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Draft Order: GAME ON

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 1:05 am
by GiantsFan14
1. Ensanimal
2. Daullaz
3. raiders_umpire
4. Neato Torpedo
5. ayebatter
6. Urban Cohorts
7. fast dogs
8. rjforlife
9. wrveres
10. TheRock
11. Giantsfan14
12. J35J
13. Salty dog
14. Element

Draft will officially start at 8 AM EST tomorrow the 4th, but if people want to get started early then go right ahead. Clock just won't start until then. You have 4 hours to make a pick and the clock will stop between midnight and 8 AM EST. If you have a pick coming up and are not sure if you will be online in time to make it, then PM it to a person picking after you who you know will be on (I'm pretty much always available). If you run out of time you'll be skipped and you can make your pick as soon as you come back. This draft is on the deeper side so let's try to be quick with the picks so we aren't doing this into February. Everyone here is a pretty experienced poster so it really shouldn't be difficult to keep this moving.

Remember to PM the guy on the clock next after you pick. Have fun guys!