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Miguel Cabrera / Domonic Brown for Tulo / Choo? (WHIR)

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Miguel Cabrera / Domonic Brown for Tulo / Choo? (WHIR)

Postby backedup » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:21 am

Hi all. First post on this forum, but I've enjoyed reading the last couple weeks. Any attempts to help will be appreciated and I will attempt to help in return.

I'm in a 16 team keeper (keep 5) league where our categories are: R, H, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OPS and W, L, K, SV, HLD, ERA, WHIP. I've been offered:

Troy Tulowitzki and Shin-Shoo Choo for Miguel Cabrera and Domonic Brown.

I originally offered Jose Reyes and Andre Ethier for these two, and this was his counter offer. I wanted to pick up Tulo because I feel like he's way undervalued right now due to a BABIP of .229 (career .310). Choo also seems like a decent buy-low candidate. Which side wins this trade in your opinion? My current roster is:

C - Carlos Santana
1B - Miguel Cabrera
2B - Kelly Johnson
SS - Jose Reyes
3B - Jose Bautista
OF - Andre Ethier
OF - Michael Brantley
OF - Domonic Brown
UT - Justin Smoak
BN - Bobby Abreu
BN - Coco Crisp
BN - Brett Lawrie

SP - Mat Latos
SP - Justin Masterson
SP - Colby Lewis
SP - Matt Garza
SP - Ervin Santana
RP - Fransisco Rodriguez
RP - Fernando Salas
RP - Matt Capps
RP - Jose Contreras
RP - Scott Downs
P - Sergio Romo
BN - Rubby De La Rosa
DL - Aroldis Chapman

If you would reject this trade, what would you make as a counter offer? I need pitching. His roster is:

C - J. Salty
1B - Carlos Pena
2B - Aaron Hill
SS - Tulo
3B - Alex Gordon
OF - Choo
OF - Chris Young
OF - Jason Kubel
UT - Grady Sizemore
BN - Dexter Fowler
BN - Pablo Sandoval
BN - Howie Kendrick
DL - Buster Posey

SP - Josh Johnson
SP - Justin Verlander
SP - Clay Buckholtz
SP - Madison Bumgardner
SP - James McDonald
RP - Brian Wilson
RP - Kyle Farnsworth
RP - Ryan Madson
RP - Eric O'Flaherty
RP - Ramon Ramirez
P - Andrew Bailey
BN - Kyle Drabek
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Re: Miguel Cabrera / Domonic Brown for Tulo / Choo? (WHIR)

Postby Bolthead04 » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:30 am

From a value standpoint, I like the trade. However, this trade would require a fair bit of follow up work.

Losing Miggy would leave you with Smoak at 1B. He's not a bad option, but far from Miggy in production and track record.

You would have two SS, Reyes and Tulo. One does SB's and one does HR's. As both are useful, your UTIL spot becomes permanently locked when both of them play.

Choo should be an upgrade over Brown in the long run, although Brown is an unknown as far as how his season will pan out.

Since it looks like you're already using smoak in your Util slot, you would be switching Miggy for Tulo in production. I think that's a downgrade, although not a huge one. You would benefit with Choo everyday in your OF as well.

So, really it's not a terrible trade, but it doesn't actually help you. You just kind of move things around, and your flexibility takes a hit as well. I would not do this trade if I were you.

Help on mine? If you want to take a stab, go for it. :)

Welcome to the Cafe as well! ;-D
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Re: Miguel Cabrera / Domonic Brown for Tulo / Choo? (WHIR)

Postby CyboNinja » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:34 am

I think you can do better looking at his team. He is desperate for a 1B like Miggy.

It doesn't mean you have to deal Miggy to get it done though. Hes a special talent. I would try to hold onto him if I could. Hes also leaving himself with what at SS? Offer him Reyes and Brown for Tulo and Choo. Try not to forget, Domonic Brown is supposed to be pretty special and so far hes lived up to the hype. If he really MUST get Miggy, and you can bring yourself to deal him (I could never) make him give you Verlander too.
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Re: Miguel Cabrera / Domonic Brown for Tulo / Choo? (WHIR)

Postby backedup » Fri Jun 03, 2011 1:47 am

Thanks Bolt and Cybo. You both made really good points.

My flexibility would take a hit. However, I'm really only platooning outfielders until Brett Lawrie is eligible so it won't hurt me much to lock up either Reyes or Tulo at the utility spot.

I do not like the thoughts of running Smoak out there everyday at 1B though. Even though he is listed as my UTIL spot, he probably only plays about 50% of the time. Luckily he's been in the last two games where he has went yard. He's got power against righties but struggles for avg, so on those days I'm usually putting someone else in.

I think Cybo is right in that if he trades Tulo he will have no options for SS and he has nothing for 1B right now, giving me a better position to bargain. I don't think he will accept the Reyes/Brown for Tulo/Choo since he didn't accept Reyes/Ethier but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try. I just picked up Brown yesterday so maybe he had his eye on him and is just upset that I got to him beforehand.

I think you're right that I may be able to get Verlander as well. I may try offering Miggy/Brown/Masterson/? for Tulo/Choo/Verlander/(Sandoval or Kendrick or Pena).

Thanks for the replies.
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