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Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

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Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Hargy » Fri May 20, 2011 9:15 pm

League Type: H2H
Batting Categories: Runs, Hits, RBI, RH, Average, SB
Pitching Categories: IP, Win, SV, K, ERA, WHIP

I've made a couple changes to offset some of the inconsistency and they seem to be helping, but depending on the week there's always those one or two days where as a whole the team is having an off day and ends up screwing up the whole matchup. My record is 2-4 in the league right now and it's getting to the point where I have no idea what I can do now. It's a limited transaction league and I'm already about half way through the number of transactions I can make. I've played all but one of the top teams in the league and seem to hang in there, I just need that last little bit to get me over the hump.

At this point I know I want to get rid of Duensing, possibly pick up a different 1B since I had to drop Kendrys and then most likely get rid of Bloomquist since I highly doubt he'll get back to where he was before he went on the DL. A couple waiver pitchers I have on my watch list currently are Anibal Sanchez and Jake Peavy. I'm not against trading for a solid SP, or anything in general, but the league in general is pretty tight.

Any add/drop or trade ideas would be greatly appreciated.

C Russell Martin(NYY - C)
1B Carlos Santana(Cle - C,1B)
2B Brandon Phillips(Cin - 2B)
3B Álex Rodríguez(NYY - 3B)
SS Hanley Ramírez(Fla - SS)
OF Melky Cabrera(KC - OF)
OF Hunter Pence(Hou - OF)
OF Matt Joyce(TB - OF)
Util Colby Rasmus(StL - OF)
BN Jason Heyward(Atl - OF)
BN Willie Bloomquist(Ari - 3B,SS,OF)
DL Brian Roberts(Bal - 2B)

SP Brandon Morrow(Tor - SP)
SP Félix Hernández(Sea - SP)
RP John Axford(Mil - RP)
RP Jordan Walden(LAA - RP)
P Cole Hamels(Phi - SP)
P Aaron Harang(SD - SP)
P Brian Duensing(Min - SP,RP)
BN Jhoulys Chacin(Col - SP,RP)
BN Justin Masterson(Cle - SP,RP)
BN Edwin Jackson(CWS - SP)
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby lupus yonderboy » Fri May 20, 2011 11:05 pm

Actually, thats not a half bad looking team. Especially your pitching.
if it were me, i would start by shopping Martin around for fair value...use Santana as your full time Catcher (since he can cover first base ).
Drop Bloomquist for either a full time first baseman (Matt LaPorta, Carlos Pena will rock going forward and a Helton or a Wallace will still give you some decent value) or a true utility guy (you probably won't get Michael Young, but could you score Cuddyer? He'll cover all over the place and as down as i am on the twins, he'll get back to average).maybe trade Brian Roberts for someone fair when he gets back, but honestly i'd drop him if it were me.
Drop Duensing like you said, maybe for some kind of Saves producer, depending on your personal style...
and then just wait. just wait.
Hanly will perk up (maybe not 2009 style, but still) Arod will be hitting eventually. Heyward...
all those guys may be lower than their own personal avg's this year, but they'll be close to the back of their baseball card by years end.
help me?
lupus yonderboy
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Hargy » Sat May 21, 2011 5:15 am

Thanks for the reply and the thoughts. Here's what I did...

1. Put Martin out there on the trading block so my league knows that I'm looking to shop around a little.
2. Forgot that I had already dropped Roberts before posting and Joyce was my pick up for that. He was struggling and I rarely had to play him over Phillips, and going on the DL was the straw that broke the camels back. Chose Joyce since Phillips has been doing good and I needed somebody to make up for Heywards slacking bat as of right now.
3. Dropped Duensing and picked up Anibal Sanchez in his place. A huge upgrade. Went with a SP since saves are a rare commodity in my league for whatever reason. I've only lost the saves category twice so far and i usually only have 4 a week. With that said, if the right trade came along and a decent closer was packaged in I wouldn't put it completely out of mind. So, when updating my trade block I did throw in that I'm looking for a closer to upgrade over Walden.

As far as a utility player goes, I agree that Bloomquist most likely isn't the right option. I do like your Michael Young choice. He's owned by the first place team right now though. On the bright side though, he's got enough multi position players to field a second team. So I feel like he would be willing to part with him for the right price. His line-up is as follows...

C John Buck(Fla - C)
1B Joey Votto(Cin - 1B)
2B Orlando Cabrera(Cle - 2B,SS)
3B Michael Young(Tex - 1B,2B,3B)
SS Álex González(Atl - SS)
OF Vladimir Guerrero(Bal - OF)
OF B.J. Upton(TB - OF) -
OF Nick Swisher(NYY - OF)
Util Kevin Youkilis(Bos - 1B,3B)
BN Aubrey Huff(SF - 1B,OF)
BN Plácido Polanco(Phi - 2B,3B)
BN Lance Berkman(StL - 1B,OF)

SP Roy Halladay(Phi - SP)
SP Ian Kennedy(Ari - SP)
RP Brian Wilson(SF - RP)
RP Jonathan Papelbon(Bos - RP)
P Matt Garza(ChC - SP)
P Ubaldo Jiménez(Col - SP)
P Trevor Cahill(Oak - SP)
BN CC Sabathia(NYY - SP)
BN Josh Beckett(Bos - SP)

Could there be any possible trades in there in order for me to get Young? I would rather have Young over Cuddy. As a Twins fan I love Cuddy but I also know how that whole team is able to show signs of coming on and then never following through.
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Frappy » Sat May 21, 2011 5:42 am


I looked at your team and, to be honest, I think you're set to receive a lot more from your players than what you have been getting so far. In other words, barring injury, you should have very little room for regression and plenty of room for progression. Guys like Han-Ram and Heyward seem to be the catalysts for your team's current position.

Great pickup with Sanchez. He's at least an all-around solid starter, but is also a definite candidate for a somewhat-breakout year (one of those "500IP" guys, 27 years old, great park, strong K/9 numbers). You just reminded me that I let him go on my team earlier in the year. I regret that.

I like the idea of moving Santana to your Catcher's slot. Martin is good, and I'd keep him in there for now, but just keep in mind that you could stand to gain a lot by booting him out of your lineup. I'm sure you could find a true 1B that will outproduce Martin, if only because it is such a deep position.

Also, just keep an eye on minor-league guys. I like to build a list of those who are either performing extremely well in the minors or are highly hyped and performing well enough for a promotion. With this list, you could hone in on potential call-ups and gauge whether or not you'd like to take a gamble on somebody. I think it's asinine to think that no fantasy impact players will come up. It has occurred too many times for one to deny himself the opportunity to even consider picking one up. In other words, just be open to these kids, and you could land a Ryan Braun or a guy that, while not nearly as prominent, compliments your particular team perfectly.

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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Hargy » Sat May 21, 2011 6:41 am

Thanks for the response Frappy. I do try and keep up to date for the most part on minor league players that potentially could be coming up, but probably not as closely as I should. I'll get to responding to your thread tomorrow, it's getting pretty late.

Anybody have any ideas as for a trade involving Michael Young? His current owners lineup is posted in my second post.
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Singles » Sat May 21, 2011 9:27 am

Maybe try Rasmus for Young?
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby Hargy » Sat May 21, 2011 7:15 pm

Would have been an interesting idea had I sent the trade offer last night, but he made a couple roster moves early this morning. He dropped Nick Swisher and Alex Gonzalex and picked up Carlos Pena and Ryan Ludwick. Potentially could still happen though seeing as Berkman might be facing some DL time with his wrist from what I've read. With his addition of Pena though he's got an over abundance of first baseman. Do I try and pick up a solid first base and Young for utility from him or stick with trying to get Young and hit the waivers for an everyday first baseman?

His potential first baseman:
- Joey Vatto (Cin - 1B)
- Michael Young (Tex - 1B,2B,3B)
- Aubrey Huff (SF - 1B,OF)
- Kevin Youkilis (Bos - 1B,3B)
- Lance Berkman (StL - 1B,OF)

Top 5 unclaimed 1B (according to Yahoo rankings):
- Tod Helton (Col - 1B)
- Mark Trumbo (LAA - 1B)
- Matt LaPorta (Cle - 1B,OF)
- Justin Smoak (Sea - 1B)
- Brett Wallace (Hou - 1B)
*Carlos Lee is also unclaimed as of right now but his numbers aren't all that impressive as of right now.

So far you guys have suggested Martin and Rasmus as possible trade bait. I'm thinking Joyce could be included in possible bait also because although I do like the pick up and he could help me out, I don't think he'll keep it up all year.
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Re: Inconsistent Team. Need some ideas. WHIR

Postby misterigloo » Sat May 21, 2011 8:37 pm

Target a 1B. You'll need much more power than Santana at that spot.

Let's go Oliver Perez and his METS!
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