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am i a MORON for not clicking accept right now?

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am i a MORON for not clicking accept right now?

Postby kickureface » Mon May 23, 2011 10:57 pm


1. Hosmer/Haren/Mike Adams for Tulowitzki/Frank francisco???? OR
2. Haren/Berkman for Tulo/Storen

16 man redraft h2h 8x8 with bb obp slg, bb QS HLD
standard roster spots + IF, OF, +2 P. (we are around 400 players deep)

Since adams is a beast, giving him up is a pain (there are pretty much no more setup men available...) and francisco is a noob.
or is it too much to give and i should counter with something else? he also has storen and kimbrel. is #2 too much to give?

my roster:
c: santana
1b: dunn, berkman, ike
2b: kelly
3b: reynolds
SS: drew, aybar
of: holliday, pence, markakis, willinham
sp: weaver, verlander, haren, hudson, lilly, cain, beachy, colby
rp: thornton marshall adams betancourt meek
yes, no?? does it help my team?
Keep: 1IF, 1OF, 1SP, 1RP
R, HR, RBI, AVG, SB, BB, K, 1B, 2B, (3B, E, GS)

C: Montero
1B: Teix
2B: Roberts
3B: Longoria
SS: Nishioka
LF: Holliday
CF: Rios
RF: Bruce
OF: Pence
IF: Kila
Util: Raburn
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Re: am i a MORON for not clicking accept right now?

Postby lefthandedforlife » Tue May 24, 2011 1:09 am

I don't like either one of those offers. Stick with what you've got and dont just make trades to move players.

Help me out"
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Re: am i a MORON for not clicking accept right now?

Postby emenewe5 » Tue May 24, 2011 12:06 pm

You're not a moron, no.

Deal #1 - I don't "love" it but I'd probably take it. You get one of the best players in the game...and with great position value. I love Hosmer! But, you're so deep at 1B that it's OK to move him. I know you're big on Adams but I'm not as much...and Francisco could help your P's prolly more at this point. Ultimately, to me it's Haren for Tulo. I'm a big Haren guy but I'll always take a top position player over a pitcher.

Devil's advocate: You're not desperate for a SS and you'll be giving-up a budding star and a bonafide, I pretty much never trade for CL's (too fickle).

Deal #2 - To me it's Haren for Tulo again...and then Lance for Storen. My vote is Tulo over Haren and then Lance way over Storen. I prefer deal #1. While I have a mancrush on Hosmer, Berk's simply a more proven stud at this point. So, I'd rather give Hosmer than Lance and accept Francisco instead of Storen.

Devil's advocate: Lance is old and before the season, nobody wanted him. So, trade him instead of a 21-year-old up-and-comer in Hosmer and take deal #2.

Bottom Line: Take Deal #1 and enjoy Tulo man!
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