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Keeper Trade - Mauer - WHIR

PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:16 pm
by Mark Davis
OK, I've just been offered Mauer in a trade in our 7 man keeper league. Here's the situation: I'm in 1st place by a pretty good margin right now. This is a points league, not roto, so don't worry about balancing steals with power etc. There is a chance we expand next year and in that scenario we keep 6 guys, expansion takes one then our 7th keeper is the 8th guy off our team. That is an if though not definite. My lead is about 2350 versus 2nd places 1950 right now, so a decent lead. The offer is Mauer in return for Montero and Shaun Marcum. Here is my roster:

C: Montero
1B: Hosmer
2B: Prado
3B: Bautista
SS: Reyes
DH: Ethier
OF: Hamilton, Braun, Stanton
SP (we use 4 per week): Marcum, Billingsley, J Chacin, D Hudson, Britton, Beachy, Peavy, Bedard, S Baker
RP (use 2): Kimbrel, Walden
Bench: Smoak, Moustakas, B Harper, Ike Davis, Venters (been carrying him as Kimbrel insurance)

Obviously my primary concern is making sure I still win this year. I think this other team wants to make the money and is worried about Mauer and could use another arm and Marcum has been great. That being said, I don't see keeping Marcum and obviously not Montero. If I had to say today I would keep all hitters: Hamilton, Braun, Stanton, Bautista, Reyes, Hosmer, and Bryce Harper (I know I have Ethier but I just can't cut Harper). If we expand, I'd lose either Ethier or the last of my original 7 listed and protect Ethier as my 7th even though I'm chock full of outfielders. If I add Mauer, it gives me another option.

What is Mauer's value now? I admit I'm concerned a bit and know that catchers age rapidly and hit their peaks early. I don't expect Mauer to go back to 2009 production but will he be valuable enough to make this trade and do I have enough left if I lose Marcum?

Thanks and WHIR.

Re: Keeper Trade - Mauer - WHIR

PostPosted: Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:32 pm
by Devil Doc
I'm not a big fan of Marcum, a lot has to do with the fact that the Brewers bullpen sucks, and blow oppertunities to give him the W, but he'll definitly get you K's.

I'm not sure that Mauer is going to be that "top catcher" any more either, he's going to be a guy that will deliver decent numbers, but nothing like his year he had, I think it was in 2009. But its hard to say what's really going on with him, bi-lateral leg weakness is not something I'd want to see next to a catchers name.

Try countering with Peavy or Bedard, see if he takes that. Mauer's value is not nearly as high as this guy is trying to make it out to be. But if he's that needy of a C, and trying to get more than he's worth, then he just might bite on of those other guys.

Also, I've been following Harper as well in hopes of him coming up to the Majors, but it doesn't look like that may happen until 2012.

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