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Issues with Yahoo's Keepers

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Issues with Yahoo's Keepers

Postby ichirosan » Tue Sep 13, 2011 9:57 am

While I probably should have posted this much earlier, I will be having to make a decision on it soon.

I became the commish on my 20 man H2H dynasty league last year after the original one had some issues with his personal life. We run the league in Yahoo, having our minor league system in Yahoo Groups. It's 6x6, with OPS and Holds as the extra cats, 25 players per roster, making a difference between LF, CF and RF, and 20 keepers according to a tiered system.

After the first year, we had an offline draft to complete the rosters, as Yahoo still had no keeper system. It was kind of a grind, as the commish saved a database at years end of every player in Yahoo DB, and those were the players elegible, while everybody else was going to be available in th minor league draft. A loophole appeared, as the league had to start before the minor league draft, and some players were straight waiver claims, with them unavailable in any draft.

After the second year, we used Yahoo's engine and did the draft there. To our surprise, a few owners (including me) got locked out by Yahoo and wouldn't let us into the draft room. None of us had any problems in any other leagues. Since the start of the season was too close, and only a small group was affected, the commish decided to keep the results. Then, in the middle of the year, I took over as commish, and decided to keep going with the same system, as I couldn't find any other instance of Yahoo's draft failing.

Finally, before this year, Yahoo's draft failed again. This time, it locked out half the league. Again, this hasn't happened to any of us in any other league or format. I decided to redo the entire draft offline with a strict clock as we didn't have much time, although a couple of owners weren't too happy with the decision.

My first question is... has anybody here had the same issues with Yahoo? If so, had they been solved in any way? I tried contacting them, but they wouldn't answer.

The second question is... what should I do? At the end of this year, I have to decide if we're staying with Yahoo (which, other than that, I've never had a problem with), and either solving the draft issues or going with an offline draft again, or simply going with another provider (probably ESPN).
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