of warning as to this date, and no changes regarding offseason info will be made after this date.


starts TBD likely in mid/late feb

ANY player anywhere, not on a roster, is fair game. note that however technically eligible to be bought, current high school and college players will likely at some point enter the real world major league draft. the rule is currently that anyone that gets drafted in the real world goes into our milb draft automatically that next offseason. so you would lose them at that point.

In order to bid on a player you must have 1 player that you initially posted still being actively bid on. However, if you have only 1 open roster spot, then you do not need to have a player you initially posted to bid still being actively bid on. You do not have to post anyone, if you are not currently bidding on anyone. if you have more open roster spots than 2, you cannot post more than 2 players. 2 is the max at one time.

bids can be initiated or raised at any whole dollar level or increment. must be a minimum of $1. if you have matching rights to a player, you only need match the highest bid to be top bid.

Players are sold 24hrs after a bid if no further bids occur.

You cannot have more money in top bids pending than you have salary cap room available. ie you have room for 2/$30 and are bidding on both players X and Y. you bid $15 on player X. someone else bids $15 on player Y. you cannot bid $16 on player Y, at least until someone eclipses your $15 bid on player X.

likewise you cannot have more top bids on more players than you have room for. ie you have room for 1/$30. you place a bid for player X at $25. you cannot bid on any other player until your bid on player X is eclipsed.

another example, if you have 2/$30 left and have a bid on player X at $25. Player Y, whom you posted, closes and is sold to another team. someone else bids $26 on player X. in order to bid $27 for player X you must first post a new player. (and possibly wait until someone eclipses your opening bid on that player as per above rules if you have another top bid out there).

We keep going until everyone has 28 players under contract. if you choose, you may call up minor leaguers anytime during the auction to fill roster spots, but remember they are permanently up if you call them up.

The auction will end if there is a 48 hr gap in activity. so if no new bids or posting of new players happen within 48 hrs from the time the last player is sold (thus total 72hrs from the last winning time-stamped bid) the auction is over. if this occurs, any team not at 28 players will have their roster filled with $1 salary players alphabetically chosen off the cbs FA list. this situation will be very unlikely to have to happen as long as everyone stays active. however, this is just insurance, to be sure we finish on time. some teams will bid early and often, others will hang back and wait. that is fine, so long as activity is happening and things are moving forward. so long as everyone checks in every 2-3 days, this shouldnt come into play.

everyone will have 1 week after the auction to submit contracts of newly bought players by posting them in this forum. if nothing is posted all your guys will get default 1 yr deals.

Matching rights- The team that loses the player to free agency has the ability to match any offer, they need not exceed it. For example, say Pujols goes on free agency and the highest bid is $49….the team who lost him to free agency can match the $49 bid and retain his services.

newly bought players in auction cant be dropped until opening day. newly bough players in auction can be traded once the auction ends.


We will hold a Snake style draft to disperse minor league players. Pick trading is allowed in the minor league draft although be aware that to trade a pick you also need to trade a "contract" to go along with that pick.

Our definition of a minor leaguer is any player who has had less than 130 AB. Pitchers are minor league eligible if they have thrown less than 50 innings.

Japanese Posted and players who have achieved 130/50 in the Japanese major leagues are the only players not available in the minor league draft. note however, if you draft someone not signed to a real world MLB major or minor league deal with one of the 30 mlb parent teams, and they do not sign by opening day, you will lose your rights to that player at that time and he will go back into the FA pool.

so in summary any player is milb draft eligible unless you fit one of the below:
a)japanese posted player/ japanese 130/50
b)have 130/50
c)are on someone elses roster currently

The minor league draft will be 10 Rounds determined by the finishing order the previous year: Finishers 7-16 will have the #1-#10 picks, finishers 6-1 with then follow, the 1st place team drafting 16th.

2011 Minor League Draft Selections Available Contracts (for use with picks in rounds 1 to 8 )
2 - 4 years
3 - 3 years
3 - 2 years

Rounds 9 and 10 are signed to a contract at the owners discretion without taking away any of the above contracts. So basically picks in rounds 9 and 10 can be signed to any contract (1-4yrs) of the owners choosing. default for contracts not specified is 1yr as always.

Salaries are automatic and slotted by round:
rds 1-2 $5
rds 3-4 $4
rds 5-6 $3
rds 7-8 $2
rds 9-10 $1

24hrs/pick, if time elapsed then next guy can select. next pick can be made anytime after the preceeding pick is entered. time limit to start at 24hrs, but subject to change (at the beginning of a round, with at least half a round of fair warning in advance) to whatever time limit is necessary to finish the draft on time.

the one exception is during the period of december 21-27. please try and keep things going if you can, however, we will be lenient because of the holidays and NOT skip picks during this time period if 24 hrs elapses.

skipped picks can be made up at any time during the draft, however the draft ends at pick 10.16, and no make up picks will be allowed after that selection is made (or 24hrs past 10.15 if 10.16 is skipped).

people get 1 week after pick 10.16 to submit their contract lengths, if not then they are slotted for you by the commish.

NEW FOR 2012- rule changes/additions to formal constitution

weeks longer than 7days are still only 2 adds of SP. championship matches are considered 2 weeks (2 adds per weeks)

the ASB week will be a longer period to eliminate the short week, schedule to be determined based on 2012 mlb fantasy calendar when it comes out.

$0 replacements are no longer extendable, so if signed to contracts become ($5,1)x instead of ($5,1) as prior

unless cbs randomizes it, the schedule will be "rolling", same order as previous year but starting where last season ended, ensuring different "double" matchups each year.
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Re: 9th Year 16 team Contract Auction League Needs 1

Postby FantasyMan13 » Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:43 am

PM sent. ;-D
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Re: 9th Year 16 team Contract Auction League Needs 1

Postby reds1975 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:58 pm

Please send me details and open teams in your league.

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Re: 9th Year 16 team Contract Auction League Needs 1

Postby Cleveland Steamers » Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:27 pm

We had a manager join but looks as though he isn't hitting the activity amount the league is looking for. We are now looking for a replacement.

Our minor league draft (slow forum) is ready to go and waiting for our only open spot to be filled by an active and knowledgeable owner.
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