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Boston area NL and AL only auction keeper leagues

PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:44 am
by phnath
We're looking to add 1 owner to a 11 year old, live auction NL keeper league and 1 owner to a 20 year old AL league that currently have 11 owners each. Both teams are in decent shape and have a good number of both major and minor league keepers.

Teams keep up to 8 major league keepers and as many as 13 minor league keepers (most keep 5-6). The leagues are hosted on CBS Sportsline using a roto format - we actually run both rotisserie and H2H simultaneously with payouts for each. League dues are $200/team (all of which is paid back out except for the CBS fee and Commish costs). An auction draft will be held in metro Boston on 4/2. The auction itself follows standard roto rules $260 budget, 22 player major league roster, etc, followed by a minor league draft that is done in a draft format. You must be present for the auction.

Its a very active league w/some 80 trades last year and no shortage of good natured trash talk. Many of the owners have been in the league for all 11 years and some have also been in an ongoing AL league that's almost 20 years old. Email me if you're interested and let me know a bit about yourself. You don't need to have experience with auction leagues to join although you should be a fantasy baseball veteran. Most important is that you plan to be part of the league for years to come.

I am happy to answer questions, send you the league rosters and rules and/or point you to the league's web site. - Pete

Re: Boston area NL and AL only auction keeper leagues

PostPosted: Mon Mar 07, 2011 6:52 pm
by anthbrowne
I am interested in both, email me at Thanks.