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Can i call? I got a great hand....or am I bluffin...

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 11:29 pm
by KC Chaos
I am in a 14 team H2H league. My record is 1-2 thus far but I am 1st in overall total points. I typically grab/replace 1 or 2 new starting pitchers each week (choosing those with 2 starts).
C - Posey (SF)
1B - M. Young (TEX) :-)
2B - D. Pedroia (BOS) :-]
SS - D. Jeter (NYY) B-)
3B - Prado (ATL) :-o
OF - C. Gonzales (COL) }:-)
OF - A. Ethier (LAD) :-B
OF - A. De Aza (CHW) 8-o
U - D. Ortiz (BOS) ;-D
SP - E. Santana (LAA)
SP - C. Lewis (TEX)
SP - J. Garcia (STL)
RP - M. Riviera (NYY) :-X
BENCH - K. Morales (LAA) :-P
BENCH - A. Soriano (CHC) :-/
BENCH - K. Youkillus (BOS) :-t

I think I may have the makings of a winner! What do y'all think?