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Help! Want league to be simple, fun, and equal

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Help! Want league to be simple, fun, and equal

Postby bravesfan23 » Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:41 pm

I am leading a 6 team ESPN league and want to make some changes from the way our league has been done in the past. The LM has changed a few times over the years but the customized scoring always makes HR's way more important than anything else but I want SB's and all categories to be important for hitters and pitchers.

I'm not sure what categories for scoring I should do and how they should be scored but I want it to be simple, fun, and competitive. I wonder if keeping a smaller number of key stats for hitters and pitchers would make it better all around. For example, I want players like Adam Dunn who specialize in one or two categories to be just as valuable as Michael Bourn despite the very different specializations in the two players. I do not want crazy statistics though and think that simpler statistics are much more fun to use. Right now the league is set with ESPN standard scoring but the stats that I would like to use are Runs, HR's, RBI, SB's, & AVG for hitters and K's, W's, SV's, ERA, and WHIP for pitchers. I need a way to make the scoring fair.

Head to Head style:
My friends and I like the H2H aspect and we usually do the H2H Points Based system. One idea I was throwing around to try to increase the importance of all categories was to switch to a H2H Each Category system but I am worried about that because none of us have done anything different than Points Based. The best case scenario would be to find a points scoring to make all of the above stats equally important to the total points score. That way we don't get confused.

Roster Size:
Another thing I thought would make it more fun was if we had fewer teams this year with fewer players so that drafting would be more fun and there would be better free agents to add and drop from. I only invited 5 people because I think that these 5 will stay competitive throughout the year that way there are no players who are basically stuck on teams and guys can move around through trades better. The roster right now has 17 total players and I’m not sure if I should make it fewer or more and where to make these additions/subtractions. Here’s how it’s divided:
C (1)
1B (1)
2B (1)
SS (1)
3B (1)
OF (3)
Util (1)
SP (3)
RP (1)
Bench (4)

I’m totally open to suggestions for the best way to do the rosters to make all the positions valuable and to make drafting, trading, and free agency fun for the season. PLEASE HELP ME MAKE MY LEAGUE FUN AND COMPETITIVE.

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Re: Help! Want league to be simple, fun, and equal

Postby bigmck » Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:37 am

If you do H2H Each Category, it will make each category exactly even. == The main reason I never play in points leagues is that every league has different point values. It is impossible to tell if the points are slanted toward pitching or hitting. There is just no way to make all categories even. You can tell I don't like point leagues. I have played Roto for a long time until last year. I gave H2H Each Category a try. It was great fun. I would try to get your league to switch to that. I don't think you will regret it.
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