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PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:46 pm
by uhhhjboy
Got a few slumpers early in the year who I drafted for power despite low AVG. Having multiple guys go <.200 really drains the team.

Would you trade some of my OF / SP depth for a 3B / 2B / SS upgrade, like a slumping Hanley or the Kung Fu Panda?

12 Team League H2H 14 Cats: R H HR RBI SB BB AVG - W SV Holds K ERA WHIP K/9

C - C. Iannetta
1B - M. Teixeira
2B - J. Herrera (A. Hill DL)
3B - M. Reynolds
SS - R. Theriot (R. Furcal DL)
OF - R. Braun, J. Heyward, C. Young
Ut - B. Gardner, M. Aviles
Bn - C. Pena
SP - J. Verlander, J. Weaver, M. Scherzer, M. Pineda, B. Norris, M. Harrison
RP - H. Street, J. Hanrahan, J. Nathan, A. Chapman, R. Betancourt, C. Hensley, A. Rhodes