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Trade Howard/Izturis for Rollins/Pineda

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 12:59 am
by michiganfan1
This is a 12 team h2h league. I originally offered Ryan Howard and Maicer Izturis for Jimmy Rollins and Michael Pineda because I had 1B depth after picking up Hosmer and I like having more pitchers. It was originally declined few days ago but today he re-offered the trade. I think I am going to accept but just want an opinion if this deal will benefit me. I'm currently 7th in the standings but overall I like my team.

My team:
C C. Santana
1B R. Howard
2B B. Roberts
3B E. Longoria
SS E. Aybar
2B/SS M. Izturis
1B/3B B. Butler
OF J. Heyward
OF A. Jones
OF A. Soriano
OF J. Kubel
OF J. Ellsbury
UTIL E. Hosmer
Bench J. Morneau, S. Fuld (I don't like I'm going to keep him much longer)

F. Hernandez
C. Carpenter
D. Price
M. Cain
M. Bumgarner
C. Hamels
B. League
V. Padilla
E. Santana
J. Zimmerman

J. Broxton
A. Bailey

Re: Trade Howard/Izturis for Rollins/Pineda

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 1:15 am
by cs3
i wouldnt count on Hosmer for 1B depth. He has tons of potential but realistically a great season for him this year would be like .280/18hr/70 runs/70 rbi - which is not anywhere near the production you would get from Howard, and is near replacement level fantasy wise.

Pineda has been great so far but dont expect him to help you during H2h playoffs, and dont expect more than 6 innings out him per start... the innings limit in conjuction with the awful seattle offense is going to severely depress his Win total.
and the limited number of innings hes on will not help your ratios as much as a guy who goes deep into games so keep that in mind (if your league has a low innings pitched limit then this isnt really an issue bc quality > quantity tn that case)

Re: Trade Howard/Izturis for Rollins/Pineda

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 12:32 pm
by michiganfan1
Thanks for the advice. I guess the biggest question for me is Howard > Hosmer/Morneau a bigger difference than what I would make up with Rollins > Izturis and me getting Pineda? Would the trade be better if I tried to get Matt Garza instead of Pineda?