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What is a FAAB budget? How do auction leagues work?

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What is a FAAB budget? How do auction leagues work?

Postby GAC8666 » Fri May 04, 2012 11:10 am

I have played Fantasy Baseball years ago and am just getting back into it this year. I am in a 12 team H2H Yahoo league with 3 keepers. Im currently 12/12 place haha.

But was wondering of some other league formats.
How do auction leagues work?
What is a FAAB?

Are Dynasty leagues just like "bigger" keeper leagues?

Thanks fellas.
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Re: What is a FAAB budget? How do auction leagues work?

Postby converge241 » Fri May 04, 2012 11:25 am

Auction - you have an imaginary budget to build either your entire team or build your starting roster and the bench is a draft (leagues vary). Most leagues do either 100 or 260 but you can do whatever you want. Auctions IMO are much better than drafts because you have full control on how to build your team and avoid a lot of luck of the draft. You cant draft say Kemp and Miguel Cabrera right now, today, but you could get them both in Auction. In a set order, each owner throws a player and a starting bid. Either your host site software or your auctioneer will track the goings on and at the end of the bidding if you have high bid you get him.


Owner A- Matt Kemp $10
Owner B - $30
Owner C - $40
Owner A $45
Owner B - $46
Auctioneer : Going Once, Going Twice
Owner F: $50
Auctioneer: Going Once, Going Twice...sold to Owner F for $50.00

Owner B: Papelbon 1$

Owners are required to leave at least 1 dollar for every spot they have to fill (you can easily make some spreadhseets etc that calculate max bids or again your host site will track that if online)

FAAB - every day/night all free agents are locked and in order to get the new closer of a team, or guy who hit 3 HR last night everyone has an imaginary budget of a varying amount (many times$100) to bid on said new player as opposed to the waiver order or first come first served. There are two different ways of bidding. "ebay bidding" where if you bid say $50 and the other guy bids $75..he gets him for 51 or the other way he would get him for $75. You can also vary who exactly goes into waivers. some leagues do it for cut players only, some leagues only have it once games are started, some leagues have it constantly.

Dynasty - yes, basically a bigger keeper format. You keep more players usually vary the pricing/contracts more, usually have more minor league rosters etc.

Don't want to generalize things but in the order I have them listed is how applicable they are for casual to hardcore fans. As in for casual folks FAAB and dynasty formats can be way over their heads (so isnt auction to a lot of casual FB players)
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Re: What is a FAAB budget? How do auction leagues work?

Postby bigmck » Sat May 05, 2012 4:12 pm

As was said above, an Auction League is a lot of fun but it takes a lot more homework to know your players than just doing a straight Draft. The standard amount to pick an Auction team of 23 players is $260 dollars. This is not real dollars, just called that. It is advised to use this amount because this is what the magazines use and it gives you a guide. Here is a basic idea of how our league does it. We try to sit in a circle and we take turns throwing out player names around the circle. The guy who throws out the first name must bid on him. We just use the "random yelling" method for bids like in any auction. We do not go in any order bidding. When the bidding pauses that is when the "going once, going twice, sold" is said. You have to get all 23 players with your $260. When you keep players the next year, the "Salary" of the ones you keep are subtracted from the $260 and that is what you have to bid with to fill out your team. I don't know if you plan to meet together for your Auction or do it on the internet. If you can get some friends in the same town to meet it is a lot of fun. It only takes four hours about to fill out your team. Here are the rules for our league. This might give you a better idea of how it works. If you have other questions, let me know.
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