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Do I need more power...

PostPosted: Thu Apr 01, 2004 1:33 pm
by harmonjh
I feel that my lineup needs a better power hitter, like Sosa, or someone of that nature. Anyone else see any other weaknesses, besides a closer. One question, which is better, Castillo or Reyes once yahoo allows him to play 2B? I think I can unload a lot of my bench guys to get a better slugger. I was thinking of Reyes and Crawford for Juan Gonzalez or Sosa, anyone have any thoughts?

C J. Posada
1B R. Ibañez
2B L. Castillo
3B D. Young
SS M. Tejada
OF L. Berkman
OF C. Patterson
OF J. Dye
Util J. Pierre
BN J. Damon
BN J. Encarnación
BN C. Crawford
BN J. Reyes

SP R. Halladay
SP C. Schilling
SP O. Pérez
RP R. Biddle
RP D. Riske
P S. Chacón
BN L. Hernández
BN M. Prior