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New H2H Auction Keepers League

New H2H Auction Keepers League

Postby exm » Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:35 pm

Free-Agent Draft (First Year and Subsequent Years)

-Teams have a $400 salary cap. The winning bid for a player becomes that player's salary for the player's first contract.

-The minimum bid is $1 and each counter bid must be incremental by at least $1 (no decimals).

-In the second year and each year after, the draft will only include players not under contract.

-At the end of the draft, you must have 30 players on your roster and you must abide by the position mins and maxs.

-Free-agent draft is an auction draft that will take place in the offseason (typically early March)

I am ready to join a new H2H Auction Keepers League, since I want to try something new! However, the rules (found below) aren't exactly clear.

Let me give you an example, let's say during draft I win Cano for $40 then I have signed Cano for the first year for $40, and my remaining cap is $400-$40=$360, correct? How do extensions work? Would that come out of this year or next years budget?

How about prospects: I ready that drafting them is free, but signing them costs money?

To conclude, should I save $50 or so from my $400 budget for these type of activities? Initially I was planning to use all my $400 for drafting.

Thank you!

----------- Rules -----------
Salaries and Salary Cap

-original players' salaries will be determined by the auction draft.

-all players not drafted will be placed in the free-agent pool. They will be able to be picked up through a blind bidding system (explained later).

-the salary cap will be $400 forever.

-after the draft every year, managers will have the option whether or not they want their newly acquired players signed to 1-year or 2-year deals (at no extra cost).

-players can have their contracts extended in the offseason for a charge of $5/year extended (however a 1-year extension is +$10). Players that are in their last year of their deal CAN NOT be extended.

-players that are in the last year of their deal can be released with NO cap penalty. Players with 2+ years left can be dropped, however that team with suffer a cap penalty of 50% of the player's salary (rounded up) for the amount of years left on the deal. (Ex: 3 years left, $21 contract = cap penalty of $11 for the year the player was cut in, and the next 2 years). 1 year players can't be dropped in the offseason without a penalty. Players are considered in their last year only after the draft.

-On your team roster you will see 3 columns: Year (Year of total Contract Length), CL (Total Contract Length), and Info (Information about Contract).

The "Year" column indicates what year the current year is of the original deal. So example: a 1 in the Year column means it's the first year of the most recent contract. a 2 means 2nd year, etc...

The "CL" column indicates the total contract length. So example: a 3 in the Status column means how many total years are left in the contract.

So as an example a 1 in the year and 3 in the status means it's the first year of a 3 year deal. When a player is extended, the status will be adjusted and take into effect right away and the year will be reset to 1.

Note that whenever Year = Status: the last year of player's deal so they can't be extended in the offseason BUT can be dropped without a cap penalty.


-players dropped will be placed on waivers until Thursday at 9:59pm ET of the week (Thursday to Thursday) the player was dropped.

-To acquire a player on waivers, you must e-mail me by Thursday at 9:59pm ET with your claim.

-Players acquired through waivers will continue to be on the same contract as when they were dropped (price and length).

-If the same player is claimed by two different managers, the team that is lower in the standings will acquire the player.

Blind Bidding (Free Agency)

-managers will submit blind bids for free agents. Bid increments must be of at least $1 (no decimals) and minimum bid is $1.

-blind bids can be made starting Thursday at 10pm ET and will be processed every Sunday at 10pm ET.

-players won through blind bidding can be extended for an extra $5/year. An email must be sent to me by the week's first game to inform me of this decision. A player won through blind bidding will be automatically signed to a 1-year deal if no email is received and that player will not be eligible to be resigned at year's end (as explained in the rules above).

Prospect Draft

-the prospect draft will be 4 rounds.

-the draft order will be in a "worst through first" order for all 4 rounds. In year 1, the order will be randomly determined for round 1 and follow a snake order.

-prospects will be placed in the Minors. Their salaries will be pre-determined based on where they were drafted and what position they play (shown below).

-prospects in the Minors will not have their salaries count against the cap.

-prospects in the Minors do not count against position max/mins

-prospects can stay in the Minors for up to 2 years. If after 2 years the owner doesn't want to keep the prospect, the proscpect can be dropped with no corresponding cap penalty.

-prospects can be activated at any time to the main roster. They will automatically be signed to a 2-year deal @ the pre-determined price. Once a rookie is activated, he can't be sent back to the Minors.

-draft picks can be traded.

Predetermined Prospect prices:

C: 1st round - $12; 2nd round - $10; 3rd round - $8; 4th round - $5

CI: 1st round - $20; 2nd round - $15; 3rd round - $12; 4th round - $10

MI: 1st round - $15; 2nd round - $12; 3rd round - $10; 4th round - $7

OF: 1st round - $20; 2nd round - $15; 3rd round - $12; 4th round - $10

P: 1st round - $20; 2nd round - $15; 3rd round - $12; 4th round - $10
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