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Owner needed for "league of leagues"

PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:55 pm
by uncfan1986
I run a 'league of leagues' on CBS. The league features 6 total leagues across 3 sports (football, basketball and baseball). Each league features a different set up with the goal of creating an experience across the 6 leagues that will encompass a majority of the intricacies found in fantasy sports (dynasty, keeper, IDPs, minors, roto, salaries and contracts, etc). The league is structured in such a way that prizes are earned for each league as well as overall prizes based on points earned for accomplishments in each league. As of right now, we need someone to step in for an owner immediately. The new owner would take over for the remainder of the basketball season and begin running the baseball teams. Football would be yours when it comes time. A few additional details below:

- New owner would be responsible for paying for the baseball teams upon joining - each league is $50 so the total due upon arrival would be $100.
- New owner would not have to pay for the basketball teams until next year but would be eligible to receive the winnings from the teams this year (if any) after the previous owner is refunded (if there are no winnings, the previous owner will not be refunded). New owner will also be eligible for any overall winnings that may be earned.
- We will be conducting a slow auction to fill the rosters of one of the baseball leagues and a slow draft to fill the other. Both leagues are of the keeper variety (one is a contracts league, the other a standard keeper with a few minors spots). The auction will likely begin at the end of next week with the draft to follow.
- The 'season' for the league begins with football and runs through baseball. There is a $25 overall league fee that will be due before football begins next fall and then $100 for the football teams (just to give a cost horizon).
- I can provide information on the teams upon request. I can also provide a constitution with details for all leagues. This is a very in-depth and novel league so it isn't for everyone. I'm asking for serious inquiries only. I will also state that the complexity of the league means it is still evolving and all rules are subject to change upon vote of the league. I encourage suggestions and feedback to continue to make the league as enjoyable as possible.

If you are interested, please e-mail me at


Re: Owner needed for "league of leagues"

PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 9:35 am
by uncfan1986
Somebody sent me an e-mail about this opening and the e-mail has disappeared. If you see this, please send me another message.