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$50 1st year dynasty w/ 20 keepers: Need 2 owners

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$50 1st year dynasty w/ 20 keepers: Need 2 owners

Postby jschoon78 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:18 pm

The league fees will be $50 per team. PayPal is preferred method of payment because it ensures everyone's money is safe & that winners get paid quick and hassle free. PayPal charges $2 so total payment would be $52. If interested, please email me at so I can send the invite.

The league will be run using the CBS Sportsline commissioner service.

The league will use weekly lineups. Lineups are to be submitted on Monday of each week.

Each team keeps 20 keepers after each season. The league will consist of 16 teams and will be a franchise style league. The first year the league will draft 35 players, 30 will be on the active/reserve roster and the other 5 will be considered minor league players. The 5 minor league slots must be true minor league players but you do have the option to have a max of 10 minor league players but only 5 can be on minor's roster.

The initial draft will be 35 rounds snake draft. The draft will be held on Sunday, 3/20/2011 at 12:15 pm. You will have 3 minutes to make picks. If you cannot be there for certain rounds, please set up a que list and set auto pick on. All entry fees must be paid in order for draft to start.

The following years draft order will be determined by standings. Worst to Best & not a snake draft . We will draft worst to best for 15 rounds.

The weekly starting lineup will be 16 players,
1ea - C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, U, LF, CF, RF, 5 - SP, 2 - RP
Please review the league settings for the max limit per position.
It is each teams responsibility to make sure that they have a legal lineup available each week. If you start an illegal line up you will forfeit that weeks matchups.

The regular season schedule will feature multiple matchups, meaning you play 2 matchups during the same scoring period. You will play every team in the other divisions twice (24 games) and teams in your own division 6 or 7 times times (20 games).

Please review league settings for playoff schedule and seeds.

Ties in the standings are resolved in this order: Winning Percentage, total points scored, & then division record.

League vote will determine prize pay outs, which is now open to voting on the league home page.

At the end of each season teams will be able to make offseason trades. During spring training of the following season we will protect 20 players (your roster must not go above 35 at any time) and we will have a 15 round draft to fill out our rosters back to 35 players.

Players drafted from the draft or signed internationally during the season can not be added to your roster until the next draft.

If during the season or offseason you wish to trade future draft picks I require that the team trading the picks pay for the next season before I will allow the trade to go through. This prevents owners from ditching the team after they traded their picks.

Once a trade is accepted It is final unless:
1. It is vetoed by the commissioner due to lopsided trade that would ruin the integrity of the league or ruin a team that would result in it being impossible to find another owner if the current owner quits.
If a trade has been approved but the rest of the league feels differently, the owners that object will have the right to post a poll for everyone to vote within the first 24 hours of being processed. If the poll receives 7 reject votes within 24 hours, I will go back and reverse the trade. For this to be possible, there will be a weekly trade time frame of Monday-Friday. Any trades that are accepted after Fridays, will not be processed until the following week to give owners time to vote if necessary.
2. If an owner accidentally hits accepts but emails me that it needs to be reversed. This must be done immediately and posted on the league message board.

Winter meetings will be held in January to go over any rule changes that the league feels is necessary.
Off season trades will only be approved & processed if both owners have paid for the next upcoming season.
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