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Wow... check out this team, esspecially the pitching...

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Wow... check out this team, esspecially the pitching...

Postby PsyCowboy1 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 9:52 pm

this is my team in a 10 team head to head yahoo league, it was with a bunch of my friends, most of which have played 2 or more years,i drafted 7th, i like it.... its a 30 player league w/ daily roster changes, thats why so many pitchers...

1. Soriano 2B
2. Beltran OF
3. Oswalt SP
4. Giles OF
5. Morris SP
6. Wagner RP
7. Halladay SP
8. Buerhle SP
9. Hinske 3B
10. Prior SP (wow)
11. Winn OF
12. Sexson 1B
13. Matsui OF
14. Marrero C
15. Jimenez RP
16. Jose Hernandez SS
17. Sabathia SP
18. Bellhorn 2B
19. McGriff 1B
20. Lidle SP
21. Santana RP
22. Kip Wells SP
23. Ventura 3B
24. Hoffman RP
25. Jennings SP
26. Radke SP
27. Grieve OF
28. Gibbons OF
29. Duckworth SP
30. Burnitz OF

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Postby PsyCowboy » Mon Mar 10, 2003 12:45 am

Here's my starting lineup for this league in case you need it:

C- Marrero
1B- Sexson
2B- Soriano
SS- Jose Hernandez
3B- Hinske
OF- Giles
OF- Beltran
OF- Winn
Util- Matsui
Bench- Bellhorn, McGriff, Ventura, Grieve, Gibbons, Burnitz

SP- Oswalt
SP- Morris
RP- Wagner
RP- Jimenez
P- Halladay
P- Buerhle
P- Prior
Bench- Sabathia, Lidle, Santana, Kip Wells, Hoffman, Jennings, Radke, Duckworth

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