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A Rhodes ?? again

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Postby Guest » Tue Mar 30, 2004 3:42 pm

Don't gage players by spring training numbers. Enrique Wilson had the hiighest batting average for the Yankees this spring batting .464, do you really think this will carry over to the regular season? Pedro Martinez gave up two homers in 1 inning today against Toronto, better drop him. If you gage your team by spring training, you are in trouble.

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Postby TheRaven » Tue Mar 30, 2004 5:24 pm

AcidRock23 wrote:Nah, I don't dwell on guys I tossed that much. I agree that Rhodes has some potential but he could also stink it up big time. Just like Riske.

It was kind of a 6 of one, 1/2 a dozen of the other thing. We are using holds, a ton of categories (13x13), so the first few weeks will require some tweaking anyway.

As far as someone better to dump than Rhodes, I have Ramirez, Soriano, Sheffield, Sexson, Vazquez, Foulke, G. Anderson, C. Lee, Berroa, C. Zambrano, Livan Hernandez, D. Young, Santana, Contreras, Donnelly, Ensberg, R. Hernandez, Worrell, A. Benitez, A. Sanchez, Jason Phillips, Crosby, Riske

Riske/ Rhodes were kind of at the bottom of the list and would not feature regularly in my lineup anyway. Worrell might've been good to drop too but there's those pesky 'holds' to try to pick up. We'll see though...nobody else has snagged Rhodes so he's still out there when I can stick Donnelly on the DL...I really would like to have him to trade for a catcher or something like that...

Nice team man. I would have cut one of your catchers <prolly Hernandez>, unless you have to start 2 catchers. The chance of Rhodes putting up numbers of Taylor, Izzy, Koch and Foulke is too tempting right now. I wouldnt let Spring Training deter you from him yet, wait till we see how he performs once the season starts.
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Postby AcidRock23 » Wed Mar 31, 2004 9:07 am

Thanks!! I like Hernandez over Phillips, simply b/c he plays a lot more regularly than most of the other catchers and hits pretty decently for the position, w/ a bit of pop. I think he may do better in San Diego simply b/c 1/2 his games won't be in Oakland's stadium!! Phillips has a higher average in less a/b but a lot less power, since we are using SLG/ OPS among our multitude of categories. I have Sexson at 1B and he's pretty solid. I've read Dmitri Young may see some time at 1B too, in which case I'd dump Phillips out of them.

Right now, I am wanting to pick Rhodes back up, had dropped Riske to pick up Herges (I think people got tired of playing w/ waivers and are waiting to see what will happen when the season starts? ) and am REALLY hoping the Angels get their DL going on so I can shunt Donnelly over there and grab Rhodes back again. My best scenario is that that will happen, I can get a couple of spare closers and then trade them or one of them and Livan Hernandez for a better starter on a better team. There's still a couple of prospects there on waivers too, possibly Brett Myeres? No dice on Donnelly though he's not on the DL yet. Argh!!
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