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Morneau ADVICE:

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Morneau ADVICE:

Postby Zain1two3 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 4:59 am

As a Canadian, and a huge Morneau fan I've held my patience out for quite a while now. I picked 9th out of 10 team in my H2H league and after the last few weeks, I've climbed up into 4th place (1.5 games behind 2nd place) and I feel I have a shot of catching the leader who I play next week. I know Morneau's numbers, we all do, but at what point does it become too much? Statistically, he is due for a outrageous catchup in average, runs, rbis etc etc, but if Morneau owners all think like that, then we will all be doomed. I benched him this week (yes he was on my bench during his 1 game homerun binge) and wasn't going to add him (unless he hit 3hrs in a game!!) or if Joe Mauer comes back and provides some protection (although Kubel has done very well and HAS provided protection for Morneau in the lineup). But now with Thome and Kubel going to the DL, what should I do with Morneau. I was thinking drop him for Brett Lawrie (before someone else in my non keeper league does).

I'm not someone who likes picking up players just due to speculation, and as a MASSIVE jays fan, I'm looking forward to Brett Lawrie to come up as a fan but not neccesarily as a fantasy player, but it seems that EVERYONE is adding him in yahoo leagues. I feel like i should too, just in case he goes crazy and steals 15bases and hits 15hrs - entirely possible. However, where exactly is Brett going play? He's listed as 2B, but Hill is playing there and sorry, but Hill ain't going anywhere anytime soon. SS is locked with Yunel Escobar, which leaves 3B which is a WEAK position in fantasy this year (i have Sandoval on my DL). Will he get all the playing time (he defintely will NOT as we have Encarnacion, Woodward, Nix and John Mcdonald who all get playing time @ that position), and if not, will he outperform say, Alberto Callspo?

The Jays are no jokers, they will go for it if they can make the wild card, theyr'e not that far away, so you can see the manager going with the hot bat in the lineup (so he wouldn't drop Lawrie if he got hot, for Encarnacion who is an abomination)

anyway, i'd appreciate any replies to the main question, WHAT DO I DO WITH MORNEAU?

Here is my team.


Catcher: Matt Wieters (C)
First Base: Paul Konerko (1B)
Second Base: Aaron Hill (2B)
Third Base: Mark Reynolds (3B)
Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki (SS)
Oufield #1: Jacoby Ellsbury (OF)
Oufield #2: Matt Joyce (OF)
Oufield #3: Logan Morrisson(OF)
Utility #1: Corey Paterson (OF)
Utility #2: Cory Hart (Util, OF)
Utility #3: Michael Brantley (OF)
BENCH -Justin Morneau (1B)
BENCH - Jason Heyward (OF) *benched due to no more DL spots*

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Cliff Lee
Jonathan Sanchez
Trevor Cahill
Jhoulys Chacin
Brandon Beachy (DL)
Justin Masterson
Kyle Farnsworth
Rafael Betancourt
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Re: Morneau ADVICE:

Postby berrymyers » Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:56 am

They play baseball in Canada??? haha jk.

This is a good one...Morneau has been pretty awful (I'm suffering with him in a league). However, it's tough to dump a guy with a proven history for a rookie, even one that's doing great in the minors. The league I have him in is a dynasty so I'm just hoping he rebounds next year and I can sell high(er) on him than this year.

If you don't see him rebounding or see yourself using him, but you would use Lawrie then go for it. But if you think a rebound is coming then stand pat.

BTW, I think Lawrie is going to play 3rd but don't quote me on that...

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Re: Morneau ADVICE:

Postby Zain1two3 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:10 am

well thats my point, i need other people's opinions...there's got to be a stat out there that combines age, injury, concussion injury to caluclate the rate of decline...if there was on stat they need, its rate of decline, with some outliers..but reasons why those outliers exist.

its hard to fathom that morneau will jsut fade into complete sh*t after being hall of fame like for his career. Although Aaron Hill also had a concussion and has not been the same since (1 season and counting since his comeback)

Mike Matheny retired due to it (although he was old anyway) obviously impacts your vision which is key for baseball players rather than the ice hockey players who get concussions every season it seems...
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Re: Morneau ADVICE:

Postby Bolthead04 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:22 am

I actually would not hold out hope. Morneau plays at a thick position, so even if he does bounce back, there are a number of other options. (See Morse, Hosmer, Trumbo, and the likes)

Lawrie should play 3B is what I've seen. I'm debating grabbing him to cover Zimmerman and Pedroia as a back up since odds are he will find some time behind those two on my team.

And in reality, Morneau may not even be picked up, so if you keep your eye on him and he heats up, you might even be able to get him back.

As you said, some people are never right again after certain injuries. Throw in that half the twins are on the DL, including Kubel now, and I don't see any reason to clog a roster spot for Morneau.

Edit - PLus, if Lawrie doesn't live up, you can always take a flier on a WW bat. I've been doing that for most of the season, and eventually I had MAtt Joyce who has yet to come down to Earth. :)

Good luck!

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Re: Morneau ADVICE:

Postby Devil Doc » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:31 am

I'm with berrymyers on this, I think you hold on to Morneau, its hard for me to drop a proven guy for a rookie that hasn't proved anything at the professional level yet. Even with Morneau's concussion, I think that its wise to hold on to him. To me, if you wanted to drop anyone to pick up Lawrie, it would probably be either Patterson, Hart, or Brantley. Once Travis Snider comes back, Patterson will take a seat on the bench. I've never been a big fan of Hart, I think he's kind of streaky, and Brantley may have more value over the other two if Sizemore continues to have problems. I think its safe for you to drop Patterson and grab Lawrie.

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Re: Morneau ADVICE:

Postby High cheese » Fri Jun 03, 2011 10:47 am

As a former frustrated owner I feel your pain but there is no way you drop Morneau. Try dealing him if you like but I'd drop Patterson or Morrison before Morneau's name even gets mentioned. Patterson has had streaks like this before but with Lind coming off DL soon that OF will get even more crowded. Morrison is still a rookie and he hasn't met his wall yet.
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