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Auction $$ Allocation

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Re: Auction $$ Allocation

Postby AllDay » Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:48 am

All of my drafts are heavy on hitters so 70/30 seems like a decent ballpark figure.

I'm a believer in getting good value. To do that you need to be a good judge of player value. If people are overpaying for the top players that gives you more power later in the draft. You don't need a top 15ish player, but if they are going at market value or a tad below jump in. Don't let others get value. Saving a few dollars on your stars can go a long ways in landing the players you covet later. I find it helpful to be mindful of nearing the end of a player tier - especially if you need help there.

Can't say I fault an owner for paying a premium price for a player he really wants. There's just very few of them I am willing to overpay for.
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Re: Auction $$ Allocation

Postby Dugout Diamonds » Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:40 pm

Well, it's all over now. I will post my team and some thoughts. First, I lost my head and went overboard with my offense spending. I was writing down my players with their $$ on paper, and didn't write down Wright 3B after I highlighted him off my list, and I bought Dunn for $36 when I didn't really need him. This, along with just spending too much early on bats, caused me to not have enough left for the type of pitching I needed. Overall, I think it's ok, but will be trying to help it off the waiver wire.

This is a 5x5 with OBP:

C--Napoli $7
1B-Pujols $55
2B-Hill $1
3B-Wright $30
IF- Dunn $36
SS-Tulo $47
OF-Holliday $30
OF-Granderson $7
OF-Abreau $1
UTil- Bay $1
Bn- Posada $1

Sp-Latos $11
Sp-Zimmerman $2
Sp-Cahill $1
Sp-T. Wood $1
Sp-Romero $1
Sp-Kuroda $1
Sp-Shields $1
Rp-Bell $20 (I don't know why I spent so much here)
Rp-Aardsma $1
Rp-Cordero $2

We have the FAAB waiver process, which is new to me, but am thinking of trying to help my team by:
1. putting in a claim for Danks to replace Shields( to help ratios)
2. putting in a claim for Bumgarner in case I don't get Danks
3. putting in a claim for Franklin to replace Cordero (to help ratios)
4. putting in a claim for a guy to help with SB, such as Jackson or Torres( big SB guys are gone)

Not sure who I would give up to get a SB guy, but thinking about either Zimmerman or Posada.
Also, what is a good $$ amt to bid for a guy using the FAAB of $100? I'm just not sure, thinking about 5-10 to bid on these.

Team should be good offensively, but my pitching, esp the ratio's and K's look to be lacking.
Any thoughts?

Sorry for the long post.
Dugout Diamonds
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Re: Auction $$ Allocation

Postby Dugout Diamonds » Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:04 am

WOW!!! Just added up my numbers, and my planned 70/30 hitter/pitcher split turned out to actually be an
84/16 split. Only my second auction draft. Guess I need to learn to keep my head on straight during these things. All drafts, even snake drafts just seem to have me a little nervy/tense. But they are fun. After the drafts are done, it kind of seems anti-climactic having to play out the season. Almost enjoy the drafts as much as the season. Oh well, let's see how this 84/16 team plays out. ;-7
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