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Bench vs Minor Farm team?

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Bench vs Minor Farm team?

Postby Xerx68 » Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:06 pm

Currently working on creating rules for a new 12-team AL only, 5x5 Roto Auction Contract League.

I have been researching around to various league formats over the past 2 weeks, I am a very big fan of deep tradiontal leagues.\

But where I am having trouble in my rule creation and browsing of leagues who have been in existence for 15-20years is the disparity in Bench and Farm teams.

I have seen leagues with;
A) 23-25man Active rosters and 10-15 player benches, this bench would include Major and Minor Leaguers based on the amount of players eligible from the AL (IF used this format, players kept on the bench would have to meet certain criteria (still maintain MLB rookie status heading into the next season. (ie:Brett Lawrie as an example would not be able to be kept on the bench this season) Not only that, would a max amount of players kept rule need to be in place to prevent teams from stacking up on prospects)

B) 23-25 man active rosters with no bench and 3-5 players farm systems. All players on the farm system needing to not exceed 130 AB's or 50 IP, can keep as many as you wanted, long as you did not go over. With no bench, replacing injured players would require reserve placement and free agent or waiver wire pickups.

C) 23-25 man active roster with 5 player bench and a 3-5 player farm system. This gives each team a bench to work with for injured/poor performing players and a place to groom prospects.

Personally option C is my favorite type of system. But this pretty effectively eliminates much in the terms of waiver/free agent action, but would promote the need for teams to trade more and be active with each other to fill roster needs.

What are the thoughts of those in this forum? Experience with the systems? Pro's and Cons?

If I chose
A) there would be a live auction to fill the active roster, followed by a snake draft to fill the 15 player bench.
B) live auction to fill the active roster, snake draft to fill farm system
C) live auction to fill the active roster, snake draft to fill the bench and snake draft to fill farm system

If I did a farm system draft, when is the best time to have this draft? I have seen these drafts held before the auction in some leagues and others at the All-Star break. I like the all-star break format personally, but how would I do that the first season?
Wait until the all-star game for the minor league draft or draft a partial at the beginning of the season and complete the draft at the all-star break? Any thoughts on this would be great as well
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Re: Bench vs Minor Farm team?

Postby bigmck » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:28 pm

Our Roto Auction League is 23 man with no bench or farm system. Several years ago we decided to draft one Minor Leaguer before your regular Auction. This went on for three years but we decided that it detracted from bidding on them when they were brought up to the Majors so we did away with the Minor Leaguers.
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