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Help assess my team!

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Help assess my team!

Postby ctirish03 » Wed Mar 31, 2004 6:21 pm

This is a 10-team head-to-head Yahoo league. I recognize that much of my pitching success depends on some young arms, but if even 2 of those guys come through, I feel good. I also know I lack power in the outfield, but hopefully average, SB, and TB will make up for that.

Pitching categories: W, L, CG, SV, HR, K, ERA, WHIP
Batting categories: R, HR, RBI, SB, BB, TB, FPCT, AVG

Thoughts on where I can improve? Anyone I should get rid of, or package in a trade? Thanks for any suggestions.

C-I. Rodriguez
1B-M. Sweeney
2B-A. Soriano
3B-M. Lowell
SS-K. Matsui
OF-C. Patterson
OF-C. Crawford
OF-R. Hidalgo
Util-R. Baldelli
BN-J. Gonzalez
BN-M. Bradley
BN-G. Jenkins

SP-C. Schilling
SP-M. Mulder
RP-J. Smoltz
RP-T. Percival
P-A. Rhodes
P-R. Nen (though currently he's on DL and I picked up Herges)
P-B. Colon
BN-R. Harden
BN-E. Jackson
BN-B. Myers
BN-K. Bensen

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any thoughts?

Postby ctirish03 » Thu Apr 01, 2004 12:21 pm

Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Postby Entropy! » Thu Apr 01, 2004 12:51 pm

There are a couple of red flags that jump out at me. Your offense lacks power, big time. Outside of Soriano, you don't have a single player who can guarantee you 30+ homers. Your OF is especially weak. Good for steals, absolutely, but you're gonna get creamed in the power stats. Your rotation has a killer top three and a great RP core, but after that you've got four guys who are really unproven. I can understand having one or two of your 4-7 starters, because they all have a lot of potential, but to have FOUR of them seems like your asking too much. Even if one or two of them DO work out, it's unlikely that ALL of them will, which means you'd simply be treading water. I'd look into a couple of things:

1. Trade some pitching for some heavy lumber for the OF. See if you can turn one or two of those high potential guys (Harden, Jackson, Meyers, Benson) into a stick who can give you some more thump.

2. Trade some of that speed for a more reliable starter. It doesn't need to be a GREAT starter, just someone who you can rely on with a bit more certainty than the four guys you currently have.

3. In a 10-team, 23-man league, there should still be a number of very capable players in the free agent pool. So don't be afraid of offering some 2-for-1 upgrades and filling out your roster with a free agent.

4. Focus on more reliable players. You have a TON of players that are either mostly unproven rookies or injury risks. Sweeney, Lowell, Gonzalez, Jenkins, and Benson are all serious injury risks, and none of them can be counted on to play a full season. Matsui, Harden, Jackson, and Meyers are all unproven to varying degrees. If all of these guys, or even most of them, stay healthy and live up to their potential, then you've got a really strong team. But if enough of them fail to meet that potential, then your team is sunk. The sooner you can package some of these guys for upgrades or even healthy replacements, the happier you'll be.

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