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Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

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Re: Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

Postby Mateo de Lorenzo » Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:58 am

woowoo crew wrote:Thanks for the latest input. Now, you've made the decision tougher lol. The thing is, there are NO other closers available, and if I drop Nunez, he will be picked up no doubt. S. Burnett was recently picked up, leaving near to no options. The closest options are Farnsworth and Fuentes. I guess I could try to trade Buchholz and Nunez or Buchholz and a catcher for a better SP. Or just sit and watch someone else get Jackson while Buchholz continues to walk more than he K's. Ugh, this is tough.

Example: the guy who has Josh Johnson and Cole Hamels needs closers. Could I offer Buchholz and Nunez for one of them? I like Johnson better, as I just don't believe Cole is the "ace" Phillies fans think he is. Now, as soon as I say that, watch him no hit my Braves tomorrow. SIGH.

I'm pretty sure you would be better off without Nunez long term. Nunez is a shaky closer at best. He has a dreadful WHIP and gives up 8 or 9 hits per 9 innings. As the Marlins get more save opportunities, he will falter and he will likely be replaced anyways. If you really don't wanna drop him, try to do a 2-1 trade with Nunez and pick up Jackson as the replacement player.
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Re: Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

Postby daydreamset » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:33 am

Every time I see Nunez pitch, he seems to struggle. With Hensley looming, I think his days as the FLA closer are numbered.

If you drop Nunez for Jackson, you're trading saves for K's, W's, and innings. And although I never like throwing away saves, I think it's a move you can probably afford to make.

On Buchholz: I have him too. And if I didn't have Sabathia and Weaver, I'd also probably be contemplating letting him go. All things considered, I'll give him a few more starts before considering it.
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Re: Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

Postby woowoo crew » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:02 pm

Okay, I guess Nunez might be the guy to drop. However, he actually is doing well this season. He is 3rd in NL in saves and has good Ks. I know he can be a roller coaster, but Buchholz is the same. I just worry about Buchholz's numbers last year; they seem inflated, especially with what he is doing this year. Now, if he was a Cliff Lee or a Verlander having these early struggles, I wouldn't even consider letting him go. But he just isn't.

So, everyone think Nunez is the guy to drop to get Edwin Jackson? Is Drabek even considerable as a drop? (Just got him last week)
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Re: Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

Postby bobnerns » Sun Apr 10, 2011 2:16 pm

sigriffey wrote:You can never have enough good SP ... personally, since your pen is deep without him, I would dump Nunez for Jackson. Buccholz still stands to win a ton of games, and you can scrounge for saves that you lose from Nunez.

I agree with this. In a 10-team league, you don't need more than 3 closers. I'd dump your least favorite closer (probably Nunez) and pick up Jackson. I'm not a big fan of dropping Buchholz this early, but I do think you should pounce on Jackson.
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Re: Too early to drop Buchholz? WHIR!

Postby billycent » Sun Apr 10, 2011 4:31 pm

Do you really need that many closers...? I wouldn't drop Buchholz but I would def make room for Jackson. Nunez gets the boot in a heartbeat. Thnx for the help on mine.
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