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Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

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Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby brakeyawself » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:45 pm

I am in a 16 team H2H dynasty league. I am looking for a pitcher that can help me out relatively soon (around mid season) that also has a high upside and dynasty value.

I have to pick 2 of these young pitchers. If possible can rank the two in order as I may need to make a different roster move at some point than adding both. But one of them I will certainly carry. I am looking at 2 factors. Their ETA. I would like them to be a likely call up sometime soon or in the middle of 2011. I will sacrifice a little bit of upside (say as opposed to a guy who's ETA isn't until 2012-2013) for someone that will get the call in 2011. Second thing I am looking at is their short/long term upside. Since it is a dynasty league, I would like to find a possible future ACE or at least top of the rotation starting pitcher. I prefer a high ceiling over a high floor. All though the guy with the high floor might be more likely to get the call in 2011. My two picks who I thought stood the best chance of getting the call this year are Jordan Lyles and Jenrry Mejia. But then I am not too confident in these predictions. There is also Cory Luebke who is in the SD bullpen, but I dont know about his upside.

Prospects available. ( In order of who I thought stood best chance to get called weighed against their upside)

Jordan Lyles
Jenrry Mejia
John Lamb
Simon Castro
Jarrod Parker
Casey Kelly
Kyle Gibson
Matt Moore
Christian Friedrich

I also need to add two hitting prospect using the same criteria. Will help out some time this year. And has a high ceiling. Also I should add that I really could use a SS, as Asdrubal Cabrera is my starter. Would like someone with higher upside but needs to play this year. Can't carry the dead weight. Iffy on players that are in the Majors like LaPorta orMorel because I have heard they really dont have the high upside of some of these other prospects. Especially compared to a guy like Chisenhall, but not sure if he is supposed to get call. Green and Gordon I keep reading are a year away, so couldn't wait that long, can't even wait until a September call up as I will be in contention this year.

Brent Morel
Lonnie Chisenhall
Grant Green
Dee Gordon
Brett Lawrie
Ruben Tejada
Brett Jackson
Yonder Alonso
Jason Kipnis
Scott Cousins
Brandon Allen
Matt Dominguez
Anthony Rizzo
Josh Reddick
Casper Wells
Ben Revere
Michael Taylor
Zack Cox
Fernando Martinez
Matt LaPorta
Hank Conger

Thanks. Leave a link and I will help with yours. Much appreciated! WHIR
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby brakeyawself » Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:33 am

Ive answered like 10 posts that were labeled WHIR.

Can anyone help with this one? Didnt think really needed more info for a few opinions here.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby magus » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:01 am

I honestly don't know enough about 2012 prospects to answer your question. I will say, as far as pitching, I like John Lamb on that list as one of your guys. Being from KC, I know a bit about the guy. He doesn't have overpowering stuff, but he is consistently good. Great command. Take into account that the Royals will be terrible this year, and Lamb is gonna see the field sometime this year for sure. Parker will probably get called up at some point, too.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby billycent » Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:06 am

I'd love to help u but I'm really not all that familiar w/a lot of the prospects. I do a 12 team keeper but don't get too into all the prospects outside of the standout guys.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby brakeyawself » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:49 am

Still looking for suggestions/opinions. Thanks... leave a link.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby Singles » Fri Apr 01, 2011 7:55 am

Thanks for the help on my question. Unfortunately I know nothing in terms of baseball prospects and dynasty leagues so the best I can do is give you a bump to the top.

Good luck
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby cfrat24 » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:50 am

thanks for the help on my post, but I am really unfamiliar with these players and can't add any helpful information that would be of any use to u.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby smoovethug » Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:43 pm

Lyles, looked really good in ST.


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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby HOOTIE » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:55 am

Hard to say who gets up when?
I like Lawrie and Chisenhall and Gibson and Lyles/Lamb.
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Re: Which prospect in Dynasty for 2011 WHIR!

Postby lane_anasazi2 » Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:47 pm

I'm sensing a little entitlement here. You want a high-ceiling shortstop who's going to be called up mid-season? Guess what, there are none. Green and Franklin aren't ready yet, same with Machado. Hamilton is the fastest guy in the minors but he might not stick at SS and he played rookie ball last year, so 2013 is about what you'd expect. Dee Gordon might get a cup of coffee at the end of the year but he's got zero power.

Prospects aren't sure things. None of them. And they get called up when it makes sense for the team, not for you. If you want to invest heavily in prospects in a dynasty league where you're carrying them on your actual bench and not in a minors/reserve system, be prepared for a lot of frustration.

Anyway. I will help, since I enjoy minor league prospecting, but dial down the entitlement.


Jordan Lyles - doesn't have ace upside, but closer than most. The Astros have a terrible rotation so I could see him getting a shot sooner rather than later.
Jenrry Mejia - ace upside, but the Mets have jerked him around. He's starting for now, but a midseason callup is iffy. Lots of variability here. Could be an ace, could flame out in the bullpen.
John Lamb - Not a true ace, but has a very high floor and projects as a great #2. Could be up late in the season but not fantasy relevant till 2012.
Simon Castro - I like him a lot, and being in SD helps. I'd sleep on him though since he's not a high-profile name unless you really follow prospects. Not worth keeping on your roster all year unless he gets called up.
Jarrod Parker - Ace upside. Haven't heard much about ETA, but a late-season call up is possible.
Casey Kelly - Move to SD helps but I'm not sold yet. Has name value so if you want him you might have to grab him.
Kyle Gibson - not enough upside to worry about until he gets called up. Do you like Scott Baker, Nick Blackburn, and every other Twins pitcher outside of Liriano? Then you'll love Gibson.
Matt Moore - ace upside, but TB does not rush prospects, period. Jeremy Hellickson was dominating AAA like two years ago and he's just now getting a shot. TB is absolutely loaded with pitching, so when Moore comes up is anyone's guess.
Christian Friedrich - don't bother until he shows he's worth paying attention to. Inconsistent.

Of these guys, if I was going to carry someone all season it would be Jarrod Paker. As a "B" option I'd take Mejia if you like upside and risk or Lamb if you're more interested in certainty.


Brent Morel - he's up now, so that's something. Doesn't have huge upside.
Lonnie Chisenhall - not a lot blocking him in CLE but he doesn't have star-upside. Could be a .285, 25 HR a year type which is very solid from 3B but not a superstar.
Grant Green - Profiles as an offense-first SS and he's definitely gonna be a fantasy star if he sticks at SS, but he's a year away at least.
Dee Gordon - Could rack up the steals but he's got zero power. Also not particularly close. Possible late season call up.
Brett Lawrie - Depends where he plays. Could be a solid fantasy 3B or a great 2B. The move to Toronto helps him in my opinion. Makeup questions, or so I've heard.
Ruben Tejada - what? No.
Brett Jackson - Great all-around tools. If you want an OF out of this group, this is the guy.
Yonder Alonso - no
Jason Kipnis - Love the bat at 2B. Should be up mid-season.
Scott Cousins - no
Brandon Allen - not enough bat for 1B, but a solid floor.
Matt Dominguez - all glove, bat not exciting for a fantasy 3B. Will struggle to hit .250
Anthony Rizzo - Move to SD hurts a lot; still quite far away, though still has great upside.
Josh Reddick - no
Casper Wells - haha no
Ben Revere - no
Michael Taylor - see if he bounces back, skills usually don't totally vanish like that. But for now, no
Zack Cox - no, average bat for 3B, though worth paying attention to if he moves over to 2B.
Fernando Martinez - still some upside, but fading fast. No.
Matt LaPorta - see if he does anything this year. He's gonna get at-bats. He's not done yet.
Hank Conger - value nosedives if he doesn't stick at C. Stay away for now.

If you want a SS, Green and Gordon will both be fantasy relevant but they're a ways off. SS is a wasteland and it's no different in the minors. None of the guys on this list are elite prospects. Lawrie is probably the guy I roll the dice on here, but I wouldn't be too thrilled with it. If you want to go with a 2B Kipnis is your man - he's a bat-first 2B with adequate defense, and should be up sometime this year.
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