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We know you're smart but

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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby Izenhart » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:49 pm

I've only got one team that I put a real effort into since that was my only competitive league, but I did draft some other teams to play for fun casually.

I'm 1st, 2nd or 3rd in everything across 10 teams, except one team finished 4th and lost in the H2H opener. 4 of my 6 H2H teams are in the finals, and my roto teams rank 1, 1, 2 and 3. My only money team finished 2nd but is in the H2H finals. My fun teams were mostly concept teams, stacking pitching on one with BA/R/SB types up and down the lineup in H2H, won most weeks 6-4 or 7-3, figured it would be interesting in the playoffs until I lost by half a point and 1 stolen base (which was only the 2nd week all year I lost steals in a week.) Gonna try that H2H concept again next year it was fun.

My other concept teams were tanking BA and finding productive bargains with all my hitters. In roto it works if you can do very well in pitching without blowing saves. In H2H I'm in the finals on all 3 of them(!), with two 1st place finishes in the H2H season and a 3rd.

My two serious drafts in a non competitive league (warm up drafts for my main league) I am in 1st on both, both roto. Both were fortunate enough to get Braun in round 4 or 5 before the reversal of his suspension and both of those teams lucked into picking up Trout.

In fact, most of my teams have Trout so I've been pretty lucky this season. My main team however, does not. I ran out of pickups for the week when he was announced up on a Saturday I believe.

Despite drafing Beachy and Leubke on most of my teams I got Chris Sale on every one of them, drafting him 9 times and I traded Kipnis for him back in April in the one league someone snaked him from me.

Also drafted Verlander and Kershaw 5 or 6 times (mainly auction leagues) so my pitching base has been very solid across all teams all season. Hitting has been what holds me back on teams without a Braun or Trout anchor.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby mkultra » Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:07 pm

I did 3 leagues this year:

- Cafe n00bs league (5x5 roto, 16 teams). I'm due to finish dead last. Being at the tail end of a redraft league that big is tough, so I gambled and went with the "older established guys coming off down years" strategy, hoping enough would keep it together to put me in contetion. Boy was I wrong! My first 6 picks: Halladay, Reyes, Crawford, Cruz, Berkman, Papelbon. Paps and Reyes were fine, but the rest stunk or just didn't play. And in a league with deep rosters, it was really hard to find replacements. I was pretty much out of it in May.

- H2H 12-team points, keep 5. Finished 4th, lost in the playoff semifinals on the last Sunday night game. Again, brutalized by injuries (Halladay, Ellsbury, CC, CarGo, Rivera, Beachy), but scored big at FAAB with Willingham, Kipnis, Vogelsong, and Soriano. Managed to grab Rickie Weeks in the last FAAB before our playoffs, right before he got red hot, but it wasn't enough. I've got great keeper options in CarGo, JZimm, Moore, Sale, Wainwright, and Ellsbury.

- 6x6 14-team roto dynasty. Currently in 6th, hope to finish 5th, was 3rd until a couple weeks ago. Really struggled this year with starting pitching. Traded EE and Anibal Sanchez for Ricky Romero and LoMo before the season started :-o . Still, I've got a lot of guys cheap (including Mike Trout for $4 next year) and I'm feeling good about 2013.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby machine3 » Sat Sep 29, 2012 9:46 pm

Playing in 2 12-teamers, H2H

Dynasty- Reg. season- 1st place
Re-draft- Reg. season- 4th place

Playing in Championship of both leagues ;-D
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby lane_anasazi2 » Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:56 am

I have tried to cut down on leagues this year; I went from 8 to 6. I am not the best fantasy player out there but I keep up with what's happening, I'm very active, and I have a head for strategy. I have a weakness for prospects because my main league is incredibly prospect-oriented, and I tend to stick with high-risk guys past the point where I should cut them, but I'm trying to get better. I'm also incredibly conservative when it comes to trades and will almost never pull the trigger unless I feel like I'm very obviously "winning" the trade. But I'm trying to get better.

Main league, 16 team dynasty, 30 man rosters and 30 man minors rosters: Currently winning the championship game. I have finished no worse than 3rd in the last 3 years.

20 team H2H dynasty: currently down in the championship game. Took over a team 4 years ago that was pretty so-so, have finished 9th, 5th, and 3rd since.

20 team salary cap dynasty: Eliminated in the first round of the playoffs because I tied 6-6, and the tiebreak went to playoff seed which my opponent won even though I had a better record because the league is split into 4 divisions with the division winners getting the 1-4 seed. I won the league last year.

Cafe n00b league: 2nd of 16, 3rd place is 9 1/2 back, definitely not going to finish worse than 4th. No shot at 1st, though - MashinSpuds pretty well dominated the league. :-b

Ottoneu H2H points league: 3rd of 12, 2nd in overall points.

I also joined a Yahoo public league for fun and got axed in the first round of playoffs 4-5, but I barely count that as a league.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby kab21 » Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:49 am

I don't think I'm smart if you look at this season's result. It might also be my last fantasy since I'm hoping to start doing a lot of traveling in the future where it will be impossible to manage leagues daily or even weekly. I'll run my 24 tm dynasty for awhile though. It can go on cruise control for weeks for the most part.

24 tm dynasty - my pitching staff collapsed while trying to make a playoff run (playoffs start early August). Reinforcements are on the way and I'll be able to pick 5 out of Haren, Garza, buehrle, Ervin, Holland, Skaggs and Harvey. Now if I can upgrade my 2B/SS/3B from Scutaro, YEscobar and ?.

I'm in 13th (16) and dead last (14) in my two redraft leagues. Pretty much everything was a disaster but the biggest was underperforming or injured early picks and waiting too long to build a pitching staff.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby OBPlover » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:30 am

In my main league ..12 team H2H Mixed Auction Non-Keeper. OBPXSLG, QS, no batting avg

1st place regular season, playoffs are over and I finished 2nd in the playoffs (out of 8 teams)

I'm really proud of this victory, because I bought both Evan Longoria and TT for big bucks and I still managed to win.


Jhonny Peralta for Joe Mauer. I bought J Arencibia and after the first week of the season I suspected JP was going to have a rough year. So I made the trade to a guy who had Ian Desmond and was wooried about him. Maues' OBP really helped a lot.

Josh Reddick for Chase Utley.

Another nice trade as midway through the season Reddick slowed down a lot as people predicted.

Traded Evan Longoria for G Stanton around the time Longoria came back. Stanton was a Beast in the second half until he went down for injury. His Injury probably cost me 1st place in the playoffs since I lost HR/RBI.

Picked Up Chase Headley as a Free Agent, Josh Reddick as a free agent, Jed Lowrie and Kris Medlen. Medlen was a beast, but I really liked his K/BB ratio early but he was amazing.

Pool #2

AL only, Redraft. 5X5 standard.

I call this my "Hosmer pool". I will probably finish in 4th place. Ironically, I am first in RBI, 3rd in HR and 2nd in R and Batting Average. I am dominating offense though I took Pedroia, Alex Gordon and Hosmer within the first 4 rounds. I took Mauer and Willingham and Beltre. My pitching has been aweful. I drafted Josh beckett, Huroki Keroda and Clay Bucholtz. If I had just used my Hosmer pick for a decent SP I think I would have finished in the money.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby snash » Sun Sep 30, 2012 12:38 pm

This is my 4th season in FBB. I only do 1 league each season. The last 2 seasons, I've finished 1st and 2nd. Right now, I have the slimmest of lead but it's going down to the wire. Not sure if the lead will hold. I only got the lead a few days ago. Hold it for 4 more days, folks! :-B

Oh, I only do roto.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby Ray Zorback » Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:47 pm

8 teams (5-money leagues, 3-free)

1 - 1st (out of 14)
1 - 2nd (out of 12)
4 - 3rd (2 out of 14, 2 out of 12))
1 - 4th (out of 12)
1 - 7th (out of 12)

total entry fees= $105
total winnings= $120
total profit- $15

pretty bad dollar per hour rate :-b ... R2L6ZM3H5Y
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby Tavish » Sat Oct 06, 2012 11:52 am

One league I had Morse, Gardner, Kemp, Werth, CarGo as my starting 5 OF. They averaged 85 games played.
Second league I had Halladay, Haren, Lester, Axford, Bell, Soria as the base for my pitching staff.

I'm an idiot.
Bury me a Royal.
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Re: We know you're smart but

Postby Grounded Polo » Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:22 pm

Ugly year for me - 4th, 5th, 5th, and 10th. :-{

The 4th place team was a legit contender in June but just like last year, fell apart down the stretch. Too many injuries popped up and prospects I was counting on to come up, Miller/Hultzen/Odorizzi, had no relevance. My playoff numbers were way under my season averages. Aaron Hill, Aroldis Chapman, Carlos Ruiz, and Wade Miley were big here. I need to pull off a win next year because Kershaw and McCutchen get thrown back in the draft for 2014.

One 5th place team was a keeper that I was looking to just tank. Kept Weeks and Youk, now have big upgrades to take their place after drafting A. Jones and Gio. Next year looks much better with a stronger keeper base plus the best minors trio in the league with Bauer, Myers, and Taveras. The guy on top has won 4 years in a row now and had Mike Trout in his minors system, won convincingly despite no production from Tulo. Winning this league would take a miracle or a good J-Up season.

The other 5th place team did well considering they were deep in last place around Memorial Day but were buried too deep to make up enough ground to get in the top 4 and finish in the money.

10th place team was a complete disaster, honestly stopping checking in August.
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