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Bradley to the Phils for Pat Burrell

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Postby homerun harry kalas » Sat Apr 03, 2004 11:40 am

Take a look at Bradley's career numbers. They are almost down right awful. The guy had one decent half and he's all of a sudden annointed stardom (I wasn't aware that batting fourth in the vaulted Cleveland lineup granted you this privelege). I have one opinion on the matter -- I would not want Milton Bradley on my team.
homerun harry kalas
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Postby sportznow » Sat Apr 03, 2004 12:04 pm

Hyde wrote:Bradley is a punk. As long as he doesn't get traded to the Tigers I'll be happy.

if he did get traded to the Tigers he'd be the most productive hitter on the team.
I dont want him their either tho, cuz itll hurt his fantasy value.
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Postby sinicalypse » Sat Apr 03, 2004 12:22 pm

i don't think the phillies would give up on pat the bat for someone who has the corey patterson syndrome of not putting together a whole season. pat seems to have a decent rbi stroke this spring so maybe he can hit .280 and drive in runs at a 100 clip then start to get his power back when he's sitting on pitches to whack. i think/hope pat is on the rebound this year because i had him in 2002. then i overpaid to get him in 03 and he bombed. this year i got him on the cheaps/frees early on in the pre-season so if he can hook it up, he'll atone for his sins upon rockstardom in 2003.
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Postby Guest » Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:33 pm

Clevelander you sound just like this Gladiator guy in one of my leagues.

As for Bradley putting together a "fluke" half season. I don't think so, this guy is a hitter and more importantly to fantasy people he lives and dies by the numbers. He is a stat driven player, why stat driven because he wants the money the stats bring. All you have to do is watch this guy hit and you will realize that he has the ability to lead the majors in hitting. He is not yet a power hitter, but he is only 25. Bradley is also a basestealer, I have him down for .330 25 HRs 95 RBI 28 SBs.

As a Cleveland fan I would rather they hold on to the hot-head and get rid of the manager, maybe at the end of the season. Wedge needs to learn how to handle problem players with big talent. The Tribe can't stand to have a "stud" like Escobar on the bench and a big talent like Crisp in the minors at least that is my read that the Tribe thinks Escobar and Crisp are too talented to not play. As for me Escobar and Crisp need to show me something.

As for Bradley's past problems some of them are:
! Being kicked out of a restaurant for being drunk and disorderly on his birthday where he was drinking alone on his birthday.

2. Speeding away after being pulled over by the police, my thinking was that he was probably drunk.

3. Various run ins with umps and players.

4. The latest failure to run out a pop fly and feuding with the manager.

5. There are more, but didn't Alomar spit on an ump and say something terrible about that umps family? Then there is Albert Belle, he tried to run over some kids with his car, beamed a fan with a baseball, corked his bat, was a real jerk etc... The Tribe put up with these guys why not put up with Bradley??? Answer: they think Escobar, Crisp and Sizemore can fill the bill.

I look at the Tribes OF and I see:

Gerut: nice hustle, not an all-star
Lawton: any takers?
Bradley big talent future all-star
Crisp- Solid player nice lead-off guy
Escobar- Strikes out too much
Sizemore- May be better than Bradley
Ludwick- Will he ever be healthy?

Tribes OF in '05 should be : Bradley, Sizemore and Crisp/Gerut/Escobar

Instead it will be: Sizemore, Gerut(if he doesn't flop), Escobar or crisp

The Tribe needs talent why trade their best talent???

I see the Tribe trading Bradley to the Mets for a Seo or a Heilmann whoopee!!!!!

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Postby Yikes » Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:38 pm

1. Being kicked out of a restaurant for being drunk and disorderly on his birthday where he was drinking alone on his birthday.

That's about the most pathetic thing I've ever heard
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Postby Zito is God » Sat Apr 03, 2004 1:45 pm

I can't see the Phillies giving up Burrel who has proven he can hit. He is still rather young, a great slugger, and under a much better manager thats more relaxed he is just what the tribe needs. I would be very happy as I am a huge Indians fan but I just can't see Phillies doing the trade...
Sean Tracey has my apologies, we all know Ozzie Guillen is an idiot. I'm rooting for you!
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