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$35 League - Starts w/22 owners, last place team eliminated

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$35 League - Starts w/22 owners, last place team eliminated

Postby daweasle » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:06 am

The league is a survivor type fantasy baseball league. The league will start with 22 teams, but on April 29th and every two weeks afterwards, the last place team will be eliminated, and all of their players will be placed on waivers. After two days on waivers, all those players will be available to be added. (based on waiver priority or Blind bidding budget)

Scoring will be 5X5 rotisserie. (R, RBI, AVG, HR, SB, W, K, ERA, WHIP, SV) NOT NEGOTIABLE. If you don't like 5x5, don't sign up for this league.

Waiver priority is yet to be decided. I have two trains of thought on this.
1 Waiver Priority is reset based on standings automatically. So whoever is in next to last place, will get the first waiver pickup from the team that was just dropped.
2 Waiver Priority is a rolling list, this would be a little more strategic as if you had the 5th or 6th pick, you might decide not to use a waiver claim on the 5th best player on a roster, instead saving their waiver priority for two weeks from now when a better player is coming off the next team.
3 Blind Bidding Budget - Every team gets a dollar amount (I'm thinking maybe $1000) which must last them all season long. If they spend all their money in July, then their team will probably suck in September. But if they are in last place close to be eliminated - then they will have to take chances, spend the money to stay alive.

So on April 1st there will be 22 teams.

April 29th, there will be 21 teams.

May 13th there will be 20 teams.

May 27th there will be 19 teams.

June 10th there will be 18 teams.

June 24th there will be 17 teams.

July 8th there will be 16 teams.

July 22nd there will be 15 teams.

August 5th there will be 14 teams.

August 19th there will be 13 teams.

September 2nd there will be 12 teams.

**There will be no more eliminations after September 2nd. Everyone who makes it to September is in the running to win the league.

Entry fee: $35

Total Pot = $770


1st $300

2nd $200

3rd $125

4th $75

5th $50

Total Payouts = $750 *Assume approx $20 in paypal transfer fees and I don’t want to take a loss on transfer fees. We will use the cheapest website I can find which will allow me to delete teams and place all their players on waivers. If I have to pay for the website, that will be deducted from the prize pool, on a pro-rated scale.

TIEBREAKERS – In the event the two last placed teams are tied in the standings – the default tiebreaker will be batting average. If tied in batting average – the second tiebreaker will be ERA.

Team Rosters:
10 pitchers – any combination of relievers and starters you select.

Bench – any 3 players you select.

And yes, that is correct, there are more roster spots than there are starters in MLB. SO – you have to draft some backups, some util players, etc. It’s like an AL or NL only league at first, but as teams are eliminated, it will narrow itself down to eventually be a 12 team league in September.

Trades – All teams not in the bottom 4 in the standings are allowed to make trades until the trade deadline (TBD sometime in August)
* if you are in the bottom four in the standings, you will have to improve your rankings to be eligible to make a trade. This is to avoid a team who is about to be eliminated from trading a blue chip player which would impact the standings dramatically.
Trade Vetoes: As the commish I will reserve the right to approve or reject trades, but within reason, I almost never deny a trade. The only reasons I would deny a trade are A - the player is in the bottom 4 in the standings and not authorized to trade. B - the trade is too many players involved. (IE you cannot make a trade where one team gives up Albert Pujols and the other team gives up 5 mediocre players.) 5 to 1 trades will always be rejected. 3 for 2 trades are usually reasonable. Otherwise I cannot foresee a situation where I would reject a trade. I will always place a 2-3 day hold on trades before they are approved to allow other owners to chime in with opinions on trades. If 40% of the currently active teams agree a trade is collusion, then the trade would be rejected.

PAYPAL. All entry fees will be paid via paypal. If you want to enter the league please submit your entry fee via paypal as soon as possible. As soon as I have 22 people having sent the entry fee, I will send it out to everyone with the list of participants and info about the league website. If everyone agrees as they signup that league safe is a better way to go - I would also be open to doing league safe instead. But I personally like paypal better but that's just my opinion.

DRAFT – I would love to do this league with an email draft. That will depend how quickly we can get 22 owners signed up and entry fees paid. If everyone hates email drafts I could be persuaded to switch to an online draft, but it would have to be held on a sunday.

Draft order? Open to suggestions on this. I was thinking we would do it like this: I will use an online random generator to order teams from 1 thru 22. #1 would get to pick their draft spot, then #2 would get to pick their draft spot etc.
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Re: $35 League - Starts w/22 owners, last place team elimina

Postby daweasle » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:13 am

If you like the idea/league setup etc. Please send me an email or PM (my email is

Please include the following:

1. I want to join the Survivor Fantasy league.
2. I think the best idea for waiver priority is ___________
3. I would prefer
A - email draft
B - online live draft
C - online auction draft
4. I agree to do entry fees by paypal.
5. By agreeing to sign on - I agree to send entry fee no later than Jan 23rd - or agree my team will be deleted and replaced by a different owner.
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