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12 team Draft and Hold League $15 to cover web site

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12 team Draft and Hold League $15 to cover web site

Postby PDHitman » Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:23 pm

I am wanting to start a league that uses Roto500 basics with a twist. This league will be AL and NL with no transactions, no trades. Your active roster is 25 and you draft a 15 player reserve that is your 'subs' for the year. Longoria blows his acl this better have a backup 3B to stick in there. This puts major emphasis on the draft and there are no 'dump' trades as there is no trading and the teams are redrafted evvery year. I'm looking at next weekend for the draft, either day is good with me. Email me if interested.

Yulee H2H Draft & Hold Baseball League

I. Objective
a. Goal
i. The goal of the league is to provide a competitive, yet fair, playing ground for advanced fantasy baseball players who wish to play year after year.
b. League Website
i. Website Server
a. will manage the league.
ii. Website Address and Password
a. is the web address and each owner will have their own password.
iii. Fees
$15 per team entry fee to cover the website cost.

II. Teams
a. Number of Teams
i. There will be twelve (12) teams in the league, broken into three divisions of four teams.
b. Team Ownership
i. More than one person can own each team, but no one person may own more than one team in the league.
c. League Structure
There will be three divisions for four teams, randomly assigned with each division winner and the team with the best record that did not win its division (wildcard), making the playoffs.
d. Playoffs
i. Starting the week of September 3, the #1 seed plays the #4 seed and the #2 plays the #3 for a two week period with the winners moving to the championship on September 17. The championship will run through the end of the regular season, not counting any one game playoffs that may be scheduled by MLB. The winner of each playoff is determined through the winner of the 8 categories over the two week period. It is not two eight game weeks but two weeks statistics accumulated for the eight categories.
III. Draft
a. Straight Draft
i. The live draft will take place on the final Sunday prior to the start of the regular season at a time that is most accommodating to all owners.
ii. Players will have assigned values based on their previous two years statistical output. The values will be averaged and rounded up. We will use the values on the website. Players who appeared in a MLB game but still retain their MLB rookie status will have a value of $10. Players who have appeared in a MLB game, are not rookie eligible, and are not listed, are $1.
iii. Position eligibility is determined as follows-5G in season, 20G previous season for batters
iv. Owners will have thirty seconds to select a player at the assigned value. If no player is chosen, the owner will have a ten second count down, then will be assigned the highest priced player available.
v. Each owner will have $400 to build his or her 40 man major league roster. There will be no FAAB to pick up all free agents during the season. There is no trading of players, replacing injured ones and you cannot spend more than $400 on drafting your team.
vi. Inaugural draft order will be determined randomly by CBSSportsline and follow the “Third Round Reversal” serpentine draft technique. The order will go 1-12, 12-1, 12-1 and then continue normally for a total of 40 rounds.
IV. Rosters
a. Starting Lineup Setup- 25 players
i. Each starting lineup can be setup by each owner daily. If no changes are made, the previous days lineup will be used. If your lineup is illegal, you will get zero points for that days games.
ii. Starting Lineup
a. 2 Catcher
b. 1 First Baseman
c. 1 Second Baseman
d. 1 Shortstop
e. 1 Third Baseman
f. 5 Outfielders
g. 1 Corner Infield (1B/3B) Player
h. 1 Middle Infield (SS/2B) Player
i. 1 DH (any hitter)
j. 11 Pitchers

iii. Reserve Roster
a. Any assortment of fifteen (15) players from the draft list who can be activated to the Starting Lineup at the owners discretion.
b. There are no position requirements for your Reserve Roster, but be mindful that these players will be your only replacements for your Starting Lineup…There are no Free Agent Pickups, no Injury Replacements.

b. Disabled List
a. Players on the DL count towards your teams 40 roster spots
b. Players on the DL can be released, but you will not be able to replace them on your 40 man roster.
V. Scoring
a. Head to Head Structure
i. Points are accumulated through the statistics of your 25 MLB players for the week from Monday thru Sunday.
ii. Points Table:
a. Offensive Players
a. On Base Average (Batting Ave + Walk Ave)
b. Runs Created (R+RBI-HR)
c. Homeruns
d. Stolen Bases
b. Pitchers
a. Wins
b. Strikeouts
c. (Saves + Holds)- Blown Saves
d. ERA
c. Each category counts as a ‘game’ vs. your opponent for the week for a total of 8 games. If your teams’ statistical output for the category is greater than your opponents, you get a win and they receive a loss. The wins and losses are tallied year-to-date to determine standings. The statistical week runs from Monday-Sunday.
d. In the case of a year-end tie, OBA then Wins then HRs then coin flip will determine final standing.

VI. Transactions
a. Trades
i. There are no trades allowed in the league. The team you draft is the team you go with for the entire season.
b. Free Agency
i. There is no free agency in the league. The team you draft is the team you have for the entire season.
c. End of Year
i. There are no contracts and no keepers. Each year your team is redrafted.
VII. Dues
a. $15 per year
i. Dues are payable to the commissioner via Paypal or personal check/ money order. All payouts are issued to league winner and runners up within two (2) days following the World Series.
ii. Dues must be paid no later than three (14) days prior to the scheduled MLB draft each year. This enables the commissioner to find suitable replacements before the draft.
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Re: 12 team Draft and Hold League $15 to cover web site

Postby PDHitman » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:29 am

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