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Another Veto! Opinions please!!!

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Another Veto! Opinions please!!!

Postby chillpony » Sun May 13, 2012 5:50 pm

Hello everyone,
I am beginning to think there is a mutiny in my fantasy league. Over the past 7 seasons as comissioner we've had 1 veto ever. This week now we've had 2! Likely by the same 4 who vetoed the previous trade.

2 questions

1. Would anyone else have vetoed this trade? It seems to be a huge trade and involved the man amongst boys in Hamilton, and a few guys who are very good on the DL, which obviously may make it seem lopsided, but to me the concept of "SELL HIGH" may be at play here.

2. If this trade does not seem painfully obvious it should be vetoed, the fact that this trade and a previous trade which was essentially fair was as well do I take Commisioner control of the veto? Yahoo's setting only requires 1/3 of league to veto, so in a 12 team H2H league it is 4 owners who can dismantle a trade offer. The league voted to keep it as is, and this happened the following day. It is causing outrage.

Team 1 in 10th place CURRENTLY trades

K Morales
Rafael Soriano
Brian Roberts (On DL)

TEAM 2 in 3rd place Currently trades
Justin Upton
Jeremy hellickson
Michael Cuddyer
Michael Morse (dl)
Kevin Youkilis (dl)

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Re: Another Veto! Opinions please!!!

Postby jonboycubs » Sun May 13, 2012 7:50 pm

I am liking the team one side, but I think Morse has a lot of value when he comes back, but I say this a lot and it holds true in my league, NO trade is vetoable unless there is clear cut collusion involved, managers should be allowed to do what they want with their teams, even if its a dumbass move
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Re: Another Veto! Opinions please!!!

Postby rotoballnut » Mon May 14, 2012 6:59 pm

I agree with the previous poster. If you allow vetoes of trades, then you've brought these problems on yourself.
I will not play in a league that allows vetoes of trades. There's too many roto owners out there that just want to sit on their team after the draft and not trade. Then if others do trade they get ticked off. They just want everyone to sit on their drafted teams and maybe pick up a few free agents.

Also, the genises of vetoes in trades was to prevent lopsided trades. However, some owner use the veto to prevent a competitive team to theirs from improving. Just really not ethical there....

Next year you should make an executive decision as commish that there will be NO voting on trades any more. And the only trades that will be disallowed are obvious collusion trades, and trades where a dis-gruntled owner tries to harm the integrity of the league competition by trading away top players for nothing so as to damage the ability for others to compete for the top spots. Some owners will do that if they're mad for some reason.

I'm commish of 2 leagues and we don't allow voting on trades. You live with any lopsided trades by dumb owners and make sure they get weeded out of the league in the future.
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