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Some closer speculation

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 9:17 am
by kab21
12 H2H - I'm using all 5 possible pitching spots (2RP and 3P) with relievers currently and rotating starters thru the 3 SP slots.

I have Pap, Kimbrel/Venters, League and Motte. And although Motte looks like the best RP'er in STL I'm sick of that situation. Kuo, ESanchez/Salas, WLopez, Gregerson, Bard, Crow, Lindstrom, Tbuchholz and Braddock are available. Now that I look at that list maybe I don't need to make a move. I'm typically getting 10+ starts each week with my 7 starters and 2-3 streamed pitchers so ratios matter less and potential saves are important especially at the end of the season.

2nd league - 14 tm standard roto w/innings limits - I am in closer trouble in this league

I have Kimbrel, Melancon/Lopez, Burnett and Soriano. I'm planning on replacing Burnett with a waiver claim hopefully and possibly dropping Soriano since he's not doing well in the setup role and Rivera is bionic. Do I drop Soriano, Rolen or Dejesus when I activate Morrison this week. The potential closers are so terrible that I'm not even going to list them. If my Lyon doesn't implode leading to a Melancon/Lopez promotion I might have to trade Kimbrel and punt the category.

Re: Some closer speculation

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2011 5:34 pm
by avsfan4ever33
In the first league, I'd swap Motte for Kuo. St Louis's closer situation is so murky right now I'd try and stay away from it. I know Kuo's been awful (and injured besides) so far, but I expect him to regain form. With Broxton so shaky, I think he'd be first in line for saves.

In the second league, Soriano would be my drop when LoMo is healthy (or Burnett if your waiver claim doesn't go through).