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NL only, 5x5 keeper needs 2 more owners $250 online 4/4/04

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NL only, 5x5 keeper needs 2 more owners $250 online 4/4/04

Postby Cary Pont » Mon Mar 29, 2004 10:15 pm



To assemble a lineup of 23 National League baseball players whose cumulative statistics during the regular season, compiled and measured by the methods described in these rules, exceed those of all other teams in the USA Fantasy League Baseball.

The auction/draft will be held online Sunday, April 4, 2004 beginning at 10 AM, PT (1 PM, ET. All owners will participate in the auction/draft in an AOL private chat room. A specific AIM will be required for all owners.

1) Auction (until all 12 teams have accumulated 23 active position required players with salaries)
2) Reserve roster serpentine draft (six rounds, reverse order of RR draft)
3) Rookie roster serpentine draft (maximum of six on any team)

Each team will be made up exclusively of players from the National league. Each roster will be made up of 23 active players. Following the auction, there will be a six round serpentine reserve roster draft (ROY eligible players are not eligible). There will also be a serpentine rookie roster (RR) draft to be held immediately after the reserve roster draft. You may draft up to six (6) RR players (ROY eligible). See rookie rosters for more information. The 23 active playing positions will be accumulated as follows: 2 catchers; 1 first baseman; 1 second baseman; 1 shortstop; 1 third baseman; 5 outfielders; 1 corner man (1b or 3b); 1 middle infielder (2b or ss); 1 utility man (any position player); and 9 pitchers. The 9 pitchers can be any combination of starters and relievers, but must combine for a minimum of 1000 innings. If 1000 innings is not attained, you will retain your physical position in all category standings, but will receive zero (0) points for ALL PITCHING CATEGORIES. In addition there will be an unlimited disabled list (See section XVII)

A player purchased at the auction may be assigned to any position in which he made a minimum of 20 fielding appearances in the 2003 season. If at any point during the 2004 season a player makes 5 fielding appearances at a particular position, he will then also become eligible at that position (except a pitcher) for the remainder of the season. For clarification purposes, a player used as a middle infielder had to have appeared in either 20 games as an SS or 2B not combined. A player used as a corner infielder had to have appeared in either 20 games as a 1B or 3B not combined. If a player did not play a minimal 20 games at any position in the previous season, that player will only be eligible at the position he most appeared in. If player was not in the major leagues the previous season, he will be eligible at the position he most appeared in the most recent season in the minor league or major league. If a player has never played in the minor or major league, he will be eligible at the position he appeared in most during spring training of current season prior to our auction.


Following the auction, there will be a six round serpentine reserve roster draft. Even though these will be the only players reflected on the rotowire free agent list, any OFBL2004 team is permitted to draft from the following. Players that are eligible to be drafted can be from the major, minor and independent Leagues. Eligible players include those whom are currently retired, overseas or deceased. The only two stipulations are that they are not affiliated with an American League roster and have had more than 130 major league at bats or pitchers with more than 50 innings pitched at the major league level are eligible to be selected for the reserve roster draft. The salaries assigned will be 10 and will be issued the standard three-year contract. There are no positional requirements on the reserve roster. ROY eligible players are not eligible to be drafted to the reserve roster.


In season, players eligible to be added on to the reserve roster are those players who were signed to an active roster for a minimal of one statistical week, injured FAAB bid players, players from the DL or players traded over from another OFBL2004 team that have cleared waivers in the USAFLB.


The 23-man active roster will be accumulated by keepers (max 12) and by player auction for the 2004 season. Each owner will begin with a salary cap of $260 minus the salaries of keepers. The auction will proceed by one team owner nominating a player with an opening bid of at least $1. After a player is nominated, it becomes an open bid auction. This procedure will continue until all owners have a full roster of 23 players. At no time shall any team owner be left with less than an average dollar amount equal to $1 per open spot on his roster. Under no circumstances can an owner exceed his allotted budget for a team. A team cannot bid on a player who qualifies only at a position that the team has already filled. Players eligible for the auction are on opening day 25 man NL rosters (which include ROY eligible players) and established NL players on the MLB DL. If a ROY eligible player is acquired via the auction and is not on an opening day NL roster, said player(s) will be outright waived at the end of the first in-season transaction deadline, Sunday, April 11, 2004. A reserve roster or FAAB player must replace the waived ROY eligible player(s), by the transaction deadline.
The entrance fee for the 2004 season has been set at $250.00. Payment can be made in two installments. Half now, to get you in the door. Remaining balance is due by April 1st, by check, cash or paypal. Payments made via Paypal, add 4% for their cut. Owners failing to meet financial obligations may be subjected to replacement without refund.

Teams will be ranked first to last in the following categories:
Batting Average Wins
Home Runs Strikeouts
Runs Batted In Earned Run Average
Stolen Bases WHIP (Hits & Walks/Innings Pitched)
Runs Scored Saves


This budget of 100 (monopoly money) is for players traded over from the AL to the NL, players on waivers and ROY eligible called up players from the minor leagues. The way this works is there will be a silent bid (Sunday's 8 PM pt deadline) for players traded over from the AL to the NL and players waived by midnight Saturday's. You must submit your silent bid and state which player(s) you will be waiving in order to acquire the player. Your bid will only be accepted if you are within the salary cap regulations and have enough FAAB dollars available. An USAFLB owner is permitted to make one silent bid per player. Multiple FAAB bids may not exceed an owner's FAAB balance. Owners are not permitted to bid on players that they waived from their roster. Players waived or traded over from the AL on Sunday's are not eligible until following Sunday. Player(s) will be awarded to the highest bid and must spend a minimum of one statistics week on the active roster. All winning FAAB bid players go into effect on Monday's.


An owner waives a player for any number of reasons. Make room for a player coming off the DL, player performance, salary cap casualty due to a FAAB acquisition among other reasons. A player on waivers is available to be FAAB bid by any owner other than the owner that just waived him and will be awarded to the owner whom placed the highest bid. The winning FAAB bid owner must sign the player to the active roster for a minimum of one statistical week. Placing an active player on the reserve roster, waiving a player on the active roster or moving a player on the active roster to the reserve roster and then waiving a reserved roster player can achieve roster compliance. The only exception is if an owner's winning FAAB bid is an injured player, he may then place the player on his DL. FAAB bid players go into effect on Monday's. ROY eligible players called up Mon-Sat are placed on waivers and will be awarded if one or more FAAB bids are placed by transaction deadline. If no bid is placed, that ROY eligible player has cleared waivers and becomes a free agent. If ROY eligible player is called up on a Sunday, he will remain on waivers until the following Sunday transaction deadline. If a player clears waivers, he then becomes a free agent.


National League players not on any USAFLB teams roster at the conclusion of the auction draft automatically become free agents. During the 2004 season, players that have cleared waivers become free agents. ROY eligible players in the majors become free agents after clearing waivers. Free agents must be signed and spend a minimum of one statistics week on the active roster unless the free agent is on the major league DL. Those players may be signed to the DL. The assigned salary of free agents is 10 and is given the standard three-year contract. Free agents can be acquired on a first-come, first-served basis. Signed free agents go into effect on Monday's. Each team may acquire as many free agents as they wish throughout the 2004 season but need to adhere to the salary cap. Free agents unsigned at season’s end will be thrown back into the “FA auction pool” for the 2005 auction. Free agents can not be signed in the off season.

Trades from the completion of the draft until July 31st can be made between all teams. From August 1st through August 31st teams are permitted to make trades with only those teams who are two places above or below them in the standings. There will be no trades allowed beginning September 1st through the conclusion of the season. At season's end, owners are permitted to make trades up until the draft day of the next season. Trades are subject for veto. If three owners appeal a trade within 24 hours, the trade goes into pending status. In which time, the trade will go to a vote with the seven remaining owners not involved in the trade. Four of the remaining seven owners are required to oppose the trade for it to be vetoed. ***Trade policy to be discussed during winter meeting***


Transactions can be made at any time, but do not go into effect until the new scoring week. The OFBL2004 scoring week is Monday-Sunday. The commissioner will process all free agent transactions. All FAAB bids must be sent to the Commish's email address between the hours of 12 PM PDT and 8 PM PST on Sunday's. The Commish will send a password-protected email with his FAAB bid(s) by 12 PM PDT on Sunday's to the league. The final deadline for trading is August 31st. Free agent and internal moves may be made until the end of the season. Final FAAB day is the Sunday before the end of the season.


Each owner will be allowed to retain the rights up to twelve players prior to the auction for the 2004 season. RR players do not need to be protected as long as they still qualify for ROY. If a ROY eligible player is activated at any time, he loses his RR status and you would need to protect him or lose him to the 2004 auction pool. The salary of an activated RR player is 5 and signed to the standard three-year contract. Retained players salaries will be deducted from the $260 auction salary cap.


Immediately following the serpentine reserve roster draft, we will hold a serpentine rookie roster (RR) draft. Owners are restricted to a maximum of six RR players at any time. This is a one-time draft each season. There will be no rookies added to an owner's rookie roster at anytime, other than by trade with another owner. If an owner acquires a RR player that exceeds the maximum (6) permitted, an owner must waive another RR player. RR players are those that are ROY eligible that are not affiliated with the American League. National league minor league players that have not exceeded ROY eligibility of 130 major league at bats or logged 50 innings pitched at the major league level. This is a slightly altered version of the Major League version of a rookie. Owners may keep a ROY eligible player on the RR from season to season until he no longer is qualified as such. A player may be retained on the RR for the entire season in which he lost his ROY eligibility. Once you activate a RR player onto your 23 man active roster, he is signed to the standard three-year contract and is issued a salary of 5. He will then permanately lose his RR status. If you see a youngster in high school or college you can draft him on your RR if you so choose. American League ROY eligible players are not permitted. If you drafted a high school or college player and he is later signed by an American League affiliate, he is no longer eligible on your roster and will be automatically waived. Beginning in 2004, the RR serpentine draft order will go as follows, 5,6,7,8,12,11,10,9,4,3,2,1.


Not applicable until the 2005 season. Real simple, an owner can extend a player(s) contract for X many years at 5 salary increments per year. Example, you have a player at 7 and you want to extend 1, 2 or 3 years. His salary would be bumped 5 for each season you extend. If you extend 3 years, his salary becomes 22 for each season beginning with that first season.
LTC players must be kept except for the following reasons. The player is no longer on an NL major league roster or that player is expected to begin the season on the DL.

The auction day draft salary cap is $260 minus the retained players (maximum of 12) salaries. At no time may a team’s active roster payroll fall below $200 or exceed $320. When making a trade, making a FAAB bid or signing a free agent you must comply with the salary cap requirements.
***an escalating salary cap will be discussed during the winter meeting***


When a player is placed on the DL in the National League an owner may place him on the OFBL2004 DL or reserve roster as well. When that player comes off the MLB disabled list, an owner must activate him, place on the reserve roster or waive the player no later than one statistical week from the following Sunday (maximum of 13 days). If an owner does not remove the player from the USAFLB disabled list in that time, he will be placed on immediate waivers. MIDWEEK TRANNY EXCEPTION RULE. An owner may place or remove a player(s) on the DL at anytime during the week when applicable. All other transactions go into effect on Monday's.

All the proceeds of the league, which is $3000.00 in entrance fees, will be paid out in full.
The cash awards will be distributed based on the following percentages:
12 teams
1st place 40% = $1200
2nd place 30% = $900
3rd place 20% = $600
4th place 10% = $300

X. All FA and FAAB players, must be signed and spend a minimal of one statistical week on the active roster unless they are on the NL DL. Only players eligible to be signed to the active roster are on a NL major league roster. Any player recalled from the minor leagues or traded over from the AL to an NL major league team's roster Mon-Sat are FAAB players to be bid on Sunday's between 12 - 8 PM PST. Players, who clear waivers, become FA's.


1) When a player is traded to the AL from the NL, that player will not cumulate any further stats and will be waived and replaced at the end of the week. If owner fails to comply, the commish will select a player if it pertains to the active roster
2) Draft day auction eligible players are called “ the auction pool”
3) Minor league players that still qualify for ROY are not eligible free agents.
4) If this system does not work it will be discussed at the winter meeting and make necessary improvements.
5) I want to thank you all for playing in the OFBL2004 and ask that you are respectful of other owners in our
League. We are all together to share a common interest. That interest is FANTASY BASEBALL.
Let us all have an enjoyable, peaceful season and watch our league flourish for many years to come.
Thank you,
OFBL2004 Commissioner
Cary Pont
T-Ball Trainer

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Still need an owner?

Postby DavePaul » Sun Apr 04, 2004 1:31 pm

I would be interested if you can get me in. Let me know at

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