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Roto Draft Tracker/Draft Projector (need help)

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Roto Draft Tracker/Draft Projector (need help)

Postby khabibul35 » Fri Mar 04, 2011 4:24 pm

Inspired by J35J's projection spreadsheet, I became interested in making a draft day tool that will help you on draft day.

The basic premise, is that as you draft players you add them to the spreadsheet, which will be added up to show you your running stats.

So far it sounds just like the ESPN draft tool, right? Well, this is where I take it further.

In addition to the running stats, I'll add 2 more categories.

1) Projections (adjusted for games/at bats missed due to injury) using an "average replacement player".
2) Projections for your teams composition if you were to draft "average" players the rest of the way. The tool will know how many starters you'll need to fill out your rosters and will adjust automatically.
3) For reference, there will be a blank field with a "target to win league" space where you can post what you'll need to win the league, which you can compare with projects and adjust to draft guys with more speed, power, average, etc. My suggestion is using data from a league you were in last year (provided it was the same number of teams) and copying in the winner's data.

I've spent over 5 hours setting up the values, and I still have a couple left to make the math work but I need the raw input data, which I was hoping someone would volunteer in compiling. Basically, it'd just be the average production over the point into the draft where you are.

If someone wants to help out, reply here or send me a PM. After I'm finished I'll upload the tool via google docs for everyone to enjoy! And the best part is, it'll be compatible with J35J's spreadsheet, so all you have to do is copy it from there and into this sheet as you draft and the spreadsheet will adjust all the numbers automatically. If you have your own projections, just plug them in and it'll do that too!

So, those who want to help, i'd need an excel spreasheet averaging the production for both hitters and pitchers in the following draft slots.

Pick 1-10, Pick 11-20, Pick 21-30, etc.

And it would look like this
Pick 121-130
    500 0.285 142.5 24 3 8 55 65 5 37 70 0.334 0.393 8 6 12 2 190 180 7.5 158 2.6 55 3.80 1.24

Currently goes up to pick 250, but that can be shortened or expanded. Depending on what players fall within that range, the numbers could get really funky, but that won't matter because it'll be averaged out with the following lines pick slots too. Just want to make sure that this does not separate pitchers and hitters so if within 121-130 there could be 3 pitchers and 7 hitters of vice versa. Also, for players you've I separate SP and RP, but for average replacements I don't for simplicity's sake.

Anyway, after all this... is anyone interested in helping?
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