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I must be the "Career Killer," What to do?

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I must be the "Career Killer," What to do?

Postby NYG1119 » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:54 am

Well my luck has reared its ugly head again in a game of fantasy, this time its the baseball edition:

League Info
10-Team League, H2H, 12 Categories
Batting - HR, RBI, AVG, H, SB, TB
Pitching - W, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, SV

Record is 45-53-10, which is 6th, just outside of the playoffs

Here is my drafted team
C - Napoli
1B - Cabrera, Ike Davis, C. Lee
2B - R. Weeks, Espinosa
3B - Longoria
SS - Reyes, Hardy
OF - CarGo, Gardner, D. Jennings, Young, Ethier

SP - Lincecum, Shields, Beckett, Marcum, Worley, C. Lewis
RP - League, Thornton, Bard, Clippard

So with some additions, my team is barely surviving.

Current Team
C- Napoli, Pierzynski*
1B - Dunn*
2B - Altuve*, Infante*
3B - Cabrera
SS - Reyes, Hardy
OF - Same as above + LaHair

SP - Shields, Beckett, Lynn*, McCarthy*, Bumgarner^, Lincecum, Halladay^, J.McDonald^
CP - Myers*, Downs*, League, Fuentes*


Career Killer Proof...

1. Lincecum - are you serious...a 6.00 ERA, only better than Luke Hochevar!!! I can't tell you how many times (in many diff. fantasy sports) that I have drafted a so called "elite" player and they have had a horrendous, career-worst year.

2. Weeks/Ike Davis - do I have to explain?...still hitting under .200 and we are in June!!! I finally had to cut ties with him...I think their is a "RICKIE WEEKS IS A JERK" thread on here...if I find out where the OP lives I'm gonna send him a check or somethin'. Ike was a promising rookie but then I drafted him, Sorry Ike!!!

3. Gardner - I said it the day I drafted him that I would ruin his career because he is my favorite at first it was supposed to be a week that he was gonna be out, then a setback, now its a month, another setback, now its 2 months...just when I thought he would be back in time for my to see him (going down to the stadium on June 30th), another setback pushes his comeback to after the All-Star Break...REALLY!!!

4. Longoria - at the time of his injury, he was the best player on my team. If you notice, I actually traded him away for the next guy...

5. Halladay - Really?...I pulled of the greatest trade ever getting Doc and Bumgarner for an injured Longo and Colby Lewis??? But I traded with the wrong guy. The trader is the luckiest SOB in the World, so what was the only way he would make out better then me in the trade. If Halladay got hurt...yep it happened.

6. Outfielders - Just about everyone of them has gone down, except for my 2 lone bright spots, Either and CarGo.

7. Closers - Wow...just wow...I haven't connected with 1 closer until Myers fell into my lap. I could probably go thru a list of 15 closers that I tried but had horrendous timing with that led to others swooping up the closers that solidified.

And the best thing about it all is that every injury has been the same...It would seem like nothing serious, then the day after it would be 2 months. Every player that has been injured on my team has failed to come back on their first's been setback with every single one, with the worst being my boy Brett.


So what exactly do I do with an atrocious Lincecum? A struggling Beckett? My joke that is a closing pitcher staff?

What do I do about the inconsistencies about my hitting? I swear to you my team has a weekly meltdown where for a day or 2 they go like 6/43 or my favorite one I can remember 2/31 on a Sunday where going into the day I was barely behind in every batting category but SB which I lead. My opponent was just 5/27 on that day.

Should I really consider not always starting everyone to fill my lineup? Or am I really just that doomed with luck in this game?

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions that will help me out
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