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Free 26 team Dynasty League

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Free 26 team Dynasty League

Postby mets2044 » Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:50 pm

19 owners ....if your looking to have fun this is the place top be baseball all year round...

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19 teams taken the league will not start till every team is taking 26 total ..the scoring will not begain till 2013 season...

teams taking

A.L. East
Toronto Blue Jays - Jon
Baltimore Orioles-
Tampa Bay Rays- Clayton

A.L. Central
Detroit Tigers-
Chicago White Sox-
Kansas City Royals
Minnesota Twins-Leo

A.L. West
Texas Rangers-Truman
Los Angeles Angels- Gary
Oakland Athletics-

N.L. East
New York Mets -Chris M.
Washington Nationals-
Atlanta Braves-

N.L. Central
Milwaukee Brewers - Sam B.
Chicago Cubs - Rob
Cincinnati Reds - Rick
Pittsburgh Pirates-

N.L. West
San Diego Padres --
Arizona Diamondbacks


I. League Info
----1. Commissioner: I, Chris M.(Mets), am the Commissioner of this league and will be the final decision-maker for league policy.

----2. Price: This league is free.

----3. Each owner gets 3 warnings a year .. 1st is when he does not log in ,in a 10 day period .2nd is when its a 20 day period. 3rd is when its over 30 days then hes gone.. As i know this league is for fun and cant log in all the time and things come up go to out of town section and just tell us your out of townand the warnings will not go to you ... 4th is when roster is out of date anytime...

-----4. I must have an e-mail address for everyone you dont have to post it , you can p.m. to me

II. Rosters
----1. Rosters: An active roster includes the following: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U, 5 SP, 6 RP

-----1 (A) In your roster page you must post all your players and contracts ..if you make a trade and 5 days has passed and you dont update it you will get a warning..

----2. Roster Limit: We use a 25-man roster, with as many batters as you wish and as many pitchers as you like, but 25 players is the limit. Since we use minors, we will also have a 50-man roster .one of your players gets hurt, you must put him on the Disabled List (DL). If your replacement is coming up from your farm system, he must be on your 50-man roster. Your Prospect is unlimited. once the play at least 1 year of service time in the majors you must put them on your farm team, if you do not and a team claims that player they have to put them on there farm team and lose a draft pick in the up coming draft...

----3. Salary Cap: Each team has a salary cap of $175M that could decrease in the future.

III. Player Transactions
----1. Releases: When you release a player, you do not get off the hook entirely. You will be responsible for 1/2 of his salary per year, until his contract is up. So for example, say I had Jeff Suppan signed for a 2 year deal, and $8M total, and $4M per year, and he was in his first year. If I decide to cut him, I would have to give him $2M this year, and $2M next year.

-------A. New owner drops: Each new owner is allowed to drop two MLB players without penalty. This rule is intended to give the new owners more money to spend on their needs. Another reason is the previous owner could have signed a terrible player for a great amount of money. They have within one month of the arrival to drop two players without penalty

----2. Designated for Assignment + Waivers: If you DFA a player, then they will be placed on waivers for two days. Anyone can claim them for free. If more than one person claims the player, the team with the worst record gets him. If no one claims the player after two days, the player will be sent back to its original team and sent to Triple-A and be taken off their 50-man roster.

IV. Salaries
----1. Prospect Protection: Players in years 1-5 will be guaranteed contracts on your team. 1M will be there salary
-------A. How do you determine a year?: To determine a year, we use service time. One full year will be 172 days on the active roster. The same as the MLB. Service time is written as Years. Days. An example would be 1.104, meaning 1 year and 104 days of service time. You can find service time either on or

----2. Prospect Salaries: Prospects on your 50- man roster will be paid $1M, but any prospect off of your 50- man roster will be free.

V. Extensions
----1. System: The link for the rankings is ... 12ranks250 Here is the ranking system:

Ranked 1-25 they will get a $5M raise
Ranked 26-50 they will get a $4M raise
Ranked 51-100 they will get a $3M raise
Ranked 101- 200 they will get a $2M raise
Ranked 201- 250 they will get a $1M raise
Ranked 251+ they will get no raise

----2. Other Details: You may not extend players in season. You may extend 3 players on your team in the off-season if they are eligible for free agency. Also, your contracts for players 30 and under can be done for 5 year max . , 31 and older get a 3 year max
------A. Example: If I wanted to extend Corey Hart, I would have to give him a raise because he is ranked 76th. That means he gets a raise of $3M. He earned $6.8M in 2011, so his 2012 contract would be $9.8M.

----3. Restricted Tag: You will get 1 Restricted Tag per off-season, along with your extensions. Once you put your tag on a player, they go to free agency. You wait to see what the bidding comes out at and then you have the ability to beat it by $1M and keep the player.
------A. Example: If I put my restricted tag on Yuniesky Betancourt, he would walk into free agency. If the winning bid was 1 year, and $2M total, I would have to beat that by $1M annually. If I do not want to beat that, or I can't, the winning bidder gets him.

VI. Free Agency
----1. Basics: Free Agency:[/size] Any team may bid on a free agent if they wish. The winner of the player is the one who offers more yearly annual salary. The maximum number of years offered is seven years. A player is awarded to a team after no other team has offered a higher bid amount for 24 hours. When offering a contract you also need to include the type of contract, either a Major League contract, or a Minor League Contract. So a contract should look like this:

Player: Jerry Hairston Jr.
Type: Major
Offer: 2 year, $6M Total, $3M Yearly

Your offer doesnt exactly have to look like that, but it has to include- Type, Years, Total Amount, and Yearly Amount

----2. International Free Agents: You will not be allowed to bid on an international free agent until they are signed to an MLB team.

VII. Trading
----1. Trade Approval: A trade must be posted in the 'Trades Reviewed' section, and must be approved by the league to be finalized. A trade must have contract posted with the player name a trade will be in review for 48 hours if owners want to veto it they have to post why if there becomes too many vetos then the trade must be reworked..

----2. Trade Info: You cannot trade a player you dont have yet. So if you have a guy in a deal thats in voting period, you cannot trade him until your trade is official

----3. Trade Deadline: TBD for each season

----4. PTBNL: You are not allowed to include Players to be named later in deals.

----5. you can not trade if your roster is out of date i will veto trade and ask for you to update roster..

VIII. Amateur Draft:
----1. Basics: We will hold an Amateur draft each year. The draft will last ten rounds, and all players drafted in the most currently-finished draft in the MLB are eligible. The order is in reverse order of finish from the season just finished. A team has 12 hours to make their pick from the time that the previous team has made their pick. If they do not choose within that time period, then the commissioner will make their pick for them, and it will likely not be the player they desire. Players that go undrafted, but have signed a pro contract, are put on waivers in this league. Players that go undrafted, but have not signed a pro contract in real life, will automatically be placed into the next year's draft pool. All players that are drafted have their rights retained indefinitely, until they reach free agency in our league structure.

----2. Draft Pick Trading: Draft picks may be traded before the draft. You can trade them up to 3 days before the draft and you may trade recently-drafted picks as soon as the draft is concluded.

VIIII. Live Scoring

----1. Scoring: Match ups will be weekly head-to-head with interleague play, and the winner of the match up is awarded a single win. Standings will be kept accordingly. In Dugout Dynasty, we do not record defensive points.

----2. Playoffs: A winner from each division plus one wild-card winner in each league will advance to the playoffs, with each league's winner facing off in a World Series. The bracket will be seed #1 vs. seed #4, and #2 vs. #3 in each league. Winners from each match-up play each other in a championship series. The winners from each league, face off in a World Series.

Read more: ... z2553N86RE
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Re: Free 26 team Dynasty League

Postby bananaphone » Sun Sep 02, 2012 10:45 am

I'm interested. Please email me the details at
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Re: Free 26 team Dynasty League

Postby mets2044 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 7:57 pm

bump updated
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Free 26 team Dynasty League

Postby colby2152 » Tue Sep 18, 2012 9:45 am

You should have your league join
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