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16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

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16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

Postby Joshua Forbes » Mon Dec 12, 2011 6:51 pm

Welcome all to the League of Extraordinary General Managers (L.O.E.G.M.)

I had this ad posted earlier, but some changes have been implemented, and this more accurately depicts our league.

Come on in and make yourself at home. We are exciting to get the first season of LOEGM off to a good start with a dedicated and talented group of owners. Entry fee is $50, with payouts as follows: 1st - $400, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $100, 4th - $50. Commissioner doesn't pay an entry fee, instead, he posts the site fee of $59. All money that is taken in, is paid out.

The league is ran on fantrax. It allows all the tracking to be done on that site so we can avoid using proboards.

It is a H2H points league with daily roster changes. Scoring system has been developed over 2 years in a different league and has been weighted so that the Hitters and Pitchers are as even as possible. To compete in this league, you will need a well-balanced team.

Take a look and let me know if you have questions.

The Salary Cap
Each team has a salary cap of $150,000,000. This is the cap for the entire season and is not allowed to be exceeded. Your Free Agent budget will be determined by how much cap space you used during the draft.

The Initial Draft
We will be drafting 20 Rounds once the league fills up. Each player has a salary that has been determined by their output and relation to the salary cap. If you decide to sign that player to a contract, he will keep that salary for the duration of the contract.

Each team will have 24-hours to make their draft selection. Once the player is OTC, they will receive an email notifying them of this. If they do not make the pick within 24-hours, a pick will be made for them.

***No player with a salary of $500,000 may be drafted***

Once the draft is over, every team will be given one week (7 days) to sign their draftees to contracts.

Contract Limitations
Each team will be limited to the following contract restrictions:
2 x 5-year contracts
3 x 4-year contracts
7 x 3-year contracts
No limits for contracts under 3 years.

These are just the maximum allowed, meaning that you don't have to use them, if you do not want to.

You are not prohibited from trading for players with longer contracts, even you are at the max allowed. These are just the limits for each owner to follow when signing players. For instance...if you have signed 2 players to 5-year contracts, you are still allowed to trade for another player with a 5-year contract without moving one of your 2 players.

These limits apply throughout the season, not just the draft.

Waiving Players
When you waive a player, you are still responsible for their salary, until they clear waivers and become a FA, or they are claimed off waivers. If they are claimed off waivers, the claiming team inherits the contract as is. If the player makes it to FA, you are responsible for 50% of his salary for the remainder of his contract. You are realized from that contract only if another team signs said player to a salary higher than what you are currently paying for him.

For example:
I waive Shawun Dunston, and his 3 year/$10,000,000 contract. No one claims him and he makes it to FA. I am responsible for $5,000,000 of that salary until the contract is over. 2 weeks later, someone signs him to a contract from Free Agency, at a contract of 2 years/$4,500,000. In this instance, i am still responsible for the $5,000,000. If they would have signed him for at least $5,000,000, I would be released from his contract.

Free Agency
We have 30 MLB roster spots, but will only draft 20 MLB players. Once the draft is complete, Free Agency will begin. Any player not drafted will become a Free Agent and will be allowed to be bid upon. The winning bid will become that player's salary. Once the player is awarded to the winning team, the owner needs to let the commissioner know how long the player will be signed for.

Free Agent bidding will be processed at 6pm EST, twice a week....Once on Wednesday...and again on Sunday. This will allow people to sign Free Agents to fill roster spots mid-week and before the next matchup begins. The time is set to 6pm EST, to prohibit "stealing" of Free Agents (ie someone being up at 1am and placing the highest bid to win a player while everyone else is asleep).

Minor Leaguers may be bid on during Free Agency as long as they have met the following:
Batter - 10 Games
Pitcher - 20 Innings Pitched

If a Minor is won during Free Agency, they must stay on your MLB active roster. They cannot be placed on your Minor League Roster.

***Subject to Change***
The bidding is open. Meaning that everyone will see what the current offer is but not the offering team.
The bidding could be closed, meaning you wouldn't know if what other players have bid on, or what they have bid for them.

Minor League Roster
The only draft that will be conducted annually is the Minor League Draft. This draft will begin November 1 and will be 5 Rounds. You have 15 roster spots for Minors, so each team has some flexibiilty with their Minor League Roster. Only players that have not had a qualifying season in the Majors will be allowed to be drafted in the Minor League Draft.

Minor Leaguers who are acquired in the Minor League draft will remain on your Minor League Roster until the time you call them up to the MLB active roster, assuming you have the room to do so. Once the Minor Leaguer surpasses the qualifying service time, they must be called up to your MLB active roster.

Qualifying service time:
Batter - 130 AB's in a single season
Starting Pitcher - 50 IP in single season
Relief Pitcher - 30 Games appeared in **a pitcher that has been used as a RP and SP, we will use this criteria**

You can call up a Minor Leaguer to your active roster, and if he doesn't surpass the guidelines above, he can be moved back to your Minor League Roster. Once he surpasses the guidelines, he must stay on the MLB Active Roster.

Once you call up a Minor Leaguer, he will count as $500,000 against your cap for the first season he is called up. If he doesn't surpass the requirements, he can be sent back down and the $500,000 salary will be removed from your books. Once he surpasses the limits, he must stay on the MLB Active Roster.

Contract and Salary for Minor Leaguers are as follows:
Once the Minor Leaguer is placed on the MLB Active Roster, they will be signed to a 4-year contract. The year they are called up will count as their first year, assuming they cross the service time guidelines above.

First year of qualifying service time: $500,000
2nd year: $1,000,000
3rd year: $2,000,000
4th year: $4,000,000

After that initial contract, they will be Free you get 4 years of control of your Minors after they make it to the Bigs.

International Players
International players will be treated as Free Agents. They must first sign with a MLB club before they are allowed to be bid on as a Free Agent.

You are allowed to trade whatever and whom every you wish. You can trade your Minor Draft picks up to 3 years in advance. Please do not abuse this rule. If I see a team completely trading their Minor draft picks away, I will be very suspicious to your motivations.

My goal is to give each team complete freedom in managing their teams. Please do not abuse this freedom.

Money is allowed to be traded, but you must follow the following guidelines for trading money:

-Only one team my trade money in each deal.
-You cannot trade more money than what the player(s) you are trading make. For instance if you are trading away Player X, with a salary of $3,000,000; you may not inlcude more than $3,000,000 in the deal.
-Money is only traded for the current season.

Schedule & Playoffs
I will be setting the schedule for you to play only against teams in your respective league. There are 18 matchups during the regular season, so you will play most your league foes 3x.

8 teams will make the playoffs. Each league will play within their league, with the League Champions squaring off in the World Series.

Wild Card Series, League Championship Series, and World Series = Two Week Matchups

The regular season League Champions will receive $2.5m added to next seasons salary cap.
The World Series Champion will receive $5m added to their salary cap.

The Other 8 teams will play in the Consolation Bracket.
The winner of this bracket will receiv the 1st pick in the Minor League Draft.
The remainder of the draft slots will be determined by the Regular Season standings (worst record = 2nd pick, and so forth).

Thanks for you time and consideration,
Josh F.
Joshua Forbes
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Re: 16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

Postby DedicatedOwner » Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:35 pm

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Re: 16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

Postby Joshua Forbes » Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:54 am


We filled up this weekend! Which was great....however not long-lived.

Received the dreaded, "I'm sorry to say I will not be able to participate in the league as much as I was planning to..." email this morning.

So, there is a spot open for you if you want it. Get in contact with me and I can get all of the information you need and answer any/all of your questions, should you have any.

As a side note...14 of the 16 teams have paid...

Look forward to hearing from you,
Joshua Forbes
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Little League Legend

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Re: 16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

Postby Smoakbomb » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:15 pm

Interested to join and sent you a PM. Can pay today.
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Re: 16-Team, Contract, H2H, Money League needs 1

Postby Smoakbomb » Sat Dec 24, 2011 1:40 pm

Interested, please let me know
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Softball Supervisor

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